Saturday, July 22, 2006

Love with Reliance and NOKIA MOBILE

Just came back from an assignment to interview, guess whom? a high profile stock broker! Yes this man they say started dealing in stocks with $ 20 and now he is worth more than $ 10 million! don’t understand what he will do with so much of money. He has only one love in life and that is of Nokia mobile phone. He says its Nokia the company that he would like to invest. I saw around 21 differnt model of Nokia cell phone in his office! Wish he likes me and buy me a private jet! LOL

Today was the big day. The Reliance came up with quarterly results and as expected everything related to money went up at Reliance. No surprise, no thrill its same boring stuff since the senior Late Ambani started RIL. We all know it will do well it has now become a habit. This quarter it went up 10.7% and next quarter again it will go up by certain numeric 3 digit. RIL is growing so fast that one day we will breath AIR provided and maintained by RIL LOL! Nothing much to say just going to get my lunch then will start to give final touch to the interview that I took of this big shot broker.


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adarshsbhat said...

hi stella
this is adarsh.s.bhatt i am diplomo in mechanical eng ,

having 3 y of exp in q.c. and as a production superviosr

do u know any reff t settale my life?

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