Friday, September 21, 2007

Here comes Yuvraj Singh with six 6s in an over!

The Game that sends a nation into ecstasy. The Game that makes the nation cry. The Game that makes the nation dance with joy. The game that brings smile on 1 billion faces. The game that unites the country. A game that is religion to millions of people and its player a super hero to them. Yes the game is Cricket for India!

Last week the people of India got a chance to celebrate big time. The whole country was talking of only one man Yuvraj Singh. They witness something that whole country will remember for long time to come.

They witness a semi god Yuvraj Singh hitting six 6s in one over of England bowler Stuart Broad. Only once before in an International match this feat has been achieved by the South African Gibbs.

Yuvraj Singh the man from Punjab was always an exceptional talent. The only thing missing was his concentration on the game which sometime is not what you expect of such high caliber batsmen.

But on Wednesday he proved that he has matured and is ready to take the mantle of senior batsmen in this Indian team. And BOY! What a way he chooses to announce this, by creating a world record of hitting six 6s in an over.

The best thing about his six sixes was that it came when it mattered. India needed to win to remain in T20 championship and the charismatic Yuvraj made it possible through his magical hitting. Way to go Yuvraj!

Yuvraj Singh has raised the hope of billions of Indians after their World Cup debacle. Every Indians want to see Yuvraj scores all the time. Yuvraj Singh, you now have to deal with expectations of billions of your fans.

He has the potential to take the Indian cricket to glory. Yuvraj symbolizes the young India who is read to take on the best in any field of life. Here comes Yuvraj Singh, take a bow!

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Dev said...

Congradulation India 20-20 World Champion


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