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Events that change India forever

Many of my friends requested me to write on this topic so here I am trying to fulfill their request. I hope I am able to justify their faith in me.

The word History is described as ‘past events, experiences’ in the Oxford English Dictionary. But to me it means avoiding the mistakes made in the past. Each country has some history to it. There are historians who records facts and happenings of the country so that it can be look upon in future by the next generation and probably learn from it. History of a country presents a mirror to the past. It shows us our tradition, the culture we belongs to and above all the people who made history in pasts. India too has a rich history from which we can learn many important things.

I would like to present to you the Three most important events in Indian history that changed the future course of India.

3. Mughal Invasion,1526 >>>> This is probably the single most event that put India on the world map. This event was responsible for opening the gateway to India to others rulers of that time. The Mughal invasion by Babur made the people around to recognize the rich heritage of India. Mughal came to India and became part of it forever. When Babur came to India, the country was self sufficient in most of the things. It was during the time of Mughal that India was called the ‘Sone ki Chidiya’. Mughal ruled the country for more then 200 years and gave India some very famous monuments like Taj Mughal and Red Fort.

2. Arrival of British in India, 1757 >>>> India may be the only country in history to be ruled by a company. The rule of British rule started in this country through East India Company which came to India to only trade with it. British ruled marked the end of Mughal power in the country. The British ruled for more then 150 years. It was during their time that the seed of divide between various religions were sown. Their policy of Divide between Hindus and Muslims left the country into a hallow mass of land. The country could never recover from their divide and rule policy. Even after 60 years of our Independence we fight on religious matters. The British rule gave us some good things like Railways, Road Infrastructure along Law and Order system.

1. Partition of India, 1947 >>>> This is the most important of all the event in history of India. It divided the country on basis of religion. A separate country Pakistan was formed. Partition made us each other enemies forever. This event took us on the path of destruction. The very soul of the country was hurt and killed. Thousands of people who lived together for centuries were now force to part away from each other. It left millions of people homeless and several millions lost their life due to partition. As a result of this ghastly event we are still fighting with each other.

I do not know what would have happen if this event would have not occurred in Indian history, but the entire above event has its effect now on us. It decided the course of life for millions of people and change destiny of many people. We all should learn from this event and avoid making any mistakes that effect the life of next generation in negative form.

I would be glad to know from you about any other event that you think has much more effect on Indian history then the above mentioned one.

-Stella Roy


satyesh_2981 said...

hi stella,
its really nice to see ur writting but i want to say u one thing that u r writting like edit page notes. i m related to media group, its biggest media group in india hope u know and listen the name of dainik bhaskar newspaper. plz write on sub. that related to public intrest and world wide programmes like global warming. if u r my friend so u think about all this.


HITESH said...






Kevin Cross said...

hey,i saw on orkut that u r an aspiring me you need to improve your sills in english grammar if you want to be any good at it.more events that influenced india are ...... independence, liberalisation, harshad mehta nad ketan parekh, poor journalism, and shoddy administation.anyways, lookin forward to more from you.cheers

Ali said...

hello Stela Please let me know about yourself please, by looking at your profile I am not much aquainted with you so could you please send me an email describing a litle about yourself please, this is because I liked your write-ups and information that you have given on your blog.

Waiting for your reply.



GAURAV said...

hi stella

Appreciate to your work

But we have a golden history thousands of years back.

We see the peak of wealth and as well as the peak of poverty.

India is living example of this cycle.

Start with the period of Harish Chandra, where a king has such heart to leave the kingdom for truth.

We had Sri Ram Chandra Period where we saw the strongest emperor of Sri Lanka face defeat from a good wisher, saint, and higly patient king. The Ramayana told us the story that even the strongest empror face defeat if he is not on the way of humanity. A lust for pure women wrote his death story.

We had seen the period of Mahabharta where we come know the mopst valuable teachings of SriMad BhagvadGita. We learnt again how Duryondhan misbehave a woman in his palace and face defeat that leads to end not only his life but all the sons and the country.

We had seen the golden period of India under the Kingdom of Vikramaditya II.

After the golden period we faced the hundreds of years of prisom as you mentioned.

