Friday, May 18, 2007

Online War:Yahoo, Google & Microsoft on the Battlefield

The big question these days that has kept everybody on the edge of their seat is; Will Microsoft buy Yahoo?

The .com boom has certainly return back with a bang after it burst in the year 2000. The buzz is that, Microsoft the leading software making company has raise their claims from $30 Billion to $ 80 Billion for Yahoo is the largest and most visited website in terms of number of hits per day.

The war between the two giants, Microsoft and Google took a new twist after Google acquired Double Click, a online advertising company for $3.6 Billion. It is alleged that Microsoft was deliberately raising the stake for Double click to more then $3 Billion without real intention of buying it.

Now, Microsoft who competes with Google in web application field is going all gun out to get It is believed that Yahoo has rejected the initial Microsoft bid. But considering the competition faced by Yahoo from both Google and Microsoft, it won’t be easy for Yahoo to maintain its numero Uno position on the web.

On the other hand, Yahoo and Google competes with each other directly in Online advertising and online search engines arena. Both these online giants have huge share of their total revenue coming from online search and advertising. In fact Google gets more then 98% of its revenue from their Ad words program. The best option for is to sale out to either Google or Microsoft. There is no way Yahoo can compete with Google in online market alone. They require someone as big as Microsoft to keep them ahead of Google.

My final assumption is, this time it would be difficult for Yahoo to turn down the offer from the Software giant.

Your views / comments are what I look forward to.

-Stella Roy


Anonymous said...

Your writing is quite Professional.
It sticks to the point and Highlights On the Mainframe.
- Probal.

Anonymous said...

Your writings are Quite Professional and sticks to the point.
- Probal

Sarang said...

Hi Stella

I think you are right.
coz, $80 billion is not a easy offer to refuse.

But, google can also give a solid competition for that, as if you know that recently google leads microsoft in the race of most powerful brand of the world.

So, definitely google wants some more strong hold over web market by acquiring yahoo.

Coz yahoo if combined with google will be worthwhile to compete with microsoft.

Isn't it.

Reply me.

Stella said...

Hi sarang

first thanks for your lovely comment. I like it. Coming back to your comment, I would say that though google is the most known brand in recent time, we need to look into spectrum in which google, yahoo and microsoft compete.

Yes Google is leading in web, but it has yet to go miles in other arena of software development, ecrm etc. I think google might not be interested in yahoo as google itself does in much better way the thing that yahoo used to do it sometime before. Whereas Microsoft will go very hard at acquiring yahoo to challenge the domination of google on web.

What you say?

-Stella Roy

Vivek said...

Dear Stela,
I appreciate your comments regarding the topic, the knowledge level and the way tou corelated microsoft and google.

Cheers for Stela

Vivek garg


Hi Stella,
your article is certainly informative.I wasn't aware of the situation till I read your blog.Keep up the good work.

nandu/chinnu said...

Hi stella

As per my thoughts and words i like to see microsoft buying the yahoo, whereas google is already the leading online in the world their should be someone who who gives competition to them b'coz if their is a rival team then we can see the amazing things happening.
What do u say.

Partha said...

I don't think microsoft will bye yahoo.. but there are talks about technical collaboration on yahoo search engine by both companies revenues get directly affected by the popularity and success of google search engine...

Nitin said...

Hi Stella,

Yes of course Yahoo has rejected initial bid from Microsoft. But there is no any other Big competitor who offers such big deal. Google itself is very big giant. It’s not possible that Google will invest in Yahoo. B'coz as per market Yahoo is tough competitor of Google or vice versa. In online business Microsoft is not having big market share. So Microsoft is not in the race of online business. Microsoft is not offer immediately. It likes to wait and watch for some period. Basically now a days Yahoo lose this no.1 position in Online Business.
Tell me am I right or wrong?

Anonymous said...

Dear Stella,

Lovely Comment.....

I like it very much

Nikhil Menkudale said...

