Saturday, March 24, 2007

Online dating a bane or boon?

Every generation has something addictive for fun. If 60s was movies, then 70s was about drugs. And now the current addiction for us is online dating/community. Dating websites such as yahoo chat,,,, Young kids are moving to these websites for dating apposite sex. The whole intention of young kids is to have fun on such websites. There are million of users registered on websites like, and yahoo personals. The effect that such websites on current generation is incredible. I have notice people giving out false information on dating websites just to catch the attention of apposite sex. What a misuse of resources. The money wasted on such websites can be utilize for better work.

Websites like, are wasting millions of dollars just to get registered user. As we all know registration is free and you can easily find person in and around your city.These dating websites have more bad effect then good it does. Every day we get to read of people cheating apposite sex with various means available on dating websites. Where will these end and when. I feel now these becoming a harmful virus. We need to have some control management for such websites.

What you feel? Your comments and suggestion is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I do accept with your view. Cheating through these websites should be stopped. These things are not going to help any one.

The same money can be utilized for many good purposes.

Good blog.

Stella said...

Thanks for your comment friend


Capricorn 83 said...

hmm...well accepted wht u say is indeed true to some xtent, but wht abt an instance whr i was able to get in touch with a long-lost school friend with whom i lost touch 15 yrs back thru orkut!

Orkut or the whole of internet for that matter is a double-edged sword. Just tht one has to use it judiciously!

Vignesh Raja

kaavya said...

Hey, I & my guy met thru indiatimes chat 4 yrs back... & now we are gr8 couple [dts wt ppl say]...shd be tieing knot soon the best example for "boon" part... all sys will hv its own pros n cons,it'll depend on an individual to make banes,boons too

Stella said...

Thanks everyone for your valuable comments. I would realy try too follow some. Kaavya I fully agree with you and hope u met the right person. But there has to be balance factor, and I am sorry to say frauds outnumber the good people on such dating websites. I have some very bad experience in the past. BTW thanks for your lovely comments. Looking for more positive feedback from you all the time.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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P Haz said...

From long back some people used
· to express or share their concern to fellow people or getting advice or for relief
· to take drugs for enjoyment or as per nature’s demand
· to make himself something different just to catch the attention of opposite sex for chatting / romance etc
The above are natural happenings, but means are changed. As we have mainly follow the western culture, their way of life is affecting us, though our culture is very much different from them. Dating websites such as yahoo chat,,, etc are the blessing of the western culture.
Simply if we adopt some control management for such websites nothing will happened because now those who are glued with these sites will search for another means through mobile phone or other.
I think those who know to make, may hosting some new website with some interesting matters to attract them. Some method should be adopted to stop false registration.
Now also if false registration are stopped then the problem you mentioned will be partly solved.

Anonymous said...

the science has advanced for the benefit of the human kind but the very thought of being a human is that if you stop him from doing something he will do the same thing first and other later. The same thing is happeing every where either in real life or in any use of the product

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