Sunday, April 29, 2007

Buying a new home? Check your religion first.

The constitution of India says all Indian citizens can buy property in any place within India irrespective of cast and religion. Do you believe in this proclamation? At least I used to fully believe in this till last month. It says no one and simply no one can stop Indian citizens from practicing this right given by our constitution with some exception to Jammu & Kashmir.

My friend and colleague Veronica Fernandez was looking to buy a home in one of the very classy vicinity of Mumbai. She had everything set, the money, the loan, family support etc. She thought this is enough to get her good home of her choice, but she didn’t knew the horror that was in waiting for her.

I assisted her in short listing one 3 BHK flat that was right for her funds and family. To make sure that there are no dispute/issues of the flat/room with the society we approached the secretary of that building. This is where we were given shock of our life. The so called secretary bluntly informed us that she cannot purchase the flat in his building. We said why not? We will pay the money to the owner of the flat we will get the name transfers and all dues if any to the society will be cleared by the current owner.

The secretary took more offence to this and said that only people from one certain community can buy flat in his building. I thought he might be joking but in next few minutes we realized that this is true. We kept on telling him that this is not done and he is violating the basic rights of an Indian citizen. We argued and argued with him without any success. And in the end we moved out of it. My friend could not buy her dream home just because she dint’ belong to certain community/religions. The very religion that GOD has chosen for her could not get her a home.

The incident left us infuriated. It has left a dreadful impact on me. We talk about our rights, we take pride in our country’s nuclear power, we call ourselves the largest democracy in the world, we write millions of books on our culture and brotherhood, but when it comes to implementing all this in practice we shy away from it. We give a damn about our rights and freedom.

We made more enquiries regarding this and we found that it has become a very common trend in most buildings in and around Mumbai to sale flat to ONLY members of their own community. In the end she opted for another home in suburbs of Mumbai.

Let me know what you think of this by giving your comments.

-Stella Roy


S. K. said...

Keep up the GOOD WORK,u will be rewarded some day.KEEP SMILING

john said...

Dear stella,
I was really taken a back by reading your report. This can happen in some remote corner of a large country like India. But what I have read has happened in the largest metro of the country. I still cannot believe this or I will put in another way, I do not like to believe this.If this is true I am sure that we are going to be disintegrated soon on religion basis which is a very dangerous situation. I hope there will be change in people`s mind and everything will be as per the rule of the land.

Jithin [] said...

Hi stella,

Have u thought about purchasing a land in kerala? its a beautiful place.

Stella said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments and suggestion. I will definently try to implement it.

-Stella Roy

navee said...

.........Keep walking...

Ravindra said...

Hi Stella

This type of thinking my be of perticlar group/community, but as my experiance majaroty are going forward.



Anonymous said...

Hey Stella
well its time for us to accept the truth of our society...90% of us are HYPOCRATES.
We give numerous views on so called 'Brotherlihood' but when it comes to us then many of us simply take care of every aspect of communism in whatever we do...this is it and it is not going to change for long.

Our society needs change, more open approach to such problems... but atleast we could try to improve it on our part and its very true that "Together we can make a diffrence".

s said...

this hard and crude reality is here with us every now and then. But we realise the danger behind it, only when u r affected. You talk about this stupidity around us. Hav u ever challenged any such things. think.

bumfucker said...

Hi Stella,

While this kind of discrimination still happening in some places of India especially in metros , at the same time the lifestyles & cultures are also changing simultaneouly.

India can not acieve total Secularism overnight & i doubt whether it can be achieved at all. This feeling should come from every indian within core of their hearts & every individual should contribute for this.

My last suggestion to you stella & ur friend is that dont lose heart with a one of kind of experience & pl do not make it a generic situation.

Cheers !!!


Shiv said...

Hi Stella,

Dynamic and charming personalities like u r always loved. keep on leading to excel.
Stay in touch.

Best wishes nd Regards

rudra said...

wonderful..............i must say.what a thought.keep of luck

Abhishek said...

hi nice to see yar i am not ignoring u.but just frustrated b'coz i am not getting good job.

Anonymous said...

hw r u??
really don't know anything abt u bt yah may b u r an interesting person....n bocz to know u we hv to meet any time....m I RIGHT??

