Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Country Is Proud Of You! Jai Hind!

Today as I write this, the country is celebrating 60 years of freedom from the colonial rule. It was at this day that we called our self the citizen of free India. Sixty years is long time in history of country.

In these sixty years the country has produce hundreds of human being who have made us proud. These are people who have put India into the path of recognition and prosperity. It is because of these individuals that we are looked in admiration by others.

In my own small capacity I will try to put some names that we are proud of. I might miss many names so please forgive me as I cannot include each and everyone due to post limitations.

a) Mahatma Gandhi: – Even after 60 years the man continues to inspire millions of people not only in India but across the globe. Gandhi was the pioneer of Independence fight against British. Mahatma gave us freedom by means of non violence that was so rare. We are proud to belong to land of Gandhi. Salute him!

b) Pandit Nehru: - The first Prime Minister of free India. The man who gave vision and dream to millions of people of this country. The basis of everything that exists today was laid down by Nehru. Till today Nehru-Gandhi family is serving the nation. Their sacrifice for the nation cannot be match in Indian history ever.

c) APJ Kalam: - They call him the missile man. Some prefer to call him as people’s president. If someone has right to say that he has vision of progressive India with a definite plan then it has to be APJ Kalam. The former president of the country has powered the wings of free India to next level.

d) Dhirubhai Ambani: - Will there ever be a man like Dhirubhai? Will there be a business man with the acumen that this man had? The country needs more of such people. He gave a dream to common man of India and then fulfilled them. There are millions of people in this country who made fortune thanks to Dhirubhai and his Reliance group.

e) Kapil Dev: - Without argument he is the first International superstar of modern India. The man from Haryana has managed to accomplish something that is still not match by billions of people of this country. In that summer of 83 Kapil Dev not only gave us World Cup victory but along with it he made other sporting nation to stand up and take note of our immense talent.

There are many others who have made us proud and whose contribution is on par with the names mention above but as you know listing all of them is not possible here.

Some names that need mention here are; Dr. Ambedkar, Indira Gandhi, The Tatas, Amitabh Bachchan, Rakesh Sharma, Rajnikant, MGR, C V Raman, Dhyan Chand, Anna Hazare, Arundhati Roy and many more.

Friends, I would like to know about some more personalities that you think has made difference to free India.

-Stella Roy

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