Now again we find independence but still enthralled by low-mindness of people and ploiticians but I am 100% confident that we rise again to the goldn period.

Its all India

We have a great history.

Piyush said...

Nice article

anup said...

Gr8 Work Stella. Keep it up.

Anup Niar

Anonymous said...


I prefer not to dwell on th past. Life is too short for regret or worry. BUT! You never know where you're going until you know where you came from.
Peace Girl!
Tune in, Turn on, Pass out!

Stella said...

Thanks all of you for your valuable comments.

Gaurav I totally agree with you that we have grat history, but I took events that really affected the modern India. You are bang on target on politics destroying our nation.

-Stella Roy

Nayak said...

Nice article. We know the history, let us work for our present. What is the input of history for a modern world? Lets all work for a gr8 developed nation and bring our President's dream of 2020 true!

Raghav said...

Hi, Stella!
I completely agree with Mr.Gaurav. For your kind information (not to offend you) every one has their opinion. But the one that is true always comes out. I find your poor knowledge about history especially about the events.

These can be treated as the events that destroyed India.I want to point out the fault you made in this article. I think you need to give more into research before write sentences about history.

India gave the world everything including Science,Maths,Astronomy,Philosophy,Governance the list is long. Coming to pin point the thing you said about what Britishers' gave us. They did not give they took, wealth of all kinds especially the Knowledge of Veda's, Upanishad's etc.
So, hope you will make a good journalist by having a better research to have strong points!!

All the Best.

lalit said...

hi stella

nice article dear....
keep it up....i m nt journalist bt i love to read this kind of INSPIRING article... cr...

aNiL dAs said...

nice article stella keep it up....

Anonymous said...

Nice Article Stella,

Keep on writing alike these inspiring articles in future..

All the Best for your future Endeavour,,,

Anand said...

Hi Steela,
your comment or research over indian history or culcher is a attempt to arouse any very nice comment

GAURAV said...

It look like so that in modern India, really the most unfortunate thing is the way our policians work. What do not think so? Everyone in the field is work only for vote bank.

Still we have lots of work to do to excel. But the politicians are just quarreling in parliament, wasting lots of nation money and time on their fights. Some are engaged in non-social activities. Now they are becoming rougues for sending people to foriegn falsy.

They are Netajis. What the definition of Neta is a national hero who work for nation and make perople follow him/her on his good steps.

Its our duty to rise the pride of our India. I hope we will jointly make India the most developed country in field of science, environment care and mutual love and respect.

The change always initiates from a single person.

First we must have a clear dream to be living in full of love and peace country, every where greeery and cool breeze blowing. Everyone has good work to do. We must have clear full picture of this dream in our mind.

If we don't have clear visualization we couldn't do anything. It is call of time to make our country a paradise place, so that we can gift a healthy and peaceful India to next generations.

After fixing the picture we must act on achieving this image.

Hope we will soon have a PARADISE on earth.

GAURAV said...

Dear Raghav

Thanks for your kind comments.
I belive in binary things. Thats always true or false. It is true our India gave the world everything a human wants. But it is also same true that our current polical structure is just doing nothing but wasting time and money and working for their own concern not for India. So we must have aclear dream to make India a paradise and work on the dream. Everything starts from a good dream.

Stella said...

Hi Gaurav and Raghav,

It's such a wonderful thing to see a straight forward people like you both. I am thankful to both of you for giving me your true feedback.

All I can assure you is that I love India as much as anyone out there. Just feel sad to see the current state of our country.

I still feel that we need to learn lot from the events that change the fortune of millions of people. India was always a nation of immense potential and would always remain so. The only hurdle that I can see is the way we choose our politicians. We need to send right people to the parliament and not selects criminals such as Mukthar Ansari, Raja Bhaiyya etc

Your comments are awaited.

-Stella Roy

shivu said...

Hi how are u,
I like to chat wit u ya, ok tel me when can i see u again online. . . waiting for reply ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella ,
Nice Blogging Site .
This is the first time that I m at a Blog Site .
I love History and it is my favorite subject; according to me the 3 most important events that changed Indian history were :
1. The First & Second Battle of Tarain in 1191 A.D. & 1192 A.D. which marked the advent of Turks & Afghans into India who ruled India upto 1526 A.D. .
2. The First Battle of Panipat marked the advent of the Great Mughals who reigned India completely till 1707 A.D. until the death of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb.

