Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Woolmer and India

Today is most important day in Indian Cricket. Yes today India needs to win against the powerful Sri Lankan to avoid elimination from cricket world cup.

What if India lose? What if we don’t make it to next round?
Many will say it’s just a game so take it as a game and move ahead.
I disagree with such people. Either they are not Indians or they are ignorant about cricket. For them it may be just a game but for us it is a religion. We worship our cricketers. We adore them when they win we cry out them when they lose. We as the fanatic cricket nation cannot imagine going out in the first round of world cup. We are too good a team to lose so early.

Rahul Dravid has to lead from front. Many players job will be at stake. All the players need to perform together as a team and not dependent on Sachin Tendulkar to score runs for them.

I hope and pray that we win and avoid a Pakistan like situation. Look at the Pakistani team. They are in shambles, their coach Bob Woolmer is dead. Woolmer is murdered according to Jamaican police. Bookies and some players are suspect. Inzamam has retired from ODI and worst of all they are out of the world cup. Woolmer must have never thought in his life that his end would be so tragic and painful. I pray for his soul. May he rest in peace.




I think sky is not going to fall if India looses ! I think we have hyped our team too much. They are the most unpredictable team. These chaps are more interested in endorsements than playing for their country.Now you tell me --do they really deserve all the money they are making.If only BCCI pays them performance oriented fee, except for 1 or 2 everybody will be out.Lets see !

bouyezone said...

Hello Bs

Cricket may be a religion for indians as they have to have some thing to boast of .But the funniest side is that it is not a religion for the players!! not even a profession-for that they have to show professionalism. It is after all big big money and market affair.Media and industry need celebereties to boost their products.It is thus created halo than some thing from heaven!

om said...


We have lost the hope with Indian Team, when they enter in to the media field. They are getting more amount in the media than in Cricket. So nobody is playing for the Country, they are simply playing to improve their value in the market. Nobody is having Patiotism. They should play for the country. The BCCI has to pay based on the performance in the match, and also they have to implement the strict rule, if they didnt play well they have reback the salary and banned to play in forthcoming matches and to act in the media.

Now a days the success of match is in the hands of Match Fixers.

dinesh said...

India players are the most experienced and have made more records than any other team in the world cup matches. I concern that the politicians play a major role in indian cricket. Unless the politics and sports are seperated we cannot win any major events. There was no aggression and no passion from any players. BCCI has to take severe action.

Anonymous said...

Its not a question of weather it was a bookie or someone else, its about genuinity of a gentlemen's game.only murders were left, but now this case added a big big shame to this game.

vivek said...

True, the Inian team has done just wasnt thier day.Its important to realise that cricket is just a game and that there sholdnt be so much of hatred for the team who has done well earlier on!

Thambi said...

It's really utter waste of money, precious time,etc..
We should not encourage these indian team members as they didn't have even that mindset to perform well in a crucial ODI.
Morally, they have broken the confidence boast by more than 100 crores of people.
All those shud resign and the Indian Govt. need to get back all the money which was provided by then to those players and the same have to be used for some constructive measures in the development of our country.

Raj said...

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