Anonymous said...

hi,stella....hw r u??

Shashikant said...

Hi Stella,

How r U and where are u in these days??
I would like to meet u becz i really don't know anything abt you but i believe u r very interesting girl. Send me your contact details.

take care,

AJAY KUMAR said...

why i will angry with you. you will always giving information t us through with blog. GOOD JOB. THANKS

ATUL said...

hi ...
u know inidan is free since last 50 years but it people still r not free from the effect of a system which we call caste , relegion , community .if Any person try to make some changes in it then he is treated as a crminal and he is thrown away from the society just because he want some changes ..
this story not end in certain places but u can find it in all over india ...really saying wishes r not fullfilled they have to be done ..
if u have any link with higher authorities/politicians/administrators/mafia/government servent then i bet u would have easily got dream house and at that part of coutry where u wanted.

Anonymous said...

Hay Stella Roy,

Great work keeps it up... One day definitely you will get the reward

amartya said...

i have read ur comments several times but still i find them with something new. new in thought, new in flavour, new in colour. i like it. tell me something about yourself. i will be looking forward to this.

Abhisek said...

hi!!! how r u? keep in touch. do write back.

K.S. said...

Hi Stella,

This incident shows the immaturity of the people even when they are educated. These kind people or the policy holding doesn't survive long one day they will suffer all because of their stupind policies. Dont let ur friend to go down her self esteem. One way it is very good on not buying the flat. Because you came to know about their stupid personalities before buying flat.

anil said...

Hi stella,
Definatly, you are charming personality. I am highly interested to be my girl friend.
Are you ready............
contact me,,
cont. No. 9936599515


Rajesh Kumar said...

I'm not trying to justify whatever u & ur friend faced, as I know tomorrow I may be in ur shoes (heels?). To some extent, preference for a new neighbour by the already staying inmates in a building owned and constructed by a particular community/region can be found (not condoned) in some small towns, but in Mumbai, it sounds odd.
Visiting places of faith of 'not-ur-religion' is not allowed as well. I was hurt when in Delhi, I was not allowed to visit a monument beyond a point, as I didn't belong to that religion. At the same time, I did not feel it nice when a placard with the same instructions I noticed on one of the places of my faith.
U are right - a citizen of so-proclaimed secular nation with conscience wont like this order of the day.
Let such feelings and responses be sounded louder to our conscience. And, to u, keep the ball rolling.

Riaz said...

I was subject to the same kind of discrimination when I attempted to hire a house in an industrial city in Tamil Nadu.
Any attempt to drive home the point that such discrimination is unlawful would stir the hornet's nest.
I would want one to believe that those who are discriminated against on the basis of caste, have more important things to do rather than settling scores with people who fail to see reason.
After all, in this large beatiful world, wouldn't God give us a space to live.

shiva said...

you might not be the best, but you r trying so, this might require some different things to be done nd thats wat makes u different 4m rest.

shiva said...


Nilesh said...

you have a great writing skills and passion. I hope you wont mind some spelling mistakes in the comment. you should write as critic in some of the news papers. you have a third eye to see the depth of things. i suggest you to write / arrange shows on india tv or so.

Rocky said...

Hey Stella!!!

I think ur friend should file a case againts the same.If we r really willing to make some changes,then we'll have to take some steps forward.However,its on u if u wanna file a case or not.

Keep in touch.

Thanks & Regards.

Ravi said...

Dear Stella,

I am not shocked of the incident you have narrated. It is a routine practice by government itself. How? do you agree that this type of discremination in jobs, in education. if it is acceptable there openly then why not in everything.

I am really sorry for what had happend with your friend. but just think, my sister cleared her B.Sc., mathematics with 96% aggregate and she tried in best colleges in chennai to get a seat for M.Sc. but she couldnt just becoz we belong to General Quota, where the ppl are in que with 98 & 99%.

When we talk about democracy, change, etc... etc... it should happen in every area.

Well, anyways, congrats to your friend for atleast she got a house to live. should be happy.

take care.

Ravi Shankar

Anonymous said...

hey...its not that i don't want to talk to you...the fact i m a bit busy these days...well feel sorry for whatever is happening....but i think u r doing a great hats offff to you..keep it up.

Kush said...