According to me it is very difficult to leave out so many important issues and put in the 3rd most important event.
still according to me the third most important event was
3. The Alliance of the Marathas , Nizam Hyderabad & the British against The sultan of Mysore Tipu Sultan . Everyone can see had these powers joined Tipu Sultan the British would never have Reigned on India.

Wanderer said...

Hi Stella,

I really liked the article you have written on a good topic but it needs more should start making someone feel responsible...its boring to read something thats like out of the history book...

also there are a few grammatical mistakes which you need to be really careful about if you are an aspiring the way you can create a team on blogger and multiple people can manage your blog..If you need someone to help you out,I would be glad to do so.. You can check my blog at, it only has poetry..

Awaiting your reply,

M Ahmed said...

Dear Stella,
History is past, we must learn from our mistakes & try to improve on that & move forward. Also, it is- to take good things from past & follow it with modern-day makeover. Apart from these three events there are many great events in Indian history which has influenced the world like Rakesh Sharma & Kalpana Chawla going into space, India becoming major supplier of software mind to world,etc. etc. Kudos to India & Indians.

Anonymous said...

hi sweet stella,

I read your articule. It was good. write some successful people articule. It will useful to successful people.

You r looking so cute, wonderful, beutiful & pretty.

Be happy & makes other happy.

Thanks & Regards

JAI(One man ARMY)

Navneet said...

I think your writing is quite exaggerating. These events were important but there were many more important events which define contemporary india.

Anonymous said...

hey Stella,

well almost everybody here has left me no space to expand on... it's a good effort of preserving and passing on some of the history to the next gen's. INDIA was great, is great and will always remain great no matter how many invasions or rulers or conquers it may have seen.

keep up the good work appreciated!!

GAURAV said...

Hi to every body.

The things that changed our nice history are discussed a lot but these were just 2 percent.

Each and every moment is precious.

Lets look at some events more:-

- India's step towards Nuclear Enery

The step first taken by then prime minister Indira Gandhi. But again Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee took the great step against wishes of world power. It is appreciated step.
Now its time to utilize it to overcome power crisis of our country

- India's step towards getting Permanat seat in VITO.

It is under process but encourging.

- India is in run to become Giant of Information Technology

It is a great step in the history again. We have a lot of talent and IT sector is in boom in our country. Also not in our cuntry, we indians are famous for IT and working in the sector in almost all countries.

India's supercomputer PARAM by CDAC also emerged as a great step.

- India also took step in sattlelite launching this year.

Problems that are on step:-
1. Bad management of govenment sector.
I don't know why but it is true that management of national resources is in wrong hands.

Look at our most abundant resource: The Himalaya.
But rivers are drying and polluting
Greerey is losting
Glaciers are melting faslty

Nothing is truly done. The future of country is at risk by this mis-management. It may be Congress governement or BJP or any other.

I blame all for it. No scientific meeting has been called. If any steps are called to be taken then only in papers.

The most affecting problem of future is finshing of drinking water resources, erossion of fertile soil and widening the distance between rich and poor.

Also in north India death of unborn girl child is also creating huge social imbalance.

As we say we should learn from past and see for futue. Then for good future, we have to act now.

The question is what we should do?

The answer is we shoul join together and pressurize Govenment to take steps for good India.

Main thing is we should unite now. Learn from history of failure of Independence Struggle of 1857 when we were not unite. We shoul unite first then pressurize our governement.

I heartly request all the blog readers to unite for the interst of our country. Today will be history of future. To have a good future we must act today.

