Saturday, May 26, 2007

The wealth of health

The 21st century Indian is Tech savvy. We know how to solve the most complicated of troubles. Indians are making their mark in Silicon Valley in big way. There are huge number of Indians working in Google and Microsoft. We are a trillion dollar economy. Not to mention that we are even a nuclear superpower. Every nation looks upon us with admiration and awe. But my fellow citizens, where are we in terms of our health and fitness? Are we a fit / healthy nation? Can we call our self a healthy person?

• The latest Greenpeace study shows that more then 25 million Indians are suffering from diabetes, with their number likely to double in next two decades.
• Nearly 1 million women and half million Indian men are suffering from deadly disease of HIV / AIDS.
• Over 80 million people in the country, including 35 million children, were suffering from hearing problems according to report from Indian Society of Otology.
• Almost 46 per cent of Indian children under the age of 3 suffer from malnutrition, according to the survey by Unicef.
• And there are millions suffering from heart diseases at very young age.

The health graph of the country is alarming in the sense that it’s not only the people above 60-70 years of age that are facing health issues, but the current young Indian youth is facing it big time too. Only little percent of country youth is health conscious. Many people in rural India are mainly ignorant of their health. The country may produce the best of doctors and surgeon, we can have the best of hospitals but it’s us who need to take care of our own health. Until, unless we do not devote time to our health and fitness we will never be able to compete with other countries on International arena for long time.

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, "The first wealth is health". If you do not have a good health then no amount of money can bring you peace and happiness. Let us all today make up our mind to remain fit and healthy. Our body is the most precious gift of GOD, let us take care of it and help to build a more healthy and powerful India. I wish to see a healthy India, especially the youth of the country. We are the future of our country and let us build a healthy India.

Your comments are most welcome.

-Stella Roy


vishal said...

your effort is good and is so is ur profile,i am must say u are very beautiful,my id is contact me whenever u want and i would feel lucky if i get any of ur contacts.

harish said...

hai stella how ru...? iam fromhyderabad(india),ur style is very buityfull,smile also

stella tumse merak pyar hogaya yar ,u r loking modele girle

ok take care bye.

RAJENDRA said...

Hi steela,a well researched and wise article.I always believe in 'health is wealth' and in this short span of my life i've seen two casualties(my beloved late mother and father).Anyway we indian always believe in extreme emotions / over eating / scant care for health ,am i right?just remember how your mother/grandmother and nearest relative argue with you for some more eating for sake of their love and affection.
Steela i'm running an NGO working in the area of slum improvement/non-conventional energy/rural sanitation and very recently started micro finance project in one slum area of Delhi.I want my organization to grow in different states of our country for this i've identified kolhapur/pune/lucknow/mumbai/nagpur.Hopefully if GOD want and with the good wishes of you and all my well wisher i'll start my operation in kolhapur/pune by Nov.
For this i've already visited pune/kolhapur 3-4times recently.Please pray for my success.I'm a civil engineer turned business executives turned social activist.Let us hope in pursuit of our respective aims in life sometime we meet and share our experiences for betterment.
You're doing nice job and your writing flair is very simple and amazing ,you can say it's easy to understand and grasp.Keep it up.GOD bless you always.
Take care

Stella said...

Hi Rajendra,

You are one of the best person to ever comment on my writings. People like you are so rare to find. You are doing great job in improving the social aspect of Indian people. I wish you all the sucess in your work and in personal life, and pray that you are always in good health.

Take care.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...

The article is OK. But I feel you should have suggested as least a few solutions to the problem.


suresh said...

Hi stella

I just read your article it is very well researched article. It is truth if a men have lot of money, but have not good physics I mean health. He can't enjoy the life with money.

I also like your writing style which is very simple and lean.

