Friday, April 20, 2007

Lionel Messi - The new Maradona of Soccer

The goal Lionel scored very similar to Maradona

Soccer has always capture the imagination of people all over the world. With out argument Diego Armando Maradona was its astonishing exponent. The soccer field was his backyard, no trick of this game was untouched by him. Maradona is most prominently known as hand of GOD and I can say Lionel Messi is certainly threatening to take away that title from Maradona.
Lionel Andres Messi was born in the city of Rosario in Sante Fe province, the same place where Che Guevara wa born in Argentina. As with millions of South American country obsesses with soccer Lionel was no exception. He learned his soccer skills on the street of Argentina with the help his father Jorge. By the time the teenage from Argentina celebrated his 13th birthday he was proclaim as the next superstar from South America. People started to compare him with Maradona in his young age. They seem to be proven right now. The famous club Barcelona got him in a record fees since the age of 17 and he has proved himself to be worthy of each dollar spend on him.

In Germany he may not have shown his full talent, but when the next World cup starts he will be the player to watch for. All his fans believe that he can lift the World Cup the way Deigo Maradona did in the Mexico in the year 1986.

And coming to the on going debate on whether Lionel Messi can be called as the next Maradona? Please give your comment.



Almost an Atheist said...

Well-you're right about how gripping football is-at the time of the World Cup(which was also when my final exam was taking place) I actually sacrificed my GPA just to not miss the most entertaining World Cup ever!!!

And in my college-Lionel Messi was the star player for Argentina-we were all quite disappointed becaue of how his coach underplayed him-if I remember correctly in their last match against Germany-he wasn't even given a chance to play!!

Yeah I know I will look forward to seeing his performance in the next World Cup!

Anonymous said...


First of all, I want you to know that I was born on the same country (Argentina) that Mr. Mess :) ... but I live in Brazil, you know. (Sorry for my English).
The main thing for me is to know if you are indian... in which country do you live (I will be very very happy if you could take a little trip to here, South America...) and IF YOU READ ANY BOOK of OSHO?
ALSO, it will be good for me to know which is your birthday, and to let you know that I am videoclips Director and I worked as a model, too.
My name, so, is SERGIO, my tall is 192 centimeters and I want you to send me an email... just if you want, of course :)!

( )

PS: I liked very much your comments about many topics; you are a smart girl!

Bye! S.

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