Friday, July 21, 2006

only sex sell!

ONLY SEX and Shah Rukh Khan ( Indian Movie Superstar) sell in Bollywood, this was comment made by one of the newcomers in movie industry. I would also like to quote one of the yesteryears Hollywood actress who said that working in Hollywood gives you an idea how a systematic and professional prostitution racket works.

Everyone like sex! Some get it for free some pay for it and if you are a movie producer in either Hollywood or Bollywood you get it left, right and center. Young girls who wants to make it big in movie industry are easy targets for sex for big movie producers. They offer them roles /part in their movie in favor of sex! I have personally seen many girls do such act. One of top model is still doing such thing. Well if you want to be a movie star then start preparing for sexual lesson at very early age.

What is your opinion will you sleep with someone in some favor that he may do to you?

-Stella Roy


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. No one should do this , its same as prostitution.
If anyone who is having talent should not be lying with someone, they should wait for a good producer who should not be having the practice of give and take.
I hope there are many in the bollywood.


bhavesh said...

You are just digging dark secret of bright society,there are few souls left in this world who believe in them selves rather than inflicting themselves to compromise which people think is easiest way to glory. I think this should summurize you view.

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bhavesh said...

sorry its

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