Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Islam, the Modern World, and the West

I would sincerely like to apologies to one and all, for not writing more often. The explanation being I moved to Dubai and currently working with a leading News Agency here. It has been two wonderful years for me, travelling to almost every country in Arab and Europe, learning new things, meeting new people and most importantly learning a new religion - ISLAM, from a different perceptive. Something, that I never gave importance to all my life in India.

When first I came to Dubai, I found it awfully fast pace and surrounded by the people who were foreign to me in terms of religion and culture. Even though, I had couple of Muslims friend in my college days, the Indian Muslims are so different from their brothers around the world, conspicuously from Arab nations. The principal difference I find is, in the way, Indian Muslims handles complicated subject pertaining to Islam.

Today when I thought of writing, I could not thing of any other topic then writing about the issue facing the most recent religion of our time. Yes. Islam is just 1500 years old and it has caught the imagination of everybody, from King to Cobbler, West to East, Africa to North America since the time the last Prophet of Islam Muhammad (S.A.W) proclaimed his prophet hood to the Arabs.

Now, when I have huge number of friends who are followers of Islam and watch them practice their religion, I came to conclusion about one thing. This religion and followers of Islam are here to stay and it is not possible to change their belief in one GOD or force them to change their custom. Be it a War, Food for Oil or any nuclear threat. Their belief is so untainted and integral that it is impossible to split it.

Oh’ now when I scroll up, I see that it is already a full page of text and I am yet to begin about the main issue, I wanted to concentrate on. Anyways, I can write it in my next post. So please do read it and give your comments on it.

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