Thursday, July 12, 2007

The new HOT cell phone

I owned a NOKIA 6230i for more than 2 years and now thought of changing my cell phone. I was a big fan of NOKIA and all of its products; I have almost used all models of NOKIA phones, and had believed that there cannot be anyone in this market who can give competition to NOKIA when it comes to cell phones. I loved all the features that they gave and thought that a cell phone cannot get better than this with each upgraded NOKIA phone that I bought.

But after 6230i when I went to the NOKIA shop, he started showing me all N-Series and told me after 6230 you can only upgrade yourself by buying N-Series, but then N-Series had drawbacks, software problems, model was bulky and heavy etc .

And there I was in a fix, in a dilemma for almost a month, that’s when I actually drifted my attention towards other cell phone brands that are popular in India. One such brand which caught my immediate attention was Sony Ericsson W810i, it had the most enhanced speakers and provided 1 GB memory, I was dazzled by its look, by the extra features that it gave which I thought only Nokia could give, best feature was the memory and sound quality, I threw away my IPod, because with this cell you need not carry an extra music device with you, this cell has everything you need!

Apart from the above mentioned features it also has 3 games inbuilt in the software. It has a 176x220 pixel wide screen, phone memory of 20 MB, comes in 2 dazzling colors white and satin black.

Other features includes a camera of 2megapixel i.e. 1632x1224 pixels, you can also record video clips up to an hour or more depending on the free memory you have, it has a special video player, a picture editor, image viewer, it has built in hands free, it also comes with 2 external speakers etc

If you compare the high range of features this cell phone offers and its price, definitely you will find this phone much cheaper than any NOKIA phone. I have been using this phone now for about a year and I highly recommend this phone to all.
If you are using Nokia phones, please do not hesitate to look around at the other range of phones that the market is providing, Sony Ericsson W810i is one such best phones in the market.

I can go on and on and on about this cell phone, I am not only in love with it but also in awe with it. This is the best cell phone of the century!

I would like to know which Cell Phone you own. And what do you like about it the most? Please comment.

-Stella Roy


Dev said...

Looks like a nice phone but I'll wait for my iphone.


kush said...

Hi Stella,

It seems Nokia 6230i is a nice phone.

I will definatley look forward to keep an eye at time of changing my handset.


Sathees said...

Sony Ericsson W810i looks fentastic. One of my friend is using that. But when compare to other mobiles NOKIA has more Backup power and easy to use. For that only most persona prefer NOKIA.

Somnath said...

Hello Steela,
I can't agree with U .Nokia phones have the best battery back up and obviously easy to use too.In Nokia N-series N73 is a fine one.It is not at all bulky,and has good speaker quality,3.2 Mega Pixel camera and many more exciting features.

Anonymous said...

i also have nokia 6230i . i have tried a lot of phones, even android(samsung galaxy) can't take place of it. so now i am both.

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