Hi Stella,

I am completley with you and your view points that this nothing except a discrimination on base of religous communities.

Indian Legal System and constitution should allow this happen.

Such narrow minded approches are defaming our Indian Culture and Mythology.

Do visit my orkut profile also:-

Send me a freind request, I want to add you as my friend.

Take Care,

Kush said...

good work Stella,

I complelty agree with you.

I have sent my friend request on orkut.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

dear Stella,

If u want to b journalist, increase reading. Such incidents are not new. A regd. co-operative society has full rights (as per law) to sell house/flat to its members only. Members can be anybody. AND this clause is misused by people of all religion/community/faiths equally as membership is offered to selected group only.
Off-course this kind tendencies are another matter of discussion.

To all other bloggers:
pls read newspapers regularly.....don't be an American fool who uses internet to fix a bulb etc etc etc. Newspapers are great source of knowledge.

To majority of journalists:
pls stop copying articles and photographs from internet

love to all


Rahul said...

Stella you don't worry ..I am with u

SUN said...

always there is something to destroy the world. its a global problem nowadays. better not to go with it..i mean better to avoid it. as i know lot's of new community/new problem was grown on this issue and i dont want to do the same.

Sandip said...


U r doing a good job.When we cannot do anything we can at least make people aware of such things.Some day or other it will change.So keep going about U r good work.Hope to see u again.Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella

It very Interesting to know your persenality.

It can happen to any one of us in Mumbai, Buildres builds Complexes as per lacality and majority of community residing around.
So One should not surprise.

maninder said...

buy a house in ldh

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

I am not surprised at this incident which took place with you as I know it is quite a common thing happening in all the places of the country. While it is a good thing one would love to enjoy rights provided in the Indian Constitution but it would be a futile excercise trying to put everything into action. Even if you had succeded in winning over the argument with the secretary, I would have recommended you not shift out there because it would create a ground for trouble in the future. So it is better for you to back off and search for a better place.

But of course, do not stop to make an effort to bring these things to public notice which maybe can create an awareness amongst people and stop them from getting into such unlawful practices.

Amol said...

The things happened to U n Ur friend is true, cause i hav seen same problems happened with people from different community. This should not happen..

What to do, this has become the general tendency of the people, and it all starts form childhood.

IT obviously requires Proper Education & lots of TIME.

chandra said...

Hi Stela,
First I am sorry to recognise you so late.Things on which you have raised a concern is truly authentic and authentically true...But if people ike you . me and others will try, I am sure it can be changed, at least inb the next few years.
Keep up the good work and I am sure you will succeed in your endeavour.ALL TYHE BEST.


Praful said...

I am not in B'bay as I work abroad, but could sense the mess.
Let me tell you this was not the case during 80-90s.
B'bay the city where I was brought up & educated from was once upon a time beautiful place to line in with nice people. Unfortunately, it seems that during economic boom (???) of 90+ the city was hit badly/stretched beyond its limits by mass migration and alongwith it brought all kinds of people/troubles from everywhere. And what you experience now is the result of that !

OK, Tell me a single place in our Bharat that provides food, shelter, opportunities and exposure like B'bay does.

Salaam Bombay !


Anonymous said...

India is a divided Country, for all its democracy and politicians are not helping it by creating unnecessary mandalisation. I agree what your friend went through shouldnot have happened, but that is going to the norm. politicians breakup their constuiency on religious grounds to ensure one particular faction votes will favour him. And moreover u shouldunderstand the old proverb " There is strength in Unity" U say u are an aspiring journalist. Why don't u ask Arjun Singh as to why heis insisting so much on quota raj. Not because he loves them. Becos he is trying to create a separate vote bank for himself to browbeat Manmohan Singh. That is the state of affairs in India lady. Your friend's exprience is what a number of Indians go through everyday. so grin and bear it lady

ARUN said...

well this is not the case of only metro city.even in small and medium city u can face this problem .i am impressed by reading ur topic because it is the different one.

aquaral(Nirmal) said...

keep writing keep smiling

Anonymous said...

Those were really nice articles..
Keep it up...

Don't worry ....
I am always an ardent Admirer of your writings...!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey stela it nice to see someone doing the good work

amit said...

