Monday, April 16, 2007

Wedding of the century! My foot!

Disclaimer: In no way the author mean any disrespect to the Bachchan family.

As the wedding date for Abhishek and Aishwarya wedding date draws near all the news channels, newspapers, magazines, news websites are bombarding the nation with their wedding news. Right from what is Ash going to wear, the color of her saree, the kind of makeup she will be wearing to an extent to the number of words they will be speaking to who is present in the guest list!

They have captured all the media sources. Everyone in media fraternity is working overtime to capture the wedding of century as they say. Don’t we have any other job to do? Whoever is in the list of invitees is most sought after celebrity in the country at the moment. Each and every news channel and news paper wants to flash their pictures on front page along with the wedding card. The wedding has not yet started but media has left no stone unturned to cover even the smallest details such as color of Bachchan beard. This all is just waste of time, media is unnecessarily hyping up things and giving importance to unnecessary news, there is much important news that they can focus on rather than focusing on someone’s marriage. They are wasting their time and others too.

Look at Aishwarya, is she Queen Victoria III that she is getting so much importance? These so called beauty of World and Universe go to contest everyone want to be like a Mother Teresa and after winning the title all they do is to sleep with Salman and Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood movies. Aishwarya Rai is one such girl who now desperately wants to get married in the Bachchan family.

Abhishek Bachchan is also not that great actor. He did manage to give some hits, but most of the movies that he acted in were big time flops. Only because of his father has he able to live in this cinema world, otherwise he would have been kicked out much earlier right after his first movie. Even Abhishek had an engagement with Karishma Kapoor, but that was not hyped so much? Why so? Karishma Kapoor was a well know actress then! But she was not caught by the media people? How come? There must be something behind this Abhi-Ash wedding, because of which this hype – someone is surely gaining lots of money by this. I personally wish them best of luck and happy marriage life but all this unnecessary media coverage is not doing any good to the Bachchan's family.

Instead of all this is the media need to focus on important matters like the development, jobs, unemployment, poverty of India, believe me not only the country will benefit from it and not just by covering a wedding ceremony of son of some high profile parents.

-Stella Roy


shiva said...

Hi Stell

I appreciate your articles. i like this . media should consentrate on othe important matters. keep i up media is for awake the people on social and political problems not for entertainment

shiva komarraju

venu kodimela said...


I agree with ur views on ash-abhi wedding but u too follow media by putting big write-up with a photograph. Earlier media used to comedown heavily on vulgarity in our films and publish all the censured photos!

Coala Urso said...

Hi Stella.
I'm Julian, from Brazil, nice to meet you.
I really liked you article, I must say you're really good on writting.

I really hope you'lve have a large carrer as a journalist, just as me, hehe.
If you want to, you can take a look at my blog, but I believe you won't be able to understand it 'cause of the lenguage.
Keep up you good work, the things you write transmits your charisma.
Take care!

sanjay said...

Hi Stella,
Since last 2 days i am getting ur opinion at various topics,and i like ur comments on every topics.Ur a nice & brilliant jounrlist.Wishing u a happy future.Take care

with love
Sanjay sengupta

Manoj Bharti said...

It really irritates when your switch a news channel hoping some current news and again you get a 30 minutes special programme on what they are going to wear..., But How to comment if media thinks it a most common interest news, I saw many switch over to other channels when this news come. Let them be there with thier own perceptions.

Anonymous said...

Hai stella,

good work yar,

sandeep said...

hey yet again another good piece but alas these media guys will fudge up "TRP" ratings and say wthat whole of india wants to watch when we all know that they are just making us watch all this best solution is turn off the telly and get back and read a book or maybe do su do ku or crossword i hope i am not sounding too intelligent stella am i???good that even girls have such opnion like urs coz telly companies normally say females want to watch Abhi -Ash wedding how sexiest can they get

Senthilkumar said...

Hi Stella,
Thank you want to be my friend.I know that Mumbai is a city of dreams,fashion, style, money and hope etc.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care.. have a nice time


nagula said...

hi stella,
i'm bhargav your comments are good and very nice, i really apreciate you for such a clear presentation with simple words.i would like to ask how u can convert such a stupid attractions to a meaning full and usefull to society.i suggest u to converge not to oppsose the one who is found of money making as the whole world is running behind it.

Vishrant said...

Hi Stella
This is actually stupid the way media & others are going gaga over something like two people getting wedlocked. I feel media should rather concentrate on better matters.
Who cares whether aish wears a lehnga or a swim suit on her wedding.

