Sunday, June 17, 2007

Movie Review of Rajnikant's Sivaji - The Boss

Some people are born to make history. No matter what and how they do, each and every act of their in public becomes a talk about topic for several years. And this Friday 15th 2007 Rajnikant the megastar made history with the release of his movie Sivaji. Well some may argue that every movie of Rajnikant makes history. Hmm! Yes I agree to it. It is Rajnikant's job to deliver hit after hit movies.

Sivaji is supposed to be the most costly Indian movie ever made. It is Rajniknat’s 100th movie till date.

Sivaji - The Boss starts with Rajnikant coming down from USA to India. The aim of Sivaji is to improve the social condition of the country. The first part of the movie is all about how the superstar is cheated and is left virtually penniless.

Sivaji losses the court case on a plot of land and with that he is left with nothing in his pocket. It is here that famous scene of Rajnikant comes to the screen. Suman gives him a 1 Rupee coin and Rajnikant tosses the coin towards the sky and vows to take revenge from his enemies and earn back whatever he has lost till now. The first half of the movie has some good comic scene with Vivek.

The second half is all about how Rajnikant goes about taking revenge from his enemies’ single handedly. The second half has lot of action that is synonymous with Rajnikant’s movies. The next 90 minutes of the movie is what you need to look forward to. It’s Rajnikant all the way in second part of the movie. It’s virtually impossible to hear anything in cinema hall except the chanting of Rajni’s fan.

Now if you analyze the performance the cast then there is not much to talk about except the two legend of South Indian cinema i.e. A R Rehman and Rajnikant. The music of A. R Rehman rocks! With Sivaji A R Rehman proves why he is regarded as the country’s premier musician.

Rajnikant’s performance in Sivaji is not the best of Rajnikant till date but a very inspiring one. Rajnikant is the soul of Sivaji. Take out Rajni from the movie and you have the same old story without any style to it. What Rajni has done to Sivaji is that he has given Sivaji the Rajnikant’s flavor. The same flavor for which the people gave him a demi God like status in South India. Whether it is a comic scene or a song/dance sequence with the heroines, be it fighting with the villains of the movie single handedly, Rajnikant delivers everything with √©lan and ease.

The songs of the movie are good with ‘Sahara Pokal’ being the best of the lot. Rest of the songs makes the flow of the movie little slow, but the music by the maestro A.R Rehman keeps you on your toes.

The rest of the cast is done good job of supporting Rajnikant. Vivek has done marvelous job in the movie. He has a wonderful comic timing with Rajnikant and others in the movie. The ladies of the movie have not much to do but Shriya looks good and have justified her casting against superstar by Shankar.

All in all a must watch and if you are a Rajnikant’s fan then by now you must have watch the movie at least twice.

I would like to have your comment on Sivaji the movie. And if you like my review please forward it to your family and friends. I would love it.

-Stella Roy


ProblemChilds said...

Its noteworthy to see that the song "Oru koodai" was the first one to be shot and it took nearly 1 year of computer generated imagery to give Rajni the white tan... It was revealed by the Chennai based team so people will come to know that it was not mere makeup!!

Parameshwar said...

Movie is just marvellous, Not a second went where i felt relaxed ,as every next second in the movie was thrilling to the earlier. Words are not enough to explain but just want to tell u its a powerfull movie which only Rajni can and would be a able to do it.

lakshmi said...

Rajani is super star no one can beat near future.

debidutta said...

dear stella,
nive to get ur message, i do also love movies and also watch movies seldom but dont u think that there is a lot to think more than these movies.
when i am looking at the persons sitting and sleeping at the foot path and in our villages in hungry stomach and want something even the sand to eat and calm there hunger i feel shame,and do believe that i also do have some responsibility towards them but how.......?
do u have any suggestion for me, how can i help them.pls help me if u can.

Saravanan S said...

We should accept that SIVAJI deserves a lot for appreciation. Let us talk about when the relvant post is made here by Stella.

Yes, we can talk the bad side of the country when time & page arrives

Now, this is celebration day for us with SIVAJI

parthachatter said...

Hi stella,
Thank you for your review. I think Shivaji-the Boss is a movie like other South Indian Loud movie. There is some media hipe behind this flim.

Sara said...

Hi Stella

That was a good review.

and here's mine. I may vary with your views on certain areas. But overall a good movie.

thungdi said...

rajni is simply great!

Mihir said...

Loved the movie.
And your blog!


KK said...

Shivaji THE MARATHA is great person in his time

rajeshsharma7777 said...

Rajnikant is superb.

WebGyver said...

Wow! What a great review. Based on what I can tell from your BLOG, you might possibly spend more time writing than eating or sleeping — where do you find the energy?

Great review! Thank you.

Making web stuff out of bubble gum, ball point pens and ordinary household cleaners.

Nilakant said...

Hi Stella

Enjoyed your review. I have quoted you in my piece here:

Apparently, he has made more than 100 movies.

Anonymous said...

hey nice review.

julia said...

Nice blog , how come you want to sell it ?

btw visit me at

thanks dear.

giri said...

The movie is ultimate for rajini fans..The reason being rajini being a star is because of his comedies.Rajini's comedies are more action comedies than dialogue comedies.Thats the reason his films which are dubbed in other languages are very successfull where as even kamal's comedy movies fail when it is dubbed... All in all Shivaji is a treat to rajini fans and its celebration time for south india..THE BOSS is always THE BOSS and he will be THE BOSS forever

Anonymous said...

well thats a good one


ashish said...

RAJANI APPA...........


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