Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gavaskar-Ponting on the battlefield

What the hell the current Australian captain thinks of himself? Gavaskar is absolutely right in criticizing the sportsman spirit of Ponting and his team. Even the Windies in their super prime were not so arrogant.

Ricky thinks that the Australian team all time great but I agree with Gavaskar's comment on the social behavior of Australian team. This Australian team doesn’t have any sense of this great game and how it is played on best spirit. They will be soon dethrone from their top position by the Indians and South African team.

The World Cup is definitely going to different country this time. We support you Gavaskar. And mind you Ricky you are not even half the player what Gavaskar was and Sachin Tendulkar is.Below is the details of Gavaskar-Ponting controversy
Gavaskar: Australia had been an "awesome" team over the last decade but are "awful in the way they have sometimes behaved on the field.

Ricky Ponting: For Gavaskar to go on about behaviour, not too many captains have dragged their teams off the field. If you are really dominating teams for a long period of time, I don't think you end up having too many supporters around the place.


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