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Sex in schools

There is country wide debate going on Sex Education. The education department wanted to make Sex Education obligatory in schools. This is one of the finest steps taken by the HRD department in long time. Everybody believe that this act of HRD will be welcome by one and all, but on the contrary some sates like Maharashrtra, Kerala have banned the sex education from school! There are people who have started to appose it in big way. What a disgrace!

In a country where millions of people are suffering from HIV, where innocent girls are raped every hour, even the capital of the country is not free from it, thousands of cases are registered for sexual harassment against women, we still do not want to educate ourselves and our children on sex. It’s outrageous! And why, just because talking about sex was considered be a taboo in our country till now! In a country where the most well-known form of sex (kamasutra) originated, we feel that talking sex with children will put parents and teachers in a awkward situation. Let the teachers do thier job.

If we cannot talk to our children on such imperative issue then how will we help the humanity to be free of crime against women? Let’s not forget that these students are the future of country. Sexual harassment against women is destroying the very spirit of India. We take pride in an Indian born girl when she walks into space, but we don’t feel embarrassed for sexual harassment against women. Why such dual standards?

We all have gone to schools at some point of time in our life. We know how vital it is to learn the basics fact of life / world at an early phase of our life. There is no replacement for it. Topic learned at early days has enormous impact on our future life. We seldom forget what we learn at school, do we?

If parents can’t teach their kids about sex let the teachers do it. We have immense respect for our teachers. They are the one who nurture us to face the truth of life. If they teach us essentials of sex, do you think the bond between the student and teachers will suffer? Do you think it will affect the pure respect for our teachers? I don’t think so. Let us agree that bulk of misdeed and harassment against women is due to lack of sex teaching. If introducing a new program in school helps us in stopping such atrocious offense against women then why not do it? Why such an outcry against it? Why such appositions form certain segment of our society?

I being women myself understand the importance of sex education in our schools. Believe me India will be much better place if teach our children about sex and reduce the number of rapes and other sexual crimes committed against us. It's our job and responsibility to reduce crimes against women. I bet the future generation of women will be proud of us and will always thanks us for making women life free of sexual crimes. Remember we consider women as Lakshmi in our country and worship her.

I want to know your comment on this. Please comment and support me.

-Stella Roy


senthil said...

hi Stella,
Thank you for discussing about this topic in which our country still lacks behind about their decision in implementing this kind of education in school levels.
All the people need to respect the women equally. This can be done only by self evaluation of each and every individuals by themself about their responsibility behind them. That could be achieved through this kind of education.


DEEPAK said...

hi stella iam very much impressed by your candid views on sex education in schools.Really it all depends on the positive thinking of both students as well as teachers.Lot more depends on teachers as they are real preachers and guide at right direction on sex education.Though country like india is really a uphill task to give sex education in schools but not impossible,only thing we need a right approach isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Stella - Appreciate your views. Simply great.


G Ramesh-Borivali (West),Mumbai said...

Hi stella

You deserve a pat on your back.

yes, Your views are very practical and oriented towards futuristic effects.

Neverthless, I have a reservation in one particular aspect which I wish to bring to the notice of the world shortly. That is about the stigma attached to the terminology -Sex Education. I hope you are getting my point. I wish to take a simple example i.e. of using the term Gender in place of Sex in the forms normally we fill. Likewise keeping the main objective of educating the adolescent the natural facts existing and the right way of understanding things in mind, but endorsing all those things in a much more decent way ,say, Science of Human or Human Education would pave a totally different path towards reaching the objective effectively. Hope you as a potential journalist would be in a position to analyse it better. I am after all a Professor of Marketing teaching MBA students the Marketing strategies and things like that..

enjoy your living to the fullest possible extent and keep sharing your views.

with regards,
Your Friend. said...

Hi Stella,
how are you?
hope to be in the best of life!

I strongly agree with your comment on sex education in india. It is the only way to educate those tender minds with the reality of life & then they will not vent-off their illfeelings & will never disgrace any women.

Anonymous said...


