Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blast in mumbai local train

Six bomb blasts today rocked the suburban railway service in Mumbai. The Western Railway has suspended its suburban services soon after the blasts. Local telephone lines were jammed as panic-stricken commuters called their near and dear ones to alert them of the blasts.

The police have cordoned off all railway stations on the Western line and strict frisking and checking was being carried out at the Central and Harbour sections of local train services. There is lot of panic among the people of Mumbai. The airport and delhi has been put on high alert. The government has called an emergency meeting to discuss the issue. People are requested not to proceed towards the railway station.

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bhavesh said...

Please we don’t want “condemns”, allegations, or sympathy. Its simple bring those coward’s to justice.

It’s high time we realize that we take no shit from anyone; we don’t want to hear that Mumbai is a phoenix which rises from every disaster, we want answers and we want them now.

Every time it happens and the investigation is pushed into time machine, please this time I urge every Indian to put a step ahead instead of relaxing at home and cursing this situation. Its not just police or the government it’s us who can make difference and I think we are mature to take the situation in our own hands rather putting our faith in others; it is we who decide our faith and make the difference

They are not invisible man who can’t be spotted they are evils in human disguise they are somewhere in your neighborhood please make sure that they are brought to justice.

“Lets make this OUR war and not their war “

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