Friday, May 04, 2007

Videos, songs and YouTube

Once I wanted to hear to a song desperately, I went to Google and started searching for the song, I got many links which I browsed through, but did not get the result I wanted, that is when I came across this video site YouTube for the first time. I went through it and to my surprise I just dint listen to the song but also watched the video of it within no seconds! That is when I got a hang of the video sites, its easy, fast, and easily viewable! This is story of millions of youtube,.com users who are addicted to

There are many video sites that are coming up these days! Life without a video site is now next to impossible! People are getting so much used to them that they just cant imaging living without one. They now sleep, eat and live on videos…isn’t it?
The most popular video sites of all is the, you will find whatever you want to view on this site, just name it, search it and its there. There has to be at least one video present for the topic you are interested in.

Why has video sites become so exciting? Because they are next to reality, it feels as if you were there and done that. is just one of the sites that is there on the world wide web. is most popular because of their downloading speed, within no seconds the videos are there in front of you, it hardly takes any bandwidth, and most importantly is very user friendly.

YouTube is not only famous in India but also famous world wide. There are so many people from all over the world who come together and upload their videos, it is a platform where there is no racism, no caste or religion and everyone can view everyone’s video, everyone can see and hear to views of thousands of people from all over the world! Yes this is what has made it possible! is a platform wherein no one is rich or poor, everyone belongs to one religion that is, and most importantly there is no charges applied to view the videos.
There are different channels, categories and communities which you can be part of. is the most popular internet television as they call it, and ranks 16 in the most visited websites. This site is even popular then Google videos. In fact Google has acquired it sometime back in a record money.

There was a time when one could watch videos only on TV, but now entire TV can be connected to the computer, these video sites are now more popular than TV, this is because here you get to watch what you want, and that too at whichever time you want. You don’t have to wait for anyone and can also watch the video 110 times in a day!

What is your opinion on such videos website? Please comment.

-Stella Roy


krishnan said...

Hi Stella,
Thank you want to be my friend.I know that Mumbai is a city of dreams,fashion, style, money and hope etc.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care.. have a nice time


dkrai2005mumbai said...

Not practcable for us

Anonymous said...

hy its nice..........

Kishore kumar said...

Hi stella

Its very nice to have a friend like u, Hope our friendship will be forever and ever


Hi stella

Its very nice to have a friend like u, Hope our friendship will be forever and ever.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care.. have a nice time

Sujay Kumar

Prateek said...

heyy thts SUPER-KOOL


firoze said...

Hello Stella
I have been through your posted topics and find them to be very relevant. I agree with your views. I am from Bombay and work in Dubai since the past 9 years. Would you like me to post topics relevant to Dubai or UAE ? If you visit Dubai it would be a pleasure to interact with you. Keep expressing yourself fearlessly. Regards. Take care.

Abdul Basit said...

Hey Stella,

Nice to hear from you every now & then. Sorry was travelling soo much. Its a crazy life for ppl here. But i never miss any of your stories :)

Keep writing. Good job. Hey i m on msn everytime. you can add me -

Abdul Basit

dharmesh said...

hi stella... its wrong to say that i forgot u.. u r not a person whom any one can forget... its any one `s dream to have a friend like u ... with whom he can share anything .... hop u will understand and keep me as ur friend... ok bye take care

ravikumar said...

Hi dear,

Sorry for not replying. I am very happy to be your friend. Please stay in touch. Bye take care

gordon said...

Hi stella how r u sorry was out of town, surely will be in touch, u take care all the best cheers..

Anonymous said...

Ya, I agree with the topic. But we should be resposible while keeping our messages in an open forum like this. we should not post anything which may hurt sentiment of peoples of any group. a few days back, someone was posted videos of mahatma Gandhi where Gandhi were doing acitivities which were against his believes and it hurt many Indians like me. We must be responsible.

Anonymous said...

videos website are not a necessity
Friendships lasts for a longer time .
See you soon

A Fan

Kapil said...

Hey Stella,

I appologize not being in touch with you for a while now. I was a bit busy. But now everything's settled with normal chore.

I had gone through this article about Mumbai and I really felt ashamed. I heard this for the first time that this happens in Mumbai so often that it is hard to get a residential space per your needs there. I really hate such people who believe that everything moves on with caste and creed system effectively. No wonder such people or community had made India felt ashamed and not a good place to live.

I think nowhere in the world such things happen that you want a place to live and the communal differences becomes high priority for people.


Anonymous said...