Dear stella,
I agree with u as myself had face the same problem in kolkata. When i had gone to buy a flat then they were asking money from us as we were from some other community. But i am quite stubborn i talked to the residents of that society then they helped me and thus we were able to get that flat. I think that there are some selfish persons who used to take the issue of community and start earning money. so i think that u should have talk to the residents as well as the police and thus get that flat.
hope u will email me soon or we will meet soon stella when u will come to kolkata
if u want to contact me then u can contact me on my cell 09831845811

Murugesan said...

hi stella,
u can buy a home in they did not see any community,they only need money.if u have money it is easy to buy a home in chennai

ram said...

hi stella...sry fr the late reply...shit with this indian culture and religious autocracies......keep walking and eraase communitiy and religious differences.
jai hind

sandy said...

hi stella
i also want to be journalist but i dont no how so please help me
a hug for u

Anonymous said...

what one can do if cumunity people r strong.just see how muslim and hindu keep on fighting.



deepak said...

hi it was great
would like to know more

vishal said...

hi stella....keep fighting for justice you will be india's next arundhati roy you same qualities which she posses...... keep walking i am with you


Somnath said...

Dear Stella,
I'm really shocked to know about the unfair incident which happened with your friend.Caste and creed are day by day becoming a threating problem for our country.Keep up the good work,all we can expect is a change in the situation tomorrow with our efforts.

venkata said...

hi stella hw ru

Dakshesh Desai said...

It is not an unfair incident neither it is a uncommon incident that happened with your friend. This is the fact and as per the Co-Operative Societies Act of some states in your case Maharashtra. It has been made very clear that it is the right of the Society to frame its own set of rules and regulations which it thinks appropriate and which are not in contradiction with the basics of the constitution. If a certain section of the people or the people from a particular community wants to live together and finds that the outsider may not be in sync with their way of living, they have all the right to refuse to sell the property.

Please do not be surprised for such things they are very common and it is just they have got the media attention recently. And since the 24 Hrs News Channels or the Web Portals should have something to post and show even these petty things are gaining importance.

Very strange we have so many problems in our country. But we hardly concentrate on them and give importance to these petty issues. The inefficient infrastructure, the expensive education, rising interest rates, falling salaries, rising inflation, rise of mistrust between married partners, crime against women, child abuse, decreasing patience level and a lot more are there.

Any ways people have their own look out and since you feel this is important probably you are correct.

Mahesh said...

Well, I can't believe "Aisa bhi hota hai". There is very big difference between saying and doing. You have faced this problem in mumbai because Mumbai is already facing the problem of outsider (Non-Mumbaikar). Many outsider already go there for job, it is making crisis in mumbai because due to outsiders Mumbaikars are now being jobless.Thats why they have become much conservative kind of people. They even not allow outsiders to take a home (specially in middle class range.) in Mumbai. I think their problem is genuine but the way they are treating its not good. But if you really get hurt, you can fil a PIL in Supreme Court but remeber it will take time to see your PIL.
You said that Indian constitution gives us right to visit and buy property anywhere. But my dear even this right can be cancellad in some specific cases. I am not saying that your friend is some 'Specific' case. I mean in India there are many regions, cultures, religion. Every regions have right to save their originality in terms of their original inhabitants, culture etc. If region face challenges to save their originality, it can challange to constitution. That could be the reason ,according to me why your friend faced this problem in Mumbai. Mumbai is facing the challenge unemployment due to Nort-Indian. Because Many people come ther from Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan to get the jobs of any kind. The people in Mumbai who have limited education (like Midille class pass or Senior secondary pass or even Graduate) are now being jobless because the people who come from these states are ready to work in low salary. That is why Mumbaikar become such conservative mind. Well Stella , this is my point of view. It could be far away from reality or truth.

Mahesh from Jamia Millia Islamia

krish said...

Hi Stella!!
Why didn't you approach the authorities reagrding this sort of a problem??? Anyway I think watever you and your friend had to go through would surely come back to those who have meted out such insult to you.
Wish you all the best in your life.

Vikas said...

Never ever leave it.....
The secretary should tell you the genuine reason... How can he say NO!!!

pronabhazarika said...

Due to frequent communal violence our earlier culture and brotherhood have been changed. For safety of the occupants of a flats during any communal violence it is better to have one same community. I think this is the basic for the secretary who prefers one certain community.

bhupi said...

