Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Soulcast-A decent approach

First of all let me stand up and clap my hand for the people who are responsible to have come up with such wonderful site. And secondly a BIG HUG ( rest to your imagination!) to the CEO of SoulCast. I have to still to know lot about SoulCast but of what I have come across till now look like a great work of some bright minds. It gives me so much excitement to come here and read / write about experiences of other user life. I am a part time journalists and hope to become a full time very soon and my other half part I learn how various technology works. I congratulate the programmers, content manager, the QA team of SoulCast who have design such a wonderful website.

The site though in beta state is still well managed. Some of the features are very unique which other blog don’t provide. Well its not that there is no bug or no user usability issue with SoulCast. I think anything on the web has to be a 100% user friendly or it not worth even if your product is 100% QA assured. I really would like to have template for my blog where in I can choose template as per my wish. Also second thing which I would like to have is some content moderation. I have seen people posting irrelevant stuff just to get them some cheap publicity. I am not against posting their views but still it has to be a useful one. I should not feel that I have wasted my time reading such vulgar or bad post by some xyz member. Overall it looks to be a very well designed blog site. But I have some suggestion for the people who are running the show at SoulCast.

I hope I will get some feedback on this from them.

1. Template for my blog
2. Images upload for my post.
3. Direct communication with other blogger on SoulCast
4. How many and who all are online so that I can communicate with them.
5. Let user choose the Google Ad display positions.
6. Show latest 100 blog on ‘recent post page’
7. The default homepage should be of 'recent post' instead of 'feature post' That’s all I have to say as of now.

If there is something that I have missed or have wrongly posted please inform me.


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satheesh said...

hi stella! i like your thoughts.Your language is fine. i'm also aspiring to take journalism. But it'll take time. I'm presently doing my M.E in EEE (R&D). i came to know lots of stuff, reading your posts. Also it's lovely to view thoughts of like minded people. I want to stay connected, whatever it takes. All the best. bye. With happiness that u've become so famous, Satheesh., lover of freedom to think better...
In this blog space, u give us more ways to think differently.

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