Write something that changes the life of the poors. otherwise its of no relevance to me.

Anonymous said...

May god fulfill your dreams....
Even i have same kind of dream.....
Wish u lots of luck.... Anyways take Care, Bye

Stella said...

Thanks kapil for taking time out from your busy schedule to comment. I like your comments.

Firoze, Basit, sujay, prateek, krishnan, dkrai, dharmesh, gordon. ravikumar I personally thank you for appreciating my writings. I hope it helps you in some way. I also apologise for not calling you. I will soon mail you or call you when I get time. Right now somewhat busy with UP elections results analaysis.

Warms Regards,

-Stella Roy

binod said...

Hi Stella,

Its my pleasure to be an online friend of u. I wud apprecaite you the way you think and step on to make friendship.

Wishing you all the best.

Binod Modi

Bhanwar said...

Hi Stella,
Thank you want to be my friend. I hd no time so i can not send u any cooent n i am not aungry to u.Its very nice to have a friend like u, Hope our friendship will be forever and ever.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care.. have a nice time

Dakshesh Desai said...

The Technology is no doubt a very good tool for communication with people who are far apart and where the distance is too much to travel for.

But the technology has made things very complicated. You may be in touch with a person far apart but some do not even have the time to say hello to their neighbor, It is quite surprising but that is what the fact is. People have become impatient and are waisting their time on unimportant things and not so very relevant things to their life. Earlier there were only a handful of channels in India for entertainment and now there are countless channels of them all showing the same thing. Inspite of all the tons of Channels around and so many entertainment options people feel so empty and incomplete from inside. They are still looking from something which they themselves do not know they are not even able to figure out as to what they want.

These video sites and other stuff which come up now and then is just one more tool for the people to express themselves in creative or not so creative manner. Some join these types of forums because they think that they have got the means to express themselves others join because some have joined in this manner the whole cycle begins.

Any ways in the end all of us have the choice to choose what we think can entertain us in the best possibel manner.

Free World and Freedom of expression without any oppression is important.

Reshma said...

Hello Dear,

Really nice 2 have a friend like u.
Any ways wishing u the best always. Take Care.
Any help required do let me know & I`ll do whatever I can within my capacity.
Take Care


kunmun said...

hi stella,thanx for being my friend,about me i m working as a software engineer,currently residing in pune,you can contact me in this no.91-9860641401.expecting the same from u ..say me some thing about u..nd hw did u know me?

Netsmart said...

hi Stella,
Its difficult to decide which one to appreciate - beauty or brains. I guess u hv both - so kudos to your writing skills - be it any subject. Keep up the good work and stay in touch. ...Rakeysh

Anonymous said...

how r u? do u want to make friendship?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Stella

No body is angry with you and everybody wants ur frenship(relevant from the comments), then how can I.

I agree with u that you tube had definitely provided a plattform for this generation to not only see the videos(for entertainment) but also give their honest feed back (interaction). But to reach the grass root level of Indian Society it will take some.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stella,

bada dino bad yad kiya
yad or phone karti rahna acha lagta hai



Anonymous said...

Dear stella ,

u have choose the right Profession which india need more to bring the real things to light .If people like not there .Then many people life will be in dark. DO some think to our country instude showing skin outside.
all the best

abu abudabi

Anonymous said...


Your findings are not the new phenomena and it is prevalant in all parts of INDIA. Some where it is on religion and other parts on Cast basis. People mind needs to be chnaged and your works will be really helpful towards this.


Tushir said...

atlast i m writing to you..
want to be my friend mail me at tush-nir ok
stella wats ur location.

Amol said...

good work stella.....

I seen the same problem jus few back, its nice to see that some body like u is taking the responsibilty 4 creating the awareness in public.

Good Work....

eviana said...

Dear Stella,

Why don't you write on some burning problems of todays Asian countries.
Say Arcenic problem is hitting even Thailand including Mayanmar,Bangladesh,Eastern and North Eastern part of India.
It is equaly important issues like deadly dieases,
What is your comment-
Iam sure you can help to develop the awareness.

With love and regards

cute said...

Hi Stella,
Thank you want to be my friend. Iam in Pondicherry. How r u. Iam fine here. Keep in touch. Take care.
with love,

Shekhar said...

Hi Dear,

I do not understand what you wish to express by your story,as such story are neither too hot to be selfsold nor they are strong enough to wake humanity.
Either you should improve your way of expression or better take some current issues linking to eveyones life to make them count.