Hi, Stella. This is Nikhil. I think you are a professional in your field. Your knowledge is good.


raj1_syed said...

hi u r really good

yogesh.padte said...

hey stella ur r very much professional do keep writing i am being a great fan of urs keep in touch B Bye.

Anonymous said...

hi stell
Yes u are right yahoo will be in right hand if MS will buy.

Stella said...

thanks nitin, yogesh, raj and other for your comments. Yes it's always good to see Google Vs Microsoft. They are giants IT giants of today.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella ,

Your passion for writing seems to slither in the walls of your rooms ..will want you to paint ur writing in purple ...the color of royalty and mystery ....talking just about life.....

With spider breathing down my neck and in this stained walls of my room i write this to you .......

Anonymous said...

hi stella
It was a nice view of yours but i think that yahoo will remain what it is and is capable of surviving the competetion

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Roy,

Data Provided for Blogspot is Efficient. Still, It would be too early to comment as

1.) Yahoo Share Cannot be Denied or Overlooked by Both i.e. MS & Google
2.) Yahoo Online Stake is Much Higher then what has been valued by MS as yet.
3.) In Times of Mergers & Acqusitions at high Volume right now, Big Fish Always Swallows Small, still but who is bigger and better, cannot be defined by just Blogs !
4.) Facility Management / Service Management Aspect for Yahoo Users calls for Yahoo Principal Owners to think Holistically before deciding its known fate,
5.) Bcoz of all the above facts and more likely.... It's to early to react right now.

Almost an Atheist said...

I persoanlly think Yahoo is too big to hang up its gloves at this moment!

mitchells2000 said...

Stella - thanks for the comment on my blog! Your picture (on yours) is beautiful.

I don't really know how to answer your question about how I maintain my blog. I guess it's just a reflection on my personality. I like things simple, but I LOVE details! So - my posts are very informative (much to the chagrin of some) and full of details! :-) I guess I just post and write exactly what comes out of my brain...

Just curious... how did you find my blog? It's been fascinating to me to have different people comment that I don't have a clue who they are, and to find out how they got connected to my blog. :-)

Have a great day! Thanks again for visiting me! :-)

deepak said...

hi Stella
As per my thoughts and words i like to see microsoft buying the yahoo, whereas google is already the leading online in the world their should be someone who who gives competition to them b'coz if their is a rival team then we can see the amazing things happening.
What do u say.

Shailesh said...

Interesting observation, Yahoo surely may find it difficult to ward off this offer, but what's in store for us - the users, once Microsoft gets Yahoo.

Will we have to pay for all services that we currently enjoy for free?

Will we have to suffer more advertising on everything we do online?

Lets think of how the online world will evolve with this big ticket merger of and Yahoo!

Santosh K. said...

hey stella ur r very much professional do keep writing i am being a great fan of urs keep in touch B Bye.

Vinod said...


you write quite appreciably.It's quite a possibility that either Google or MS could gobble up Yahoo in the days to come.But a take over between the two sounds remote considering the size, trends and growth each one is poised for.


Anonymous said...

Hope that you are bengali, i am also. Thanks for your comments,
I personally think that yahoo will remain what it is.


Anonymous said...

it must be the wonderful response so far i received.i appreciate who favour life should be enjoyed with full capacity.. i hope stella roy will be successful one in this respect

ranjan kumar barick

zuby said...

hi Stella,
i think u r right this time it would be difficult for yahoo to decline d offer

Anonymous said...

see the maths is simple .take the case of coke and pepsi ,they both have become numero uno in the world and now control almost 100% of the world market in the water and soft drink as well ,its just gonna be the same in the dot com war ,u either surrender or u r lost like many others who dream of taking the war to biggies like google and microsoft.i am 200% confirm that yahoo will surrender either to microsoft or google.
the battle is on for the third world war which will be fought without weapons and i already see USA controlling the world and the population for there needs.

ABIR said...