You shall be thankful that you learnt it very late.It happens in most of the parts of India.Caste or Religion is a big and critical factor.If you really want to know anything in detail,please visit villages,towns.You will find many others things like marriage of 2 month old kid,wife is sold at 30-40k,many people can not fetch water from common well because of caste/religion,students are treated differently in same class,there are many temples where many can not enter....etc etc..
Don't limit yourself to metros only..

sudarshan said...

wah! what a method to make orkut people to see your work!

Atit said...

Hi Stella

This shows the immaturity and narrow mindsets of people. Hope this shall change soon. GOD help them.


lucky said...

Hi stella

Its very nice to have a friend like u, Hope our friendship will be forever and ever.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care.. have a nice time


Prikshit said...

hi stella

It was worth reading i like your thought and i will definately be looking into this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

I do not know why people in our country so different, at one side the whole India was at side of the 50 feet ditch to save Prince and the other hand, are not at all accepting the existence of another community. I think, there is a lot to do in India and for India, I am not sure what exactly people want from others and him/her self. If you see comments on your article, you will realize that most of the comments are coming from not from the heart of the people but from their mind. And I think mind is most manipulative organ of our body.

I do not want to write any more, as it is not a time to preach but to act upon him/herself. What India needs today? I believe that India will do it but I do not know when?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Stella,

Your content was rational, but the thought that India is a Secular country and enjoying Unity in diversity is absurd.

If it all it is secular and united Karnataka and Kerala won't deny Supreme court's order to release Cauvery and Mullai Periyar river respectively.

Moreover, Citizens of India had been bifurcated on Caste and Religion by the Politicians succesfully to harvest their vote banks. Politicians are pleasing the minorities (i.e by caste and religion) in such a way it has adverse effects on other majority people.

The worst experiance you had, was the feedback, which was suppose to be given to the politicians, but obviously thay can't do that, so, thay had diverted towards the particular community or religion.

Bye for now


Krrish said...

Hi Stella
I dont think this a serious problem to be worried much when comparing to the events happening in the entire world.
You can't say surely that it is a curse. It may give an opportunity for the residents of the entire building to live like a family as they belong to the same community.
Imagine a situation you are boarding a bus which is a two seater. There are exactly two seats available separately one beside a guy and one beside a girl. which seat would you prefer to sit? certainly the seating beside a girl as she belongs to your ...
This is also a situation of such kind. Hare yaar let the people atleast gather first on the basis of their religion/community.
After that we both will sit and try to find a solution to integrate them into one single group. Is it okay?

Anonymous said...

hello i am ravi from punjab
no budy is able to do any thing. netaas are playing games with the life of gen. public. they are just sucking blood only

Anonymous said...

Dear Stella Roy
First of all I would like to tell you about my self I am computer professional with 15 Years of Exp.
About your problem I have some thoughts about Indians including even my self.
Indians are very much conservative in their thoughts and Belief. 80% of Indians ki kathni aur karni may fark hotha hai. Hum bathai tho karthay hai bari bari ki hum duniyaa ki sab say baray loktantar hain. Aaj humraay Leaders Haala machathay hain ki hum ek super power banay ki tarf jaa rahai hain. Yeh sab kuch ek chalawa hai. Aaj tak Hum apnai India ki Captial kay 24 Hrs power supply ko chalu nahi kar sakay hain duniyaa hum logo par hansthi hai yeh sayaray kay say neytha logoo ko jithini galaiaan di jaain uthni hi kam hai. India mai kuch saaloo kay liyee Communism ka raj hiona cha hiyee. Hum log America ko ek role model mantha thay hian koi un American say poochay joo ki duniyaa may loktantr har jagah deykh na chathay hai ki kiss loktantr ki voo bath kartthai jaisi ki unkay yahaan hai jaan har 30second mai ek murder, har 35 second mai ek accident, har ek 40 Second mai Rape hotha hai aur janay kyaa kyaa nahi hotha hai. Hum Indians ko yeh anraz logo ka culture bauth batha hai chaai kissi ko bhi deykh loo aur tho aur choro yeh joo rss valay hain unhi ko deykh loo bauth khey thay hai ki hum indian culture ko bachan chathay hai ley jara unki poshak ko deykho subhay subhay nikar (Half Pent) aur shirt mai nikal parthay hai danday hath mai ley kar kyaa unka yeh pheynava Anray joo ka diyaa hua nahi hai kyaa Humaray india ka pheyna va tho dothi aur kurtha ya phir Kurtha paijama hai voo pheyn kar niklany na. Aray aaj hum say ek chota say country Malaysia agay nikal gaya hai. May ray ko kabhi bolnay ka maika nahi miltha hai nahi tho mai ek ek karkay eyssi bathay bolo ki kud indians ko apnay aap par gussa aajai ga ki voo kaysay hain.