Take care

Best regards

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Nice article keep writing. Yes health is an important issue especially since in India we don’t have much by way of a security net (from Govt.), very little health insurance. I personally am very fond of food therefore the perpetual fight between the palate and the conscience. Conscience tells me to eat healthy and my palate tells me to eat well. Hope I can reach a compromise. But there is a silver lining as I have noticed over the years there has been a growing awareness among people regarding health and our youth seem to be a whole lot more conscious than the previous generation. Hope the trend continues. I also hope the Government pull up their socks and create the much needed medical infrastructure instead of focusing on frivolous issues. Hope to see more of your writing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella

Good Move..Article is very good..add some more tips to keep healthy

Navin Kumar S said...

Hi Stella,

I just read your article about the article on health awareness. Also you have mentioned that the current generation is well aware of the health than the earlier generation. But I don’t agree with that. I believe the former generation had good food than us. What we are having is all junk foods. You mentioned lots of people are suffering from cardiac diseases in their young age. That might be because of the food we eat. I think we are going south with respect to health. This is a very sad situation happening in India. Just think how many of youngsters are losing their health because of BPO's?? The world knows that India has got more young people when compared with other countries. But the way the young generations are used it terrible. If it goes in this way I don’t think our country will have a healthy population. What do you think about this??


shivlal mathur said...

prevention is always better than cure--so solution to the problem is to establish network of prevention similar to existing network of cure with the help of new degree of preventive health managers as doctors donot want any prevention. prevention means, increase body resistence, yoga, naturopathy, hygien, vaccination, balanced diet, vitamins and minerals, counselling9for mental health), regular medicla check up etc. etc.

sijo said...

Hai Stella,

"Someday somehow watever u prayed for will COME TRUE...
It may not be in the exact pakage u wanted...
But... It will be what GOD thinks is best for YOU..."

SS said...

hi stella

good exercise u have done, i suggest incorporate yoga, meditation but read OSHO first.

tumara friend

san the man said...

hi stella,

very true, health is really important. and the state of the nation today, it looks like we're all in for a tough time. and its not just physical but mental health as well.

i guess its up to all of us to stand up for causes we believe in and make the small differences that we can make. small things done with great conviction can make a difference.

was nice to read your article. i have a page can check it out

let me know what you think...

Narein said...

Hai Stella,
First of all i am narein from delhi.... Your smile ...My Goodness...Something great.. i couldn't express...Beautiful.
Keep going
Ur Friend

appa said...

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samir kapoor said...

Dear Stela

The article written is good and now u as a journalist have aslo seen a tremendous change to in the attitude towords health.

if u compare the statistics u will find that now many people in india have become health concious.

Even the employers are also adopoting various measures so that stress levels are maintained to a desired limit many company have health equipment at their offices some practice yoga before start of work.

See this is a competetive world and the theory of Charles Darwin survival of the fittest is true in the form of corporate Drawinism. U excell bring result u r there else u r out . hence every aspiring person is trying his best to grab the oppertunity else some other will grab.Hence stress level has increased and it has become necesary to look after ones health

and its very much truE that HEALTH IS WEALTH

thanks for writting such articles which has made me to write something

any way good job done

tester said...

hw r u

sanjit said...

you are right that health is wealth. you know India is overpopulated as well as a poor country. Literacy rate is not well in every state.
I can tell you many factors which you will find as a root cause of many problems in India.
The first thing is Literacy, second thing we dont want to control our population. If a poor people produces five children, do you think all of them will get proper food, environment and care to grow well physically as well as mentally?
Do you think that they will get proper attention and care they need for their growth and sound personality?
We are seized in bonds of religion, cast and community which make us think to enlarge our population to make our cast or coummunity stronger.
Some people say their religion dont teach them to control their population. Those people should be aware of the current time and era in which we are living.
They should not think like their forefathers because they were correct according to their time.
We have made progress in every field as a result we have a different standard of living.
We should also expand our thinkings and views regargding our culture, religion, behaviour and relationship.
We should break our silence and should discuss on those topics which were taboo till this time.
Sorry if you think i have gone too much far from the topic.