My website is

Basically I am spiritual by nature but its my spirit that want to see a happy and wealthy India. I hope your spirit also want to see it.

royal said...

hi stella

myself royal ,well ur message was very interesting and I thought that was suffucient to know ur portal, as I know u r a writer this is very sweet thing u r having in ur life. I always want to become a writer but my interest is in direction to a movie well I just want to say keep it up,"practice makes a man perfect " .my God help u and guide u in the way which u want to go. byeeee and keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

So you think that there was no history before 1537 or you simply don't want to accept it ?
One more thing- Babar did not come here to live permanently, his only intention was to make a loot.
Don't blame British for the hate between hindus and muslims. It is not British but some of the teachings of quran are responsible for the hatred between muslims and all other religions of this world. Do you scare to say spade a spade ?
We are not fighting because of partition but we are fighting because the process is incomplete and is needed to be finished. Again, fighting is a human nature and you or me or anybody else is not an exception. Only what we need is a cause for fighting.

Dr.Sriraman said...


Hi Stella your writing is so much of recalling my school day studies on History of India. Though I am doctorate in Biotechnology, the studies on Indian History is enjoyable. Based on the evidences and events occurred during those days, we need to avoid bad things and put effort to develop on good things as several memorables were left in our country by those rulers. This will make us and our country put one step up always.
You are looking very pleasant and I want to clone thousands of Stella like you and let the Indian guys enjoy the life.
Thank you! Wish you all the best. Take care.


rajesh kumar said...

hi stella

nice article dear....
keep it up.... i love to read your kind of INSPIRING article...



Rohit said...

hi stella
i m rohit its good to see the opinion of different person about these topic specially gaurav
i m agree the statement given by him but the big question arise wt we are doing individually for the nation. We all peaple only comments that our nation is in wrong hands our politician is not doing anything they are corrupted. Its very easy to comment on these topics like everybody is telling we should do like this or this but can u tell me have anybody from these persons who have comments tried to enter in the politics or to do something for the nation there are much intelligent person in India like in IIM why they are not trying in politics because they are getting much for themself why they will think for the nation if u himself not participating for the cleaning of nation then who r u to comment on politician I just mean if anybody really keen to do something for the nation then come forward & apply for the politics & look practically but wt I think we are just wasting our time in comments. Nothing will change by only thinking i just wanna say BE PRACTICLE.its very easy to blame on other or politician.
Ur msg will work only when somebody will inspire from these & take it practically so keep on may be...…….

Stella said...

To Rohit,

Well Rohit, first of all thanks for your comments, and you have a valid point to make. It's true that many bright minds do keep away from politics due to reason better known to them. I guess it mainly depends on our up bringing and what we see in our surroundings.

My say is if a person does join politics for really serving the nation and its people without intention of his personal benefits then for him politics will be unrewarding profession compare to other profession.

So that’s the reason I feel most good people keep away from politics, which is not the right thing to do. Mind you I am not justifying them nor I am against them.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...

Respected Madam,
it's nice to know you..
the current situation is not same...
india is filled with corruption,terrorism,two big elements..
i am ready to do something for my country i dont need anything in return..i have some thing in my mind to vanish terrorism and corruption but no scope...

panakj said...

i like this article, and i hope u are nice also, & keep writing article for us.

panakj said...

hi stella,

i like your article, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
This is Prashant Sharma. I am writing for the 1st time & i dont even have an orkut ID but after reading your writings, i couldn't stop myself from giving youmy views. Its good to see a beautiful girl like you wants to a journalist. Its a noble profession if done in right mind.
Anyway,as far as writings go,you wrote about things people are already aware of. You should write about things which people have no or little knowledge.
Although you have a long way to go but i think you have what it takes to be a journo.
I hope you will forgive me if i have written something harsh, it wasn't meant to discourage you.
You are doing great,KEEP IT UP.
Let me know what you think about what i wrote,honest reply.

Prashant Sharma

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
It is true that our present is shaped by our past but I wont get into a debate on what are the most important events as there isn’t anything we can do to change it therefore I shall not dwell upon it. However it is important to learn from the past in order to prepare a roadmap for the future. Funny thing is we never seem to learn from our mistakes and therefore are forever destined to repeat them. So lets focus on the present and see what we can change. Let us do a quick SWOT analysis.
What are our Strengths:
· Big English speaking population
· India has a very young population as compared to the rest of the world (In the US baby boomers are retiring and there is not enough generation X and Y to fill their shoes)
· Availability of trained manpower at a low cost
· Established credibility internationally in certain sectors i.e. IT, Pharma etc.

