Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who owns India or Brazil?

Are you looking for your old school friend with whom you lost touch after your Xth exams? Or is it that you want to talk to a gorgeous lady who stays in your neighborhood but you are afraid to approach her. Are you looking to talk to your cousin who stays at Kanyakumari or Siwan? There is only one place to find them all! Yes you got it right! The place is

Just login into orkut and search for your lost friend, search your neighbors and possibly you will find every Indian and Brazilian on Orkut. I did join recently and was amaze to see the Indian population on orkut. It seems that whole country is member of

What is
You may find this question very meaningless, but let me explain you in details. Orkut is a social networking website. It’s a Google production. Orkut provides you a platform to network with other people in the form of scrapping. On orkut you can build your private friends list.

Now, let us come back to the most important question of this debate. Why Orkut is so famous in India?
Well there might be thousands of explanation and article written on it, but the one prime reason for orkut to be famous in India was the privacy that gave to its members in its early period. Earlier the registration was only through invitation. Though now they have made it free!

The people of India always care for their privacy on internet and that’s what orkut gave them along with helping them to build a vivacious community of friends. Indian culture teaches us to be very protective of our community and friends and Orkut was perfect tool for them. That’s why you will lot of people uploading picture of movie star in their profile. They don’t want to publish their pictures on Internet.

The other reason that made orkut an enormous success in India is the User Interface of orkut. Indians like things that is simple and that doesn’t require too much of technical competence. If you have used orkut you will agree with me that using orkut is much easier then other social networking/ dating site like,, etc.

Also the scrapping feature is something that caught the fancy of Indian people. Indians love to write small messages rather then typing a big paragraph.

Some other reason that made Orkut a sensation here is the website speed. Lot of people in India still uses slow connection such dial up or 128 kbps connection. The pages of orkut are highly optimize and it loads very quickly thus saving lot of bandwidth money of Indian user.

Last but not the least, the name is very easy to remember and sounds like a Hindi word! Don’t you think so?

Well I have given my reasons why we love orkut, and I would love know why do you love Please leave a comment.

-Stella Roy


GAURAV said...

Nice to read your new article.

In my views Orkut is very popular because of ease of user and finding new friends online.

Also it has label of being of GOOGLE. The big name automatically make us to feel secure and reliable.

Your described resons are enough to say anything about it.

The another might be opening an account in gmail. Gmail is better free email service provider that rediff and yahoo, as ease of chatting, no advertising emails and much more options of managing emails. And orkut want to more registeration, login password. Just have a account in goodle, direcly use its log-in paswword. This makes it so popular as more the sites, more the login-details and more chances of errors.

Just have account in gmail, login to orkut, very easy to create profile, invite friends, search other memebers and so on. Same is for your blog-site. Thats why I am using it