A nice piece of article which seems relevant to contemporary/present Scenario.

I feel that an issue can be addressed much better, with an approach of " Cause-Effect" analysis coupled with statistical interpretation in order to finetune it to perfection.

Happy to explore...! All the best for your endeavours..!

BlackStiletto said...

Thank you for the nice compliment on my blog. I like yours too! My next post will continue with correspondence with the guy I was (or still am???) dating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
you have posted a good article. Yes you are right the averege indian youth is unhealthy today. It is a big problem against india and we all have to join hands to face these problems .Every individiual has to take his personal responsibility. O.K. then i have to go .

with regards

Sharad said...

Hi Stella,
you have posted a good article. Yes you are right the averege indian youth is unhealthy today. It is a big problem against india and we all have to join hands to face these problems .Every individiual has to take his personal responsibility. O.K. then i have to go .

with regards

Vishal said...

Hi, Stella,
First tell me how r u?

I m asking u that, will u be my friend?

I'll wait 4 ur reply.


Aquaral said...

what u have writen is grt. but also include some measures or preventing theses

Anonymous said...

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Dev said...

Hi Stella,
I noticed a number of people enquiring about the causes of the diseases mentioned. So I thought it necessary to give some more information on the subject.

Diabetes : This disease is caused when your body does not produce or properly use insulin. There are two types of diabetes Type I and type II. In type one the body cannot produce enough insulin and in Type II the body cannot use the insulin. The cause for diabetes is both genetic and environmental. Some people are genetically predisposed to diabetes. Research has shown a close linkage between obesity with diabetes. Remedy is to eat healthy and stay fit or be prepared for a life of constant medication.

HIV: The disease is caused by a virus Human immuno deficiency virus. It is transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids. We have come a long way in combating HIV but we still have a long way to go. From being a fatal illness when it was first identified it has become now a chronic ailment. It is now possible to lead a normal life with the help of medication. Of course the medicine is very expensive so for most people in India it can be considered as fatal. A number of research groups are working on developing a vaccine for the virus however none yet in the market. The most important factor in controlling it is awareness in the public, practice of safe sex.

Malnutrition: Here the cause is more economic than medical. The root cause is poverty and it affects women and children the most. The remedy obviously is removal of poverty. That is a different topic altogether.

Heart Disease : This is another lifestyle disorder. The cause is anything that hampers the functioning of the heart usually blockage of the blood vessels supplying the heart muscles. Usually pre menopausal women are a low risk category but presently even they are being affected. The reason is change in lifestyle. We are leading more sedentary lives. Exercise and healthy diet are the best remedies.

I am not sure about the hearing loss bit. I hope I was of help.


Anonymous said...

hai dear friend,
my name is sandeep & i am from mangalore.(My e-mail id is I just read your article it is very nice as you.keep writing.....

& this is for you from my side:-


Ankur said...

hi stella,nice efforts 4m ur side & i would like toread more such articles.
Also u are very beautiful & hope everyone in the world have a smile like u.........

Anonymous said...

7th june '07
2:20 pm

dear stella

i am kumar a new friend of you. i am really appreciate your concerns about india & its biological problems. but we can not solve the entire in the modern world. we can try to reduce the size of the issue.

for instance, we use pesticides for our cultivation. it causes damage to the health. scientist say that when using regrigerators & air conditioners, it may cause damage in the solar panel. but we are unable to stop the utilization of these.

dear stella. regarding HIV, it only occurs when you violate your discipline. all other dieseases, most of them affet due to our bad pollution & nasty water resourses.

but stella. do you have any suggestions to stop these in future? i think that these are inevitable in this modern world.

anyway i am very proud about your sincere thoughts.

with love

sandhya said...

Hi Stella,

Nice artical about health. I would always like to know about health tips and would also like to follow the tips given and help other to keep there health. The creator has done it so beautiful that even todays technology is very less to understand our body.
I'm quit busy as of now . Shall write more in the weekend.


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