Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai after blast back to normal

It seems that the never die spirit of people of Mumbai makes them so strong that even the hardest of calamity cant keep them down for long time. In recent year Mumbaikar have suffer from natural flooding of July 07, 2005 and the series of blast in Mumbai trains by some anti social elements. Till now no group has come forward to claim the responsibility of the blast.

The Law order situation in the city is looking weak. The police are either helpless / incompetent or it seems that even they are part of all these attacks. Who can explain how this explosives reach into the heart of the commercial capital of the country?
This attack was unlike the one at the US World Trade Center. Every time it has been notice that the country's Intelligence is at fault. The easy excuse for them is to blame with out any proof the terrorist group like Al-Qaida or the Lakshar-e- Toiba. If they are responsible for the act of terror then for what we have all this police and IB?

The spirit of Mumbaikar will never die in those heart which are still alive but go to the home of people who have lost their close relatives and see their spirit. Try to find out if they have the same spirit as others? Nothing can ever bring joy in their life back again. They have to live with the sorrow of loosing their dear ones till they them self one day meet the same fate.

I cant express how hurt I feel every time I hear people talk about the spirit of mumbaikar. It is for me just an excuse to divert your attention from the negligence of the people who are responsible for the security of this country.

Speak up against the authority even if our voice is not heard by them. Let them know that Death doesn’t have any kind of spirit, death only brings sorrow and grief.

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very rightly said stella...

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