Hi Stella!
Well, your writing is transparent, no doubt on that. On this topic I like to mention that you made a spelling mistake (more "than" 98%, not more "then"), and rest of the writing is flawless. But I hope you like to be a perfectionist,right?
If I was in Yahoo's shoe, I would like to keep my own identity, and shouldn't be sold to any bla bla company, no matter how big and famous that company is. But, as you said its hard to refuse the offer, lets see how long it differs.
Will you reply?
Take care!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi stella,
great coverage of news you was nice to have your reply in my inbox.hope you'll continue it.

Vinod said...

Hi Stella,

Good day to you. Thanks for lovely comments. Your concepts are clear and writting is also professional. I like it.



Anonymous said...

Hi lovely,
You want my comments for free!
Any way keep going.
vashisht subhash

vipin nagar said...

it must be the wonderful response so far i received.i appreciate who favour life should be enjoyed with full capacity.. i hope stella roy will be successful one in this respect


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read from a 'girl on the next door'on varying subjects from a to z.I can only wish you to keep up the hobby and turn into a professional by maturing yourself.

vinu said...

hey yar just do ur job the remain will happens on its way youy no need to wait for that. take care bye.

aru said...

how r u?

Anonymous said...

I think u r a professional watching out the things what's going on. It won't matter if microsoft buy yahoo. But when we consider these its waste of time to post comments on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stella
I really appreciate your effort to rerpresent one of the biggest issue in such a down to earth manner. But as per my opinion this issue of overtaking yahoo won't be that easy. Since both the competitors involved here are vying to become worlds largest web application field.
with warm regards

shiv said...

Hey let any body buy anything yaar ...

if at all it is nice to use then ok..

OK how about you...?
Cotact me instead i will give some instant tips in writing ...

you and i in this said...

It is interesting to read from a 'girl on the next door'on varying subjects from a to z.I can only wish you to keep up the hobby and turn into a professional by maturing yourself.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right stella that yahoo will have to face competition from both the giants and it would be really interesting to see the battle of giants

Keep up the good Work
- Sachin

Anonymous said...

nice one.
quite proffessional...

vikas said...

By ur clever and proffessional comments on different topics you are proving yourself..
keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi stella how u r ,i think so u r will. u have sent a lovely comment i liked its. ok bye dear

syed said...

This Brings You Far More Wishes
Than Any Words Could Say
For The Kind Oh Happy Message
That Is Perfect In Every Way
And When The Day Is Over
May Happiness Stay With You
That Starts The Nicest Ever Too !!!

dog said...

Hi, i didnot read the your writings.
Any way your way presentation is the excellent
Dr.B.Hiriyappa. Phd.

Anonymous said...

hi stella my little sister, how r u?...take care....shailesh sonawane

gaurav rajoria said...

hi! stella

i read your writing, and it sounds good. welll its right to say that the competition is increasing day by day in all the fields and this overtaking of a firm by another is also common now.
but according to me its difficult for microsoft and google to grab YAHOO, 'coz, yahoo has acquired its position very well in the market and now getting it is a tough task.
but anything is possible, just wait and see the game.


have a nice day

truely yours,
gaurav rajoria

Raghu said...

Well Stella,
Thses days Bussiness is soo complicated that any thin can happen...and as far as i see and believe...$80 billion is a very heavy price for microsoft to buy out yahoo...i mean its over priced acquistion...
and comin down to ur writing its good i mean u discussed about the situation straight to the poin...good and keep it up...

rajinder said...

hi, stella u know i am not a great lover of reading or writing but after reading ur posts i am now starting to like reading and if i continue to read ur posts, i am gonna start writing too. i am really amazed that how u get these informations and all these stuff. well, all i wanna do is now say u all the best for everything u do. may god bless u with all the success in life.

Anonymous said...

sorry & forgive me to not reply you, any how no more comments for this incident.

giri said...

Its a common battle that happens in almost all fields.I saw ppl saying google wont take over yahoo because it already doing the same job in a better way,i totally disagree with this.Coz google's battle currently is not with yahoo but its with Microsoft in such a case google will never let Microsoft to get into this .com world.They will want to win the battle before it is fought.

Dhiraj said...

