Tuesday, March 13, 2007

EXPECTATION is the mother of all FIGHTS

There are so many words for a broken heart...its hard to see and let them all out!!

An EXPECTATION is the mother of all sadness in this world! Everyone has expectations with each other, be it any relationship – Mother – Daughter, Sister – Brother, 2 friends, Girlfriend – Boyfriend, Husband – Wife….in each and every relation we have expectations that we have against the opp. person, and when the opp. person does not fulfill or work against that expectation, fights start, relationship starts breaking, people walk out of ones life..etc…Everyone wants the opp. person to live like the way they want them to…and in that desire they try to change the opposite person…..this is where relationships start to fall apart.

For an ideal relationship I think one should accept the opposite person for who they are and not for whom they want them to be. Trying to change someone by itself is only the biggest crime which is responsible for breaking relationships.
If we sit and think about it if we stop expecting stuff from the opposite persons then the relation will not only flourish but will also become strong and will indeed be long lasting!
I am not saying you should not expect anything from the opp. person….you should! You surely should! But those expectations should be real…should be within the reach of the opp. person to fulfill…and most importantly it should not ask the opp. person to change his personality.

Let people be as they are….let them be whom they are…every individual is UNIQUE…so try and love them for whom they are!!

Think about it in this way….have you ever expected anything from a person? If yes…then it is time for you to sit and think about it!

Take my advice and see how most of your fights in any relationship just vanish!

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Anonymous said...

decent article on expectations on ur site!...but in my opinion, its a debate tht doesn't really head anywhere, cos we do afterall live with one leg in the abyss and another in paradise...so we're bound to expect things we hope for

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