Monday, July 23, 2007

Ekta Kapoor save us please from KK....K

Ekta kapoor…as the name goes….the queen of all serials! Oh God, she is just so amazing at making serials, her serials go on and on and on….they are never ending! I am just wondering how can she manage so many serials with the same story, a little bit of twist here and there, some songs and of course with a different title of each serial- all starting with alphabet K! kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, kasuti zindagi ki,kahani ghar ghar ki are some of those that taken nation by storm

There was a time, when people used to love watching serials, Television soaps were a source of entertainment, a source of relaxation, and a source of stress reliever, those were the times, when after watching serials like Buniyaad, Humlog etc used to feel fresh, they used to feel relaxed.

These days TV soaps, they portray only hatred, anger, how one woman betrays the other, how only a woman is the cause of all bitterness in the family…how 2 brothers fight over their property, how the fight reaches their businesses and how they split and the family is split, and in the end after 4 years of showing the serials and dragging the story so long, someone dies and then guess what there is a rebirth? Or the dead person suddenly becomes alive…..blah blah blah!
How can one relax his/her mind after watching such serials? Instead people have started growing mad at each other, after watching such serials they have started getting more stressed etc.

I always wonder how Ekta manages such trash coming out of her production house. All these production houses are interested is in increasing their TP rating. It’s high time Ekta Kapoor and others realized the bad effect their serials are causing to the Indian society and take corrective measures to stop making such programs.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

-Stella Roy


canaan said...

Ektaaaaa ...waow....she is really the woman that a man can.........never her...STELLLA ROY is the one...of such a woman...who have been busy doing all the good matter and collection of....goood humour person.....

i am very pleased to read it alll


Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Interesting post. It would be unfair to call Ekta Kapoors productions trash obviously there is a demand for it that’s why you have those fabulous TP rating. No doubt it is targeted at a specific audience for whom it is fulfilling a particular need. Ekta admits that her serials are not meant for men and is targeted at the woman (probably at a specific group). I think the best person to comment on it would be the average Indian middle class housewife.

I have noticed of late there are a number of films on marvel comics, which I used to love so much as a kid. I don’t think the reason is solely due to the technological advancement in special effects. I think with our life becoming more and more routine and mechanical there is a desire for that bit of magic the fantastic. The awe that we had as a child of the unknown is relived in those few hours in the darkened hall. Maybe we take ourselves too seriously.


Stella said...


Thanks for your comment. I wish I could write as good as your comments.

Coming to Ekta Kapoor I feel some of her initial production were really good and did have some social message for masses. But the current lot of serials I feel is just to increase her bank balance without any real intention to educate Indian women.

I am not against making money but the way Balaji Production is going these days, it seems that they do not have any self conscious left.

Please do give your suggestion as always.


-Stella Roy

Jazz said...

Hey Stella, just read your comment on 606bbc boxing forum and I am just kind of shocked in a good way about you. My name is Jazz and I am a young Indian (Punjabi)sports journalist too. Email me, as you know the more contacts you have in journalism the better.

Amit Kumar said...

For the first time, i have come across a lady who is not in favour of Ekta and her painful K Serials and its good to know your view. I never watch her serials and as far as serial are concerned, i like to watch funny serials on SAB tv. I do appreciate your writing. Hope to get more of your writing.

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