Aaj bhi humaray kitnay villages eysay hain jahan bachoo ko ek vakth ki roti tak nahi milthi, pani nahi miltha bijli nahi milthi aur hum ek bari power banay ka dong karthay hain.

Hum log khey thay hai ki hum hindu hai kyaa kissi ved, puran upnisad, Ramayan yaa mahabharath mai kahi bhi Hindu Sab ka issthay mal hua hai kyaa kissi ko neech jathi ka khaa gaya hai koi bhi mujh ko bathlai. Aaj hum log ek bauth baray jooth mai jee rahai hain.

Anonymous said...

hi stella,

I m rakesh from India, I do not know where r u from. i have seen all the comments made by your friends.

I dont have words for comments on you but I think u r a very confident and very intelligent girl.

I dont have any friend so Its very nice to have a friend like u, Hope our friendship will be ever & forever. Keep in touch with me please.See you soon.

Bye dear.

with regards

Deepan said...

Hi Stella

I can not belive it, It is the first time i heard news like this,
But it some uneducated part of our country.But we pepole need to solve this...

All the best


Yes! we are bunch of crooks named as Indian on this planet who believes in doing just the opposite of what is to be done. We make headlines and gain public
accolades only through BIG BROTHER issues (Shilpa Shetty)and her public fiasco with Richard Gere and abuse the original hero who fought apartheid - Mahatma Gandhi. It is so rightly said you reap what you sow.................

Sanjay Burman said...

U r doing a great job..unfortunately v all have forgot the meaning of the name of our country "INDIA". People now-a-days r tht busy,dnt even have time to knw who is staying at our neighbour.Still, all the best...let me knw if i can be of any help

GANPAT said...

Hey Stella, I have fallen in your love once i saw your photo in your profile. Why u came on earth u shold be nymph.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,this is my first comment on your writing. but let me tell you that i am not at all angry with you. overall your writing is good. keep it & go on. as you know that we have lots of constitutional rights in india but the problem is implementing all these in our daily life. not only in this case but in other problem also we don't get any support by implementing these rights in our daily life. in the country like us with different religion & different languages creates differences between us. although we say we are indian. but ultimately we are not thinking as indian. we always think ourself as bengali, marathi, tamil, punjabi etc.

cggupta said...

Hi Stella,

it is showing that we r independent from outsiders but we r dependent from our own people. We are still nt free .we r free for imagination for dreaming for planning for thinking for inventing for yes its still long way to go for getting all implemented in our country. Wht we have achieve in last 57 year we have loosed more thn. we lost the ethics,we lost the belief we lost the understanding ,we lost the humanity at all. above all we gained those things which are immaterial but materialistic things we lost and loosing day by day.
yes we r developing nation but wht we r developing no one trying to reliease those.
we want to make step as an develop country but will it come after lossing the real india.
God has made human for making there own way for living but if the style of living change makes people to think abt their own space of living then its all just waste.
We gt the name in sports ,in atomic power, in defence,in army, in money, in science but whts the profit we r making the just full our with immaterial dust but whn dust will come out we wud nt b able to see . beause nothing wud be left to see.

sambuddha said...

Dear Stella,
I'm not very sure of what u r saying, as i've travelled a lot & have also stayed in many diversified places,but have never faced such a weird incident.May be i'm from the general category, so things were ok with me, but definitely i agree that more than 80% of Indians haven't yet come out of this cast conflict, & how can they when our own govt. is backing education & all other things through this class conflict, well they need to keep their seat intact.
Well keep up the good work, atleast some people are sane in this insane world.


Stella said...