Hi Stella
This is Dhiraj from Ludhiana Punjab
You r good going.
Bye Take Care

Anonymous said...

I liked your final comments but I personally cant see why Google wobnt overtake. In Professional rivalry, everything is fair and competition should be at its best. hope for the good infact the best.

Anonymous said...

You are good plain writter but need emotion in what you say if u make this happen you will be one of the great writer, believe me.

Sincere comments,
Best luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella
sorry as i cant reply earlyer.

You are too good with your comment
and quite professional also.

Deva said...

yes ofcourse yahoo has its own popularity .... wat my view is it can expand their research and can compete with google and as well as with m/s

aditya said...


I haven't read all the comments it might be the chance ..that my answer would be the same to others...Now here its begin..

Whther its Google ,yahoo or Microsoft after all every one wants to increase he;s revenues and Most important ...Maintain a brand Name in everyone knows Microsoft is already strat i am talking in very specific way....Don't compare microsoft to google in this way Microsoft has many product like internet browser..erp pakages and all but google don't have..If microsoft has its product in other field then he's facing also tough competition also ex...Software languagee...Sunmicrosystem : Java
Webbrowser: Mozilla,Netscdape...and bla bla just you think you'll find IBM,Oracle all are in Queue...

Now come into Online Business...Now here its begin again..

Basic idea behind the online business comes from how would be the idea if i says tomorrow one sale person comes to your door and Tells you Sir/Ma'm these are the Painting ,Vedio CD's,Posters..i know this are your interest....So don't you think you will surprise ..tht how this guys know about my interest...
Google knows this much about you....I knw you must be wondering how google can know this..Answer is is already created a CRM database of all its users....and i have just given you a simple example of sales person its your time to think how google can do business.

My friend just think about it...why Orkut is here with us...even you are not getting a single add on orkut..but still google is maintaining it for us...

so forget about Yahoo and Microsoft....Google will always cheers in coming days.....No competion at all...

And about Searching Technology i can bet with anyone and yahoo won't be able to develope a google kinda fast speed search engine ..thts y its our first choice...and for the same advertisment company also....
i can't live without gooooogle yar..its god for me....i don't know how much time i am login in google for help..its my homepage...



Nandhakumar said...

Dear friend,
I accept your comment same way. Even though Yahoo have a mass publicity.... The giants are try to analyze the business whether is it profitability or not....?

Dhananjay Kumar said...

I agree with thi that yahoo has its own populerity. Due to this populerity microsoft wants to take it. I hope that microsoft will take it after some time.

rahul said... r u ,stella.u r looking damn cool in pic.take care and stay in touch.

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
I think Microsoft has much more to gain. The only interest google would have would be to prevent Microsoft from entering the web space. It does not look good for Yahoo, Microsoft has a reputation of being a shrewd negotiator and it has a number of corpses in its closet. Notice that they have stopped further development on Internet explorer that’s just one example. I guess it will be the users who suffer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
i was not really aware abt all these.Thanks for that.keep going

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Here are a few points to ponder. It seems that It’s awfully hard to run Google on vista, it slows down your machine and you can’t turn off Microsoft’s search engine. Oh what the heck may as well use theirs right, flash of de ja vous does the story seem familiar remember how Netscape navigator died? The consumer is not always king Microsoft has not got to where its at by being masters in the development lab creating innovations for the consumer. Thy are the masters of the courtroom and the boardroom. I remember one of my favorite songs, let me share a few stanzas.
“A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while

So bye-bye, miss American pie.
Drove my Chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

Oh, and while the king was looking down,
The jester stole his thorny crown.
The courtroom was adjourned;
No verdict was returned.
And while lennon read a book of marx,
The quartet practiced in the park,
And we sang dirges in the dark
The day the music died.

I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news,
But she just smiled and turned away.
I went down to the sacred store
Where I’d heard the music years before,
But the man there said the music wouldn’t play.
-Don McLean

Yes it seems the American dream is no longer built on great ideas no it’s taken to the streets you’ve got to know how to play dirty. Steve Jobs and Wozniak were scratching their heads wondering how they missed the fine print when they licensed their OS to Bill while Bill laughed all the way to the bank. That was probably the first of many battles Bill has won in the courtroom. Microsoft spent $ 55 million on lobbying this year. One wonders what for.

