Sunday, July 23, 2006

Life indeed is beautiful! For WHOM?

Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth while some are born with fire in their mouth. Some are born to enjoy life whereas some come into this world to struggle to get a piece of bread for their living.

Everyone belongs to ONE GOD. We all are HIS children then why so much difference in life that he has given us?

Look at people in Middle east, what they get when they come into this world? they get missiles, fire, guns and bullets to play with. In the end its the same weapon they die with which they started their childhood. At the same time children born in Western Countries get all the luxury of life. They get better education system to study and a better toys to play with. I have not seen any child born as terrorist by birth. It ‘s the circumstance that makes him one. If you bomb their houses blast their grounds with military tanks its oblivious they will take revenge when they grow up. What’s happening in Israel and Lebanon today can happen tomorrow with you and your children.

Lets not give them hatred that they don’t value other’s life. Give them love and you will get love in return and if you give them bullets then someday they will give you death. Let us work together to make every life on this planet beautiful . Life indeed is a beautiful gift to us from GOD let’s not waste it on hatred.


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