Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Look Good Feel Better

Since the time of Adam & Eve man and women desire to look good all the time. The modern generation spends 28% of their income on it according to the survey conducted by a leading women magazine. Doing makeup has now develop into a fashion. There are people who have made fortune by making others look good. Cosmetics companies like Garnier, Lakme , Revlon, Hindustan Lever, Oriflame have thousands of employees and are making billion every year. Good for them.

There are various types of make-up that you can apply depending on the occasion and time of the day, depending on the climate and the clothes you wear. Always remember if you don’t match your clothes with your makeup you will end up looking foolish.

To start with let me explain you the basic requirements for makeup:

1) Foundation: This works as a base for your makeup and is very important as if you use this; the products that you use don’t affect the skin directly. So always make sure that you use the best quality Foundation, you can use: Garnier, Lakme, Revlon, Oriflame and L’Oreal.

2) Foundation Powder: apart from the foundation crème you can also use the powder. This also helps in the same way.
3) Concealer: Concealer can be used without a foundation and is used only in the acne/pimple/boils areas, and is used to hide them and blemish the skin and make it look even.

4) Eye Shadows:
Now eye shadow should match with the color of your dress, for eg if you are wearing a red gown, don’t put a red eye shadow, there are other factors also which you have to consider, like your skin color. So for red if you are fair you can use a silver/gold eye shadow, any dark shades in red will also look good. Make sure you always add a tint of Silver and Gold eye shadows on both the starting areas of your eye. And then blemish it with the color that you want like blue, lavender, maroon, brown etc.

5) Eye Liner: Is a must. If you have big eyes, thin lines of liner should be used, and for small eyes thick lines. Liners are now available in different colors, blue and maroon being very popular. If used without eye shadow, it looks the best.

6) Mascara: Give finishing to the liner by using mascara. Curl up your eyelashes and darken them by using mascara. Try out one from Revlon.

7) Kajal: Traditional Indian eye make up always consist of kajal. Kajal can be used for light makeup’s, for occasions where in you don’t ant heavy makeup.

8) Blush on: After eye makeup is done, you got to work with your cheeks to make it look prettier. Do just that by using a blush on that again match your eye shadow. Don’t use to much of a blush on just a light tint does the work.

9) Sparkling powder: To end it all you can sparkle the sparkling powder all over your face and neck, the best sparkling powder you can get is from Oriflame.

10) Lipstick: Again chose as it suits your skin type. If you are going for heavy makeup, lipstick should be applied dark. You can give your lips curves by using lip liners which should match the lipstick that you use. To end your lips with you can just tap a little lip gloss to give a nice glossy look.

11) Makeup Remover: After the make up is done and you want to remove it, just don’t wash you face with soap, first remove the makeup by using Makeup remover, you also get eye shadow removers in the market. Use it to make your skin look healthier after using makeup.

All said and done, the best way to look god is by just not applying any makeup like my mother and grandmother! Yes this saying is so true; if you want to look naturally beautiful, just don’t do any makeup.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. I love them, it makes me feel better.


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