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Microsoft and Windows Vista

They say Microsoft is killing competition. Various Big enterprises fear that Microsoft will shut their business in no time. Politicians feel Microsoft is getting bigger and more influential then many governments around the world.

Why you think Microsoft is the number one IT Company in the world? What makes Bill Gates the richest man on this earth?

Bill Gates in his personal admittance to NDTV said that the only reason Microsoft rules the IT industry in a big way is due to it’s particular product named as Microsoft Windows Operating system. Microsoft makes numerous applications and software such as SQL Database, Microsoft office, Microsoft Exchange server, ISA server etc for PC and other high end computers, but it’s the Windows Operating system that keeps the cash flowing for them in big way.

Since the time Microsoft came into its existence, the Windows Operating system is the product that safeguards them against all competition. What makes its Operating system a hit? Many people believe it has many more features then compare to Linux, Sun Solaris or Mac OS. The average user of PC says it’s the theme of Microsoft OS that is very pleasing compare to others OS. Big IT corporations believes that to develop programs on Windows OS is comparatively easier then doing it on other platform. And if I have to summaries it in one word the popularity of Windows OS; I would say ‘The Ease of Use’. Yes that’s what Microsoft does. Microsoft makes life of users very easy. Almost all the daily task can be done withy just by a click of mouse!

Microsoft has recently in the month of January launched the new OS called Windows Vista at Taj President in Mumbai, India. The launch of Windows Vista was a big party with Akshay Kumar and other Bollywood star performing a BKC. The initial reviews of Microsfoft Vista are just fabulous.

Some of the great features of new Windows Vista are:

• Self-healing technology. It identifies the problems and fixes them so you can keep system disruptions to a minimum.

• Windows Flip 3D, it enables you to dynamically flip through your open programs in a three-dimensional, stacked view, so that you can quickly locate and select the one that you want.

• Windows Sidebar and gadgets, which bring real-time information, like weather and news, directly to your desktop.

• Internet Explorer 7 with Tab browsing, Experience internet browsing in much easier and safe environment.

There are many more features that are new in vista, do check them out at Microsft website before you buy them.
Once again with the launch of vista Microsoft has proved that when it comes to building an OS for machines there is just no beating them. They are simply the King.

I would like to know which OS do you use? Please give me your comments on this post. I appreciate it all the time.

-Stella Roy


Anonymous said...

Windows is a mediocre OS for running mediocre business using mediocre applications.

Fortunatley, most people believe that mediocre is "good enough".

Anonymous said...

Nice comments....k

Anonymous said...

Hi! i use windows vista.....but its eats a lot of my ram speed!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

vista is noty good as compare with xp.lots applications r not run properly in vista.i have experienced in htat.also it is not allow to change audio configuration as per ur take more my ram ,only advance its look.dont use vista full os,just use vista patch and change ur xp look like vista

suresh k said...


Windows has made the work earier than the other OS as it is more user friendly and easy to learn for a novoice rather than learning all the commands of Linux or MAC . This is making Bill Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shaleen said...

I am using windows XP, i don't have any experience of using Windows Vista. The user interface of XP is good and its easy to learn, but it does not provide good security features as compared to Linux. Windows needs restarting a system a new installation is done which is not with Linux. Windows platform has also not done good for providing multiuser operating systems as compared to solaris and linux.

suresh kumar tatikonda said...


how are you working in a mnc my system is windows xp nly
hope you r fine and enjoying the things
o bye

reply me now you are resided at and now what are you doing

Anonymous said...

hi good for u and h to do is good in carry on ...

Anonymous said...

hi stella how r u ..hope u will fine .. i m aman from india mail me ..

Stella said...

Thanks shaleen for your comment. Suresh you are true friend and thanks to all other for giving their feedback. It helps me to improve.


-Stella Roy

Neeraj Kumar said...

Hi stella

Its very nice to have a friend like u, Hope our friendship will be forever and ever. I want to talk with u. pls. give me ur number. my number is 09873070830

Krrish said...

Dear Stella
I have used Windows XP and Vista. The look and feel has got improved a lot which is a brand quality of Microsoft. This OS is an example for maximum user friendliness and simplicity. About security.. i think most of the consumers need not worry as it is not going to be a major issue with PCs.

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
I like your enthusiasm. Definitely Windows is the most popular OS but it would be a stretch to say that it’s the best. You’ve got to keep in mind that things like good looks and ease of use is not a Microsoft invention but actually first introduced in Mac. Microsoft had started off copying the apple’s concept and has been continuing to do so over the years. The success of Microsoft comes from the fact that it can be operated on any machine. I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and as far as innovation goes Steve Jobs beats Bill Gates hands down any day. Jobs has an uncanny knack for gauging the pulse of the people. Of predicting what people want in advance. Just look at their resume. When big daddy IBM was ruling the roost in computer land Apple introduced the personal computer and changed the face of the computing world. Introduced things like the GUI interface, a novel input devise the mouse. When worldwide a PC meant a dull beige box Steve Jobs turned it into a fashion statement with the iMac. Later he changed how the world listens to music by introducing the ipod. Usually when you want to know what is the next big thing in technology you look to Steve Jobs. Bill may be the king in terms money but the crown belongs to Steve when it comes to who is the better entrepreneur.
Keep writing, I love a discussion.

Devasis said...

the only reason Windows is popular is that it can be easily copied. Now people are adiicted to it. Mac is the on who started wysiwyg technology


First of all i want to thank u to publish this article"Microsoft and windows vista" because it gave some valid points to add in my seminar conducted in my college. This particular article gave much information and helped me much. Thank u once again, i may not be familiar with u but i am familiar with u with ur valid reports and messages. i hope i have got a good virtual friend.

Kamesh said...

Hi Stella,
Its nice to use Microsoft vista and its its its graphics is also good, but as Devasis said in his comment Mac is really good than windows, and as now Linux is also came with excellent graphics and some linus distributions like Sabayon is a Gentoo based distribution with a plethora of software packed on to it. With a number of multimedia, Internet and gaming applications pre-installed, this distro provides a complete out-of-the-box experience, and its free as most linux distribution, and all major softwares are opensource for linux and its free, as of for microsoft products we have to spend more, and also virus free, and as of performance wise Microsoft is lagging behind, Mac & linux are really great in speed and linux works faster in older systems also, the only thing is windows boots faster. try some open source OS you'll defenetly find something different.


aditya said...


I am Using Linux...I have used one time windows what i believed it was the bestofthebest product of microsoft ever...after that ,,,,god knows...yeah to me "Microsoft is not more than a BUG " ....How many BUGs you want to know in VISTA tell me...will give you bunch of that..anf if you have Billgates id ..den do favour for me..forward it Uncle Bill also..

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