Hey you hardcore techies may find my view childish but that’s how it looks from the outside. Pretty amusing game.


Stella said...

Dev I find you a genius. You should be a writer, you have so many good views about everything around us.

Take care

-Stella Roy

ashu said...

stella,your articles are really superb,its left an impression on the person who read are a genius.but i think you should try for movies or modelling also.
go ahead...
take care

Sapna said...

i first wanna say u got a good style of writing. about your issue, i have to say that google is too vast ahead in every terms. so for them a yahoo would not be an asset. Google is a diffrent ball game itself. microsoft on the other habd has everything to gain from yahoo as their spread widens. i guess thats it.

sundar said...

Hi stella,

ur article is nice it , u have given datas which gives better information but there is some thing missing in ur article i dont kwn whts that dosent give me the curiosity to read the next line , i was thinking when will the article be over ........

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
I am humbled no I am no genius just an ordinary guy with an opinion looking for an outlet like the millions in the silent masses. I am grateful to you for providing an opportunity to voice my view. As for writing it’s so much more fun to be reactive than proactive. I guess I am lazy, I let you do all the hard work while I have you as my muse. I probably wouldn’t cut it as a writer anyway as my writing is more like talking in a written form. I just enjoy conversing with you too bad I can’t do it in person.


Navdeep said...

Hey stella,

Went through all the comments and finaaly observed after a certain discussion we are out of the track.

concludingn to that the chapter you start discussion is quit intresting but afterwords it become confusing. anyhow try to post you comments regurally so one can give you proper feedback on this issue.


vamsi krishna said...

Good Post, keep posting.

krishna said...

Come to basic. It Will not help to people... just we can analyze tat what we wanna get something knowledge. try to write about politics... i mean values about poor people environment. we have to come out to this world what is running in underground(politics). anyway... no logic will b in my comments. but will b there some thing. THINK well try to get it so. anyway think positive analyze "THAT" negative. am waiting for ur reply so.

krishna said...

but i wont say tat u r a intelligent also genius. but u r bright girl tats all. noting to say more then...

muralidhar said...

Hi stella,
Your witting is good. anybody canget advantage of your precious knowledge.

With love.
MMS said...

hi stella ,
prem here sorry for replying late becoz iam going through a bad patch of my career hope you can understand the pressure of insurance industry.
it is really great of you sharing your knowlege with me keeping me upgraded with time your thoughts and your justifications are just mind blowing dear. why dont you right some thing on insurance industry. ur last topic on laptops was of a great help to me since i have bought a laptop six months back. aswell who else are ion your family would glad to know as a good friend hope you dont mind.

vinod said...

hi stell,
really u r beauty.
i have no word to describe it.
mail me.

Amitt said...

Hi stella,
Sorry for not visiting your blog actualy iwas very busy, ur Comment is as good as ever,i beleive u r exactly right that microsoft has a keen eye on yahoo & it would be difficult for yahoo to upstand the force applied by microsoft,but who know may be google acquire certain share in yahoo.

rahul said...

Hi Stella,

I think you are right as Microsoft is a bigbird and is flying high.But it is also true that google is in growth stage and it can also take some wise step to come in competition with Microsoft.So in other way Google is a threat for microsoft so it has to go very hard at acquiring yahoo to challenge the domination of google on web.

SUSHIL said...

hi stella,
i like it.this is very informative and useful for everybody.

surya said...

Hi stalla,

Nice to here from u. $80 billion is not much, Google can also bid for more than one. since it gains more from adds for per hit.
For the same It is very informative and useful for everybody.Thanks.
Keep Posting.


Anonymous said...

hi stela how r u? i readed u r comment
it was very very nice keep it up
ok bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
your article is certainly informative.I wasn't aware of the situation till I read your blog.Keep up the good work.

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