Saturday, April 21, 2007

Changing behavior of shopping

There is an old adage that when Women get depressed they go Shopping and when Men get depressed they watch Cricket! I don’t know if it is true for men but it is absolutely true for Women!

There are many shopping malls opening in all the major cities of India. Every place you go you will find at least shopping mall there. People come in malls as if they are going for picnic. They sit and litter the place and make it horrible for people who actually come there to shop! Though theses malls are expensive but the quality that they provide is up to the standards. As in c’mon if you want cheap clothes you can go to roadside shops where you can bargain and get what you want, and if you are of that types then believe me malls is not the place for you to shop!

Apart from quality they also sell branded stuff, it is amazing to see brands like Mango, Marks and Spencer, Giordano, Louis Phillip, Ritu Kumar, etc actually owning shops in these places. People can at least have a look at what brand is, and their cost too! The second best thing about these malls are that they have generated millions of jobs opportunity for Indian people. It is easy to get jobs in shopping mall. They even give part time jobs to people depending upon the business of malls

Apart from malls where one can go and see and shop, in the 20th century online shopping has been introduced. Now people can actually sit at home and shop for their favorite items. Online Shopping is basically for busy people and educated ones. There is a wide range of variety of products that one can shop online. Right from sending flowers to someone or to buying a mobile phone. But then is Online Shopping safe enough?

There are many sites which offer online shopping, some of the famous sites are:,,, etc is a very famous shopping portal. Many people shop in and out through ebay. is yet another famous shopping portal, while Yahoo and Rediff have just begun their journey in the world of Online Shopping.

Isn’t it surprising to see how the shopping modes are changing with the changing time? These modes are changing mainly because of the busy times that people are living in, professional people just don’t have time to go out and shop. They want everything to be done quickly, and since they work on computers 24/7 they came up with the concept of online shopping. It is now much easier for them to shop with just few clicks and within seconds they order for stuff and it is at their doorstep.

Gone are the traditional ways of shopping, no more bargaining, no more fighting with the shopkeeper, no more shopping in the hot sun, no more arguing with each other, now you can shop sitting at home with just few clicks or rather even go to some AC mall and try stuff out and then buy. Time is changing, and it is changing for good, isn’t it?

These are my thoughts on shopping, what do you guys think? Your comments/messages as always are welcome!


anand said...

hey stella
that was great and a real truth of world
well i wanna something about call center life as i am running call center ok
well have a nice time dear
and thanks for mailing me.

anand nigam

Aniruddha Thosar said...

Let me explain you how ancient Indian Market Trade was. The another trading style, which does not involves money or currency for transactions. Rather Goods were sold against Goods. Fulfillment of needs in different way. If interested in knowing more about this ancient system, please be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stella

This is good...but very generalised, it could be more specific to the change in general mindset of the society towards shopping and the global cultural unification at the same time not overlooking the effect of the booming incomes at the lower age group of India... Lot more to say all the time.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Wishes
Pawan P Bhanu

raja said...

HAI Stella,
That's a great initiative that you have taken fot this.It is interesting nature with this approach.

With regards,

Stella said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments and suggestion. I will definently try to implement it.

-Stella Roy

deNish said...

need improvement.

deNish said...

need improvement in writing stella.

Somnath said...

Hello Stella,
your post depicts a true and a bit generalised pic. of shopping in India nowadays.But is it all good?It seems to me that the whole process is becoming a bit too mechanic.Interactions with stall owners is very less .Shopping malls are not for midle class people.The things are a bit too expensive.I think traditional market should exist besides shopping malls andonline marketting .
Warm Regards,
Somnath Ganguly

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Yes on line shopping has made life a lot easier. I only wish sites like would come to India. I love my music and like the option of being able to listen to sample before buying as given in amazon. Presently I have to buy through ebay without listening and pay in $ plus forwarding charges as English CDs are not listed in ebay India. I am a Rock fan and i haven't been able to find a site in India. Please let me know if you know of one. Thanks


Anonymous said...

The face of Indian online shopping is changing. Couple of weeks back I stumbled upon a site called ''>SINGDEALS a Indian shopping search engine and deals where you could compare prices of mobiles, cameras etc.

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