Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Free Lunch & Fun

There's no free lunch. Remember that old adage? Well I guess that need to be change when we talk about Email service providers. To me it’s definitely FREE service and website likes YAHOO, HOTMAIL, GMAIL, REDIFFMAIL and INDIATIMES efforts should be commended.

I don’t know how this email things started and why it is FREE? But since the time some intellect came up with email model they are offering basic email service for FREE.

They do have some paid services also which provide better spam filter and many more features that are not included in FREE email accounts. But who requires all this features? At least not you and I.

Initially, Hotmail was the ONLY major player in this field, but in last 4-5 years there are many email service provider that are providing much superior email storage space. Yahoo is providing FREE 1 GB storage, where website like is providing UNLIMITED email storage. Wow! now you can store your favorite songs, personal photos, important emails, your favorite movies, favorite videos in your email account with out worrying about the space limits in your email accounts.

The other good thing about all these websites is now you can even check your emails from your mobile. I don’t know what next? maybe read your email from your watch! Personally I like all the major websites like YAHOO and REDIFFMAIL but I feel HOTMAIL can still do lot better if it has to retain it’s members. GMAIL and YAHOO continuously keep on coming with new features to out do each other.
All I can say is that in the end it’s the user who are getting all the benefits of for FREE. We would like this war for free email continue till long time, I am little selfish here but I love it when there is healthy war among two big players.

Some IT gurus have written that soon there will be no email service for FREE, I guess till then let us have fun and keep in touch through these FREE emails service. I am always available at and yes I am using the FREE yahoo email account.



Anonymous said...

hi dear , well nothing is free in this world ..except love ...well all thease free sites viz yahoo, on are free for us we have to pay for ISP while searching ......but what we paid as compare to the excellent opportunities given by thease siters is free only

Anonymous said...

ur very beautiful. if god give

a chance, definetely I want to meet u.

aseef said...

hi you are very beautiful


aseef said...

hi you are very beautiful


Anonymous said...

actually i would like to know what r u doing my friend

Anonymous said...

do ur work my friend, this only way to achieve ur goal

Anonymous said...

take care

Azizunnisa said...

hi,nice to meet u............

Anonymous said...

You are cute and beautifull girl,
u can go for modelling,acting for anything. Its your life and its ur
decision.Do what u like? After all its
ur life dear. Best of luck.

Preet said...

dear ,
yes u have the talent which rare on earth are born with. say a multi talented girl.
u seem to be innocent and hardworking.
may ur future be bright as a star.
if u ever need any help do ask me. take care.

dilip said...

I think you are a multi talented girl.

Anonymous said...


You are a smart and beautiful girl.

Best of Luck in your Mission

Take Care

Anonymous said...

somehow u have touched my senses

Ashvin said...

Hi Stella.
You are very smart girl.
I am with you any time.
Best of luck.
Take care
B bye

kospan said...

gmail is the best

Nitesh said...

Its my luck to be ur friend.
I will be glad to met u soon .


Anonymous said...

hi stella
u take a big step towards this war
and i feel energetic when user like u get ready for war.and yahoo is the best service provider

Anonymous said...

HI dear, keep friedship with me always.
take careeeeeeeeee, raghav

Anbumani said...

keep your thougts throughout ur life

t.p.ramesh said...

dear raoy, i want ur friendship can u ok me

ram , blr

Sunil said...

Dear Stella,

I am a writer and Trainer on Soft Skills. Anytime, you need help personally or commercially, get in touch. All the very best in your venture.

Sunil Chandra

abhishek said...

hi stella
u r a very beautiful girl that i like to chat with u

Anonymous said...

hi sweet heart i love u .
that ur so smart
ur abhi

suresh k said...

Hi Stella,

I have gone through your articles an I liked them very much. I am Technicla support executive and I gained a lot of knowladge from your article.
Keep writing!!

Don't forget that you have a very good smile and I live it.


vericos said...


You are a smart and beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

you r very sweet n good looking.
and Definitely I meet you sooon.

Take care...
rohit Singh

amarnadh said...

Hi Stella Nice to meet u through blogs. if a chance come i will meet you personally . your writings are nice .keep it up and keep going on .........................

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella thanking you to give me a ans. of my feedback you are so sweet and lovely girl with lots of love...........

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella thanking your give me a answar of my feedback you are so sweet and lovely

sanjay said...

Hi Stella,ur all the comments are vrv nice and intellijent.I want to meetu.Take care
With lot of love

sushanta said...

really stella u r a loving &attractive girl.will u give me a chance to meet you.

aquaral said...

hi stella
ur wrting is as beautifull as u r. keep on writing.. more u write more we come closer.

Afsar Ali Khan said...

First of all very warm hello to you..well i've listen lot abt u. Its great to listen and talk abt such an ambitious and talented girl..well keep going and all d very best..nice to hear frm you stella...If life give me a chance i'll definitely meet you. byeeee honey take very good care of urself

Anonymous said...

HAI,This is Basha ,from Bangalore,
U looks like a coool girl, doing things with attracting others,thats a great hobby , if u planning to come India then meet me.ok take care , bye

irfan said...

life is not to easy dear.
it is very difficuly.
jusy by seeing u we can't express
about u . it is is on u what u thing to do . i wish u a best of lluk.
u will not get any think my taking a comment form us .

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella, Your language is simple and catchy. You photograph indicates you are bold. You can have good prospects in journalism; however, you need to be cautious and impassionate to be successful. The field of journalism is not ethical and straight forward any more. It also has nepotism, corruption, and vested interests like any other field.

All the best for your endeavors.

Gaurav Singh said...

Hi steela u r born to be a writer.
But i want to give u one advice that be proud to be an indian.

venu said...

hi stella
i am glad to know that u writing and have a great passion .
be continue & be in touch

with regards

Sachin Desai said...

I like ur blog..can i give u an advice..u can still make your blog even better by putting right sort of advertisement at right place and generate more revenue for your blog....

take care,

Suvankar said...

Hi stella i wish ur good life & g8 pospect.
Take care.

star said...

hello u r stuning beauty. keep it with care !!!

Shahnawaz said...

Hi Dear,
You are really nice looking best wishes will always with u
keep it up n good luck for your loving career.

yatish said...

u r very beautiful.u'r aspiration is very should be cont... iwant to be u'r friend.bye

Vinod Kumar said...

Hai Roy,

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.


Vinod Saraf

kumar said...

hai stella

you looking so good and beautiful.any chance god give
i meet you

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

I have gone through ur blog.It was interesting to read and ur quest for free-e-mails is really fascinating. However, I also note that there was so much blogger who really admirer of you. Please take care of yourself to choose the real friend.

hitesh said...

u r right stella , agter reading this blog!! its all justified!
wel said! keep it goin!

manju said...

Hi stella,

you are so cute.dear i am a proud of say that you are my best friend.
be my best friend for ever

rajan said...

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manoj said...

you r very loving girl, wish you good luck. May god give you all that you want and be happy always

praveen said...

Hi stella,
u r a smiling beauty i think...keep it up..

take care dear...


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
Your informative presentation in a very simple way impressed us .

Take care

Your Mum on the Sofa said...

There are free, but those websites are making money via the advertisements when before or after you visit them. Eg, the login page, or in Hotmail, the News page.

Nothing is free, nobody will give something for free to many people if they do not get something out of it.

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