Infact the Maharashtra government has not banned sex education, they are waiting for expert's opinion on the issue:

"Maharashtra to seek expert opinion on sex-education

Mumbai, April 11: Maharashtra government will seek the opinion of experts and parents before finalising the syllabus for sex education in schools, as opposition members clarified that they were not opposed to sex education per se, but only the way it would be taught.

"We will have consultation meetings in the three cities of Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur and meet doctors, parents and teachers before finalising the syllabus," Maharashtra Education Minister Vasan Purke told the legislative council here today.

"I can understand that there was a spontaneous reaction from members when the issue first came up, but I would like to assure the house that the books were only from the CBSE syllabus and (there was) no decision on incorporating them into the state board," Purke told the upper house here.

Responding to a point of propriety raised by BJP member Vinod Tawade, Purke said some members from the house too could participate in the discussions.

Raising the issue in the house, Tawade said, "There has been a wrong perception in the media that we are opposed to sex education. But we are opposed to the way it is being taught.

"The government must take factors like age, urban rural divide and expert opinion before finalising the syllabus."

Shiv Sena's Neelam Gorhe also echoed Tawade's feelings, saying, "care should be taken to see that girls are taught by female teachers only and boys by males. The teaching should be within social and cultural limits.

"Concentration should be on health and hygienic aspect rather than the physical description of the act."

Bureau Report"

Stella said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments and suggestion. I will definently try to implement it.

-Stella Roy

himansu said...

hi steela,
i m very much impressed with yor article regarding sex education in .I like the u present your ideas,viewsand your innovations.anyway all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella ,
Your views on Sex Education is commendable. Seriously speaking such type of education will definitely free our society from HIV and children when they will grow up will indulge in safe and good sex.
Right from childhood they should be taught about sex.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella ,
You are right in introducing sex education in schools but I think elders who have done mistake ealier should be taught first about sex education. You knoow what I mean , Imean how to do it properly and just do not go on inflicting innocent people with deadly viruses.
But anyways I wish you all the best in your stance of promoting sex education.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
Please don't try to make our schools as nuseries of brothels.

GAURAV said...

Hi Stella and other friends

It is important to iplement sex education in india. The main problem is Small or narrow-mindness of people of india.

The problem with Government is loss of vote bank of narrow minded people. Its true our govenment is only work for VOTE BANK, whether the thing is good or not.

I suggested to prime minister of india, cheif minister of pujab by official emails that we can solve problem of unemployment and pollution in one step only. But one one responded.

So if Government fails then its duty of we citizens to implement at our stage to our wards.

Also the real problem is lack of such teachers. We daily read teacher sexually play with child in tution. From where we find such teacher in narrow minded society that true teach and guide students than lure child for their own fun.

I believe in God and CHAMATKAR.

Still we should not wait and at least we can deliver sex education to our child or younger brother or siter or cousins. Every new idea start from home.

Pledge to do so. Our aim must be to develop a healthy mental and physical society with mutual help and respect values.

Remeber if we fail to be good human then we are just failures not matter how much religious or modern we are. Because first of all we are humans and our aim must be to rise the level of humanity. Then we belongs to some religion, country, culture, and divisions so on.

sk said...

hi stella,
what u had written ?sex education should be not in the school,in the college that will ok.first of all i wants to clear that rape had done by adult person not school children think for it

Krrish said...

Hi Stella
I hear this topic getting debated and discussed at many places and media. But i wonder whether the people who walks on this topic really have a deep insight into this topic?
I request people to just think deeply about what is going to be exactly taught. Is it going to be like how to do IT (safely) or what not to be done (Rapes,..)? Can anyone frame out a syllabus of the things which is to be taught. Remember that the syllabus is to be framed for the children community.
If anyone comes with such syllabi it can be found that such portions had been already covered in the regular syllabus in one form or the other form like reproductive system,STD,AIDS in biology and some moral stories.
Still if anyone think that any particular thing should be taught necessarily just comment out and iam ready to negotiate its necessity.

One final word.. don't under estimate our children's knowledge in these areas. I was knowing more about THIS when i was a kid..ha ha

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