· Poor infrastructure
· Government and Administration riddled with corruption. Excessive red tape, lack of transparency
· Our population and workforce is probably not as disciplined as our eastern neighbors (China, Taiwan, S.Korea)

· Most of our Industry, agriculture, services etc are at the beginning of their growth curve so the only way to go is up. In western countries most industries have matured and have less growth potential
· Growing middleclass with disposable incomes going up meaning a huge market.
· It is becoming prohibitively expensive for manufacturing and services in western countries

· Countries like China have well defined road maps in place and are implementing in a focused manner.
· Pace of infrastructure development if not accelerated would become bottleneck for growth in all sectors
· Regulatory related systems if not well defined, simplified and streamlined would hamper progress

I just jotted down whatever came to the top of my head. Ideally this should be done collaboratively and I am sure you can do better. So how do we eliminate our threats, remove our weaknesses so that we can capitalize on the opportunities by leveraging our strengths? Let us start by removing our weakness. Government would have to manage its finance better so that more funds can be channeled into infrastructure development. Bigger role should be given to the private sector in infrastructure development. I have a feeling that most of us are willing to pay more for better infrastructure but don’t trust the government to do the job. We would rather pay directly than pay to the government.

The next point was corruption and the govt. This is a democratic country and we choose our representatives so ideally we should be exercising our mandate and bringing in people we want. Where’s the choice how do I choose between rough and a ruffian. It seems to me that the basic qualification for a politician is to be a goonda. Otherwise they don’t survive and can’t gather the votes necessary. The middle class don’t vote because there is no choice so what’s the point right. It seems to be a catch 22 situation here. I remember reading somewhere that a group of IIT graduates got together to form a party, I wonder what happened to them. Well my best wishes are for them. Maybe we need to have a CET for joining politics in which minimum education qualification is required, prior criminal record would lead to disqualification, portfolio determined on the basis of relevant qualification????? I don’t know I need some help on this one.

As far as work culture go. Change would be slow but feasible. We are a very adaptable race and can change if the proper environment is provided. Anyone who has worked in a professional company can vouch for that. Also see the stellar performance of Indians who are working outside India.

As to leveraging our strengths to avail the opportunities our entrepreneurs will see to that so long as the government does not interfere. I am sure you would find my ideas rather simplistic. Well these are complex issues I may have just scratched the surface but that is how solutions evolve. You have views from a number of people from various perspectives then work on the finer nitty gritties. Main thing is you got me thinking and that’s a good thing hopefully you will touch many others as well. So keep motivating us force people to open their eyes and see.


Stella said...

Devasis, first let me stand and salute you. Each of your words are true and it made me thinking that I need to still go long way to have detail information on many things that you pointed out.

I am so luck to have people like you to give me suggestion and feedback on my posts.

Thanks once again.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...


Slowly the topic has changed from history to politics.So let me try to cover both


Life is full of ifs and buts.If there was not partition.India would have had great cricketers like wasim akram waqar sachin saurav and many more in the same team.its just an eg am giving you.Few days back i was reading hitlers book which said forget bout the years and monarchs ,remember only the incidents that is very much required currently.who was the first person to land in moon? everyone knows..who is the second? very few knows.we need to create history thats wat we need at the moment.
Somebody above mentioned that none of the person above who has commented has entered politics.Yup i agree.I want my country to come up but i dont want to enter into politics.Is there any other ways? An agricultural minister may not be knowing evrything about agriculture.But a person who dono anything about agriculture can put an end to farmers suicides.He can be student a IIM or even a 10th std student.Give him a forum to speak, give him a reward if his thoughts are worthy.
Make that a open forum like wat we are doing now.Make the useless talks usefull.This can be done.Each and every individual is willing to serve is country if everyone enters polictics then there will be more candidates than voters.Give them an opportunity by creating a forum to them.


Bipin said...

Respected. Madam
India Put first on world map by Buddha for his teachings and Chakrawarti Samrat Ashok forthe largest India( Which even Britishes also can't win or made).
Please don't underestimate Mourya dynasty infront of Monghals

Rivka said...

Keep up the good work.

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