I thanks all my friend for coming out from their comfort zone and supporting me. Thanks for your call. I never thought so amny people would support and agree with my comment. It's pity that such things still happens in free India.

Thanks once again

-Stella Roy

richie said...

hello stella
you write nice and do good deeds in life.Do one more make me ur close friend.You have given great sacrifice by not chosing modelling.
You look perfect as a model.

Sunitha said...

Hi Stella

How is your life doing. its my pleasure to mail you.First of all I want to appreciate your aspirations.
Keep Smiling bye.

dpb said...







Mohamed Nagoor said...

informations are useful, post informations related to safety in industries.Keep it up.Welcome ur friendship

varun said... wrote it very well and as far as your question is concern....we canot change these things all of a sudden, it takes time. People like you keeps on trying and some day there will be the actual democracy.
Keep it up. Bye Take care
Varun Yadav

sethri Jingru said...

Very few....a rare personality... Exceptional, u can do alot, can see the light thru the darkness. Great keep up your good stuffs!!


asheesh said...

O Stella Rani,itni public mein kaise bataun tujhe woh raaz ki baat,
poocha jo tumne tha khawab mein ik din uska jawab,
kabhi akele mein yun hi bula lena hum ko,
dene aaoonga tere zehen ke ik ik sawal ka jawab.......

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
People may live in metros and some in small villages but the thing is it depend upon ones heart and mind. One's heart should be big and mind's open.One can boast that he/she is living in a metro. but people in small villages are far more better..
Zakir hussain

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear MATAJI….

nitendra said...

hi stella, how r u

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
I am not shocked, I have seen similar incidents a number of times. What gets me is the growing acceptance by people. Notice the superior tone and attitude telling you that he is talking from a moral high ground. The problem with us is that we except the dictats of all self appointed upholders of moral / cultural / religious values whereas they are probably the least knowledgeable on any subject. Everyday you read about some politician or party doing some moral policing thereby directly or indirectly reducing our freedom of choice. I lived in Gujrat for a while where I was painfully a victim of such moral sanctions on a daily basis (not that I have anything against Gujratis, every community is made up of a mixture of people and there are bad apples everywhere). You have people tell you where you can and cannot live, what you can eat, what you can drink, what movies you can see, what books you can read and the list goes on. Unless we stand up and fight against this trend we will end up as slaves. I am of the opinion that we should strive for greater choice in all facets of life and enforcement of values / culture etc. be left to the individual. In other words I am for more freedom not for restriction. Sorry if I digressed a bit guess you pressed a nerve.

Devasis Guha

shiva said...


dont worry but u would have recorded this conversation and bring it to humanrights
any ways good keep going

Anonymous said...

Did not shocked me!!!!!!
This practise is in place even in the cosmopolitan city like Mumbai. Even some of my friends had such socities in their vicinity wherein only people belonging to certian community/strict vegetarians were allowed to buy or rent a flat in those socities. Anyway such places are very rare to find and legal options are always ready.

I feel that you have used somebody else's photo for your blog.

Aditya said...

Good work..........keep it up. It is realy impressive........
Check Your mail account...I have left some message 4u. bye. tc.

Anonymous said...

Wonder whether the gujratis do business with non-vegetarians as it is they who brought this segregating culture to mumbai

I know it is legal and all that but even a layman can tell it a backward. They had done the same in ladies train where they would only give seats to gujjus (sari style) this was firmly dealt with by the women by segregating them.

Anonymous said...

Hi stella this is my first comment abt u .To be frank u r beatiful and u said people suggest ufor modelling .But the beauty is not permanent.Tha permanent is that what u hve given to the society and u r doing right thing just go on.

Nermai said...

Hi Stella,

This is not an isolated incident. It is in Chennai also. In one apartment they don't even want to rent it to another caste persons.

Any how this is what all the youth for equality forgot and try to protray a different picture about "India Shining" with the help of the popular media.

Thank You..

vivek said...

Hi stella,
How r u?? keep in touch...

Stella said...

Thanks everyone for your support and comments. I cannot express my feelings after knowing that there are people like you who knows the difference between right and wrong and have the courage to appose it.

Thanks all of you.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...

Hi stella,
Definatly, you are charming personality. I am highly interested to be my girl friend.
Are you ready............
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