Makarand said...

Hi Stella.
Nice to see your excellent writing skills..
it appeals..every one who is sensible human being

Keep IT UP !!!!!!!!!!
Makarand Kale

Harmoniser said...

Hello Stella,

Its true.We have millions starving, unemployed youth, underprivileged groups...and we frolic in this way..
Why dont you write something on inspiring art, say like RDB the movie?

Dilip said...

Hi Stell

I appreciate your articles. Rather then concentrating on some one weeding, media should concentrate on other important matters, but they will not concentrate because they are getting hike from there only.

Dilip Kumar

devs said...

Hi stilla

u r absolutely right.actually all those media companys r showing their stupidity by repeating one news again n again.not only aish abhi marriage,but also in really fred up by viewing such news.all cable operater should prevent news channel at this time to avoid boreness.n door darsan news is sufficient to aware abt daily news.

devs bhubaneswar

srinikvuppala said...

Hi Stella,

It is wornderful to know u. I read your couple of articles. I agree with you that the media is unnecessarily giving hype to Abhi-ash wedding. But of course! the media survives on masala gossip to increase their ratings to get more revenues. I admire your style of writing to express your feelings boldly. Good Luck! Keep writing.

Oh! Lastly you look beautiful.



rajerak said...

Hi Stella,
Abhi-ash wedding a wonderful union of two soul, i will say made for each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi stella,
First of all Thankyou for you want to be my friend.You are absolutly right Actually currently the news fall shot as compairsion to news channels thats why they are concentrating on baseless news and gossips . one day they making a person from zero to hero & next day the same person becomes zero.This is very clear in indian cricket.
You r on the right track keep it up.Thank You

Best regards

anu said...

Hi Stella,
I like the way that you write an article, i also agree with ur views on Abhishek and Ash wedding. But media is doing there jobs, they do that the world wants.

Nirav said...


I appreciate your articles.

This is what today's generation has to understand.
Hope u keeps going on. I forward ur articles to all my friends.

Rajesh - Chennai said...

I agree with your views. Its not just media's mistake but we the people are also to be blamed. Its our mistake that we give so much importance to these celebrities which in turn makes the media to blow the trumphet. Its high time youth of this country start thinking about sensible issues that benefits the public in large rather than idolizing these stars who make their pockets full by exploiting our ignorance. If we treat them as just one among us, as ordinary like us, there is no room for any hue and cry.

Dipti said...

Hi stella

U r 100% right. I think media has no work.. they have no new news. This is Media's fault. they have no need to give anyone so much importants.. I m fully agree with u..


Vikram said...

Hi Stella,
You are absolutely right.There is nothing special about aish and abhishekh wedding as it is just like any other wedding and both are human beings.Aish may be beautiful and people may be crazy about her but there are more beautiful girls than her who have not come out in the open public and become celebrities and so no one knows them.I think the media should not invade their privacy like this just because they are celebrities.Of what use is it to people to know all details about their wedding.Aish and Abhishekh would not spend even a single second thinking about crazy people who think about them all the time and read about their wedding.Only losers will go after a female celebrity and beome crazy about her even after knowing that she is going to get married.I hope people will get some sense reading my post.Media just wants to make money out of all this because in India there are crazy people to read them.Sometimes a girl may want to get married to a famous family like the Bachan's to gain popularity and lot of wealth.But I don't deny that she could also really love her bridegroom.But there are many girls in this world who go after people like Abhishekh for wealth and fame and don't really love their bridegroom from their heart.true love from one's heart is important.But I am not commenting or doubting Aish's love.I am sure it is a love marriage as she is 3 years elder than him and according to me there is nothing wrong if the bride is elder than the bridegroom as long as their love for each other is true.I myself don't mind marrying a girl elder than me.I am 29 and looking for my soulmate.All girls even those elder who are reading this are welcome to contact me.Stella I got an email from you for which I replied and am still waiting for your reply.Please tell me how I can contact you.All boys and girls,you are welcome to be my friend.Call me at 9380166985.I am presently living in Bangalore and looking for jobs there but am basically from Chennai.

fahad said...

hey its bull shit .................all this matter to those who dont hve work

gossip gossip gossip and their life ends........

wht we got from this nothing so u all people stay away from this

Yaar let them live happily y we r getting involve

Taran said...

Hi Stella,
I appericiate your effort to guide the media. I fully agree that this wedding should not get too much attention, however, you have also joined them and by responding to your article I am no better.



