Monday, April 23, 2007

Publicity - Postive or Negative

A high profile marketing guru once said that publicity, whether positive or negative is good publicity. How many of you agree with him? I was shock when I read that statement from such a smart person. I never considered him as a good marketing mind. What does the companies look for to increase their profits? They want more sales of their products. They want people to build a trust relationship with their product. Well, to sale product/services one needs to market it in a good way. Will you buy a product that has got negative publicity? You won’t, right?

Let us take the very recent example of Pepsi and Cadbury where it was found that Pepsi contains huge amount of pesticide that may harm our body. In case of Cadbury chocolates, it had some insects’ traces to it. The product of both the companies became talk of the town. Every individual was curious to know about these two companies. In fact it started a national debate of such huge magnitude that the government of India had to intervene to resolve the issue.

As of result of all this negative advertising of Pepsi and Cadbury chocolates the sales went down drastically. It affected the profit of both the multinational companies in a big way. To think of it in other sense one may argue that still whatever the sales result; the episode gave huge publicity to both the companies. But was it really a good publicity? This was certainly a negative publicity which did more harm then good. It has been observed that good quality marketing companies are not the one that does the marketing in an aggressive way, but one that knows the pulse of the consumers. They have the best knowledge of their potential customer or consumers.

Publicity has to be positive all the time. Your products or services always require a positive presentation in market. Positive advertising builds a long and trusted association between you and your client. Negative publicity will never get you customer in long run. A customer gone due to negative publicity is very tough to win him/her back. Let us always do positive and good advertising of all the things that deserve so.

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-Stella Roy


jayesh said...

i wan a chat with u

senthil said...

Hi stella,
In this modern world each and every thing is get recognised by the publicity. For example a publicity of a product can be in positive way or in a negative way. But the way the product is advertised(publicity) the recognition is done. if it is done in positive it will be a positive recognition in the people's mind , if it is in negative way still it can be noticed by the people but the recognition will be in the negative way, Thats the thing happened with pepsi and cadbury also.


david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good day

James said...

hi stella,

you need to work on your english grammar.

eg. I was shock(?)...
What does(?) the companies..

also you need to polish your language if you want to writer of inernational repute.. I dont know your favourite books , you haven't mentioned them on myspace but make sure great english classics are amonst them.


ANOOP said...

hai stella you are looking gorgeous
your writing are superb
i want to meet you as i need a help to get a job

Stella said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments and suggestion. I will definently try to implement it.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...

Yes, publicity should be positive all the time. Some time negative publicity also help in popularise the product but it will not lust long. In India product for the market of middle class people are below the standard. So they took the help of negative publicity by their own means.

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