A friendly advice
Have a good time
With Love

Mahesh Kumar said...

Will keep in touch and thanks for being a friend.

Puga said...

I am pretty much impressed on the way you handled the words in your profile. However, it was missing in your article.

For me watching youtube is one of the good entertainment stuff.

Falgun Shah said...

Hi Stella,

Liked your report, would like to be in touch with you.

Have you heard of a story of a fine arts student of Baroda fine arts school being jailed? His crime - he had put up a gallery of art of Indian goddess in nudity. This has a similarity to what you reported. The police has violated the freedom to expression. Would like you to go to the root of the story.

By the way, you look too beautiful to be ignored. Hope I had a girl friend like you.

With luv and luck

Mohamed said...

what do u mean by " is a platform wherein no one is rich or poor, everyone belongs to one religion that is"... Don't u think these words are quiet irrelavent pertaining to the context that u have posted regarding Youtube...

Mohamed said...

Anyways its good that u have taken the intiative about writng a few words about Youtube..

Akhilesh said...

Hi Stella!
I am very happy to join you. But I would like to share something special to all my friends that "I am in Love".
Now these days I can't live without her so I have a comment for her:
"Zindagi jaise ek sazaa si ho gayi hai, gham ke sagar mein kuch is kadar kho gayi hai,tum aajao waapis yeh guzaarish hai meri,shayad mujhe tumhaari aadat si ho gayi hai."

sanjay said...

Hi Stella,
I m glad to join u as frnd... Keep in touch...

Bye dear, take care.

Anonymous said...

hey item..
vaa item..
en voottuku item

Anonymous said...

hey item ..
neeyum item..
ungammavum item..

nirav said...

Hi Stella
I agree with u at some stage not for all.becoz acceptations r always their every people not like that .they can understand the problem and possible way to help…so don’t go for acceptations. that I believe…. said...

Yes, it is now became popular because they are next to reality, is a platform wherein no one is rich or poor, everyone belongs to one religion that is, and most importantly there is no charges applied to view the videos web. Any body can upload a video clip. So we should upload regional video clip so that people can know.

mohit said...

stella kahan ho tum yaar said...

how r u?
r u join or othet site also..
i have invite u on my accept that....
take care

pm said...

Hello Stel,

Very nice getting back to you. I am not interested in commenting, but do appreciate friends who could share something like this and getting that interest in me. Let me check the site which you mentioned just for you.

Very special news that i'm not angry with you. I don't check anybody's back, but i'm sticky if i like my opponent very much. Give me some time.

Thanks & Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella how r u?All i can say is "GOOD JOB".Yes ,we need lot of improvements in our country..we all are there with you...go ahead...i wish u good luck and very all the best.Take care.bye. said...

hi its great to having friend like you hey keep in touch i am from belgaum

Krrish said...

Dear Stella
It's nice to read about your experience in youtube. There are lot more. There is a software called youtube grabber. You need to just copy and paste the video link and press the button "Grab". Within few seconds the video gets downloaded into your computer. After that you never need to be online to watch the video again for 110 times a day (Iam wondering how can it be exactly 110 times).
The video will get stored in your computer in .FLV format and you can play the video using Media Player Classic or Flash player or any other supported softwares. Once the video got stored in your system you have complete control over playing that as usual.

Anonymous said...

Hi stella,

Nice to have a friendship with wishes for your career....


mohammed said...

Hiii Stella,
Its good to read ur views on ur professional expriences and aware to ur friends regarding it.Its true u would be rewarded soon.
Be happy, Keep smiling & see u soon.... :)

rakesh said...

how r u

there is no message in my orkut from ur side.

bibhu said...

Actually I was on a week long leave and I'm back.Right it's yahoo on which u met me.
I'm so much curious to talk to, don't think otherwise.

Really you are doing a very honest thing through blogging by spreading awareness
among people. is basically a great endeavour in the field of entertainment.
It is now good enough to the software guys like us, who generally doesn't have enough
time to go to theatre.

keep on writing to me and be in touch with me.

your friend

kundu said...

stella roy good work

kundu said...

stella good job

Anamika said...

hi stella...
its wrong to say that i am not missing u ?
u r not a person whom any one can forget
its my dream to have a friend like you

hop u will understand


Anamika said...

I miss.......... u

Urvc said...

Hiii... Stell

This is 4 U...

One who smokes get smokeeey Heart..
One who drinks get Alkoholic Heart...
but My Dear u must stop 2 eat Sweets ,
B'coz U r Already my sweetHeart..

Pluto said...

HOw r u?

Just i want to say this to you...

When I was Born,
God Said : "! Another Idiot...!"
When you were Born,
God Said : "Aaila Competition !"
Who knew that one day this two Idiots will become friends forever...

B Happy..

ashok said...

this is ashok
hi ppls i am please to u all ppls
n read all the messages........

vikas said...

Hey! Why should I be ignoring such a sweet girl like you. Look forward to hear from you soon.

Bye, Viks

sachinverma said...

hai stella first of all I would like to say that u r so beutyful and the people who says to be u a model or actrss not wrong & thank to included me in ur friends list its really a hounour to me to be a friend of such a beautiful girl but kindly u tell me where u like to stand me on ur friends list does u talk again and I try lot to contact u but not succed if u like to talk me again then plz. contact me on the same id or the my orkut thanks once again for u such a king act. hoop to meet soon does it be...........

prashant said...

hi Stella,
u hav been very impressive with ur thoughts......thanks for sharing them!!!

Sulayman said...

Hi Stella, I'm very sorry for not replying you. I was out of town and very busy when I came back.
I love you articles and would like to be your friend I'm also a writer and an educationist in Nigeria.
Pls, continue to keep in touch.
best Regards

mubasher said...

Hi stella Roy

Life is short,
Break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile.

have nice day

Dharmesh said...

Hi...How r u?
Thanks for Your Comments...

Even I am very exited to know about you...

Now u tell me " What do u want to know about me..."

I want to Write some lines for you...and for our Friendship :

"Yaari hai Iman Mera Yaar Meri Zindagi...
PYAR ho Bandon se Ye Sabse Badi hai Bandagi...
Yaari hai...
Yaari hai...
Yaari hai Iman mera Yaar meri Zindagi..."

Thanks for your Beautiful Friendship...

Take care...
OK... Bye..

premjeet said...

hi stella,
extremely sorry for replying late iam not all angry with you infact why should i will be angry with you,its nice be in touch with you, actually i was little disturbed for past few days related with my job dear, your article was nice i will definately check the youtube site and then let you know.
this is for you my dear friend

we met ,it was luck.if we talk it will be a chance .we became friends it was destiny . we are still gfriends its descision, we will always be friends thats a promise. TIME WILL ALWAYS FLY BUT GOOD RELATIONS NEVER DIE.

Anonymous said...

hiiiiiiiiiii stella you what to do most challenging job go ahead and do it best of luck lot of love from suneel

Anonymous said...

hey stella are from which plase

ram said...

hi how r u?

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
I agree with you its great what sites like You Tube have done for the freedom of expression. What appeals to me most is that it gives me the freedom to watch whatever I want and post whatever I want. Here I would like to comment on one of the comments posted. Someone said we have to be responsible for what we post. Now this sounds like a pretty benign comment but potentially it is very dangerous as it contains the undercurrent reasoning that it is right to ban things we are uncomfortable with. If this attitude seeps into our collective consciousness it would be the death knell for our freedom of expression. I would respond to the comment by saying this is not the national news channel. Now there it would make sense to be responsible. There it is important for a journalist to research his/her subject and backup whatever he/she says with facts not on a forum like you tube. On you tube if I get a kick out of drawing a moustache on Bush or showing a caricature of Lalu Prasad Yadav, well that is my prerogative. Just as you have the choice to watch what you like you also have the choice to not watch what you don’t like. I don’t know what is this compulsion that causes people to thrust their value system / likes dislikes onto others. I remember recently a minister had banned the channel AXN, I doubt that he had ever even watched the channel. I have seen the program for which it was banned, it was pretty harmless in fact quite witty, but that is beside the point. The point is if you don’t like it don’t watch it who is forcing you. I don’t know maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are social animals and have a need to belong to a group or community. Therefore the pressure and urge to conform and to show our sincerity we force others to conform. Ever explore the possibility that retaining ones individuality may not jeopardize the group. Is our culture / community / religion so fragile that giving space to individuals would cause it to crumble?
Stella, sorry for the lack of cohesiveness at parts I was just thinking out loud. I did not intend to offend any one only to initiate a discussion. Keep writing, maybe choose more thought provoking topics.


Sushi said...

hi stell,
i fell very sorry about ur friend, who have faced this cruel & unlawful situation.
friends like u should support her in fight against such tendancy. u'r writing skill is more than good. keep it up.

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