Almost an Atheist said...

Hi Stella!
Yes I agree with your point of view on the marriage-just overhyped crass crap becasue the media sharks havent got a juicier fish on their plate right now!

Yes,I just discussed with a friend that someone stands to gain from this publicity!I certainly hope they have a great marriage-but I cant help think that it may not be as happy a marriage as the media speculates!!

But I beg to differ on your view regarding Abishkek Bacchans acting skills-I wont go as far as to say he's great but he's maturing!

Aishwarya-she's quite a horrible actor but she was good in Taal-I guess we owe that to her director!

But I do hope the media invests time and money in more consequential matters-and not waste their time and ours in pointless banter!

Ashok said...

Nice to meet you. You r not only So beutifull but also u r very good writer. The god given both to you too.
I read all u r Articles, all are Wonderfull. I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate & love your article and love to make friendship with you.Pl. be in touch with me.

Old Town,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stela,
Being a photographer, I have a strong feeling that u should do modelling or acting. However, your writing skills seems to be good but journalism.......wud reserve commmentsss

Anonymous said...

Hi Stela,
I appreciate your feeling. Now todays arena we have lots of problem to sort out. This is totally a joke when they meet together and we enjoy thier feeling. This wedding is popular only because of Amitabh Bachchan.

With Regards,

Venki said...

Hi Stella Roy,

I appreciate your feelings and you have done a good job...

Keep it up...


prasanna said...

hi stella
Its true wht u wrote this something fuss behind this i agree with ur comments. Ur article speaks.

Samrat said...

hi Stella

The words what you have said are absolutely right abt media.Through this i want to urge media to focus there attention on things which are for country sake.There is a limit for publicity.

Sri Samrat

Sunit Shukla said...

hi stella,
Definitely agreed that media is creating hype of this wedding.
Print media must focus on problems of comman man and focus on developmental issues in order to eradicate social backwardness.

We urge press to look out for geniune news which will spread more awareness rather than commenting on one subject for several days.

Sunit Shukla

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
Thiis is ur new friend bhawishya.Well I've been quite busy,so icould'nt get back to u.Well with this comment on Big INDIAN BOLLYWOOD WEDDING I hope to renew our relationship & hope to seek more such lively articles on more socio-cultural issues.Whole of the India knew about the wedding of the year thanx to our TRP savay media who even ignored the naxal trouble in bihar,govt. playing with future of young india(reference to OBC Quota),inflation & whole lots of things which effect a common man much more than getting worried about Abhi-Ash wedding.I can't undrestand when the media will understand that in ademocracy like ours it act as avoice of millions;who r undregoing a lot of change due changing economic & social values.The Indian society is experencing fast changes for which it hasn't matured enough & instead of guiding the society to its desired goals the media is showing how gatecrash into aceleb wedding even if the so called celebs don't want an outside interference.It sucks.

vikas said...

Hi stella your views are right,but most of people in the world like to watch this kind of news.Every body has different interest.celibreties are liked by all generation people.So we can not avoid commen people interest. I also think people should change their mind.
So your words will change their mind . So thanks & best of luck for your good future.

Patrick S. said...

Before we get judgemental about others we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. Today one gets what one is fed and the media has its own agenda in over hyping an event part of the showbiz environ to be one up on the other players in similar field.


Stella said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments and suggestion. I will definently try to implement it.

-Stella Roy

Vishal said...

That's right, the Media has to focus some factucal things on the screen to let the govt. warn and not a personal wedding ceremony. But now days, i feel people are interesting in others life and takes more tension for this.

sameer said...

Stella,i just started out reading your blog.I find it very impressing.I felt commenting at end of almost every topic but i couldn't stop myself when i saw this one.Honestly Abhi-Ash Wedding is completely over-hyped and i dont see any reason
what makes this wedding so sensational.I have heard few rumours that karishma broke up with abhi because lolo's mom felt that abhi couldnt take care of karishma
financially.May be thats why Bachchan's family left no stone unturned to make this wedding as sensational as they can,because they only want to prove to Kapoors family that Bacchhan's are doing better without them.stella i completely agree with you about abhi's acting skills,he is good but not as good as his father.All he can act are the movies like Sarkar,Dus,Dhoom and he cannot prove himself in acting in various other character.His father was a legend and he has got a lot to prove before he gets this kind of attention.May he will prove us someday,because after all he is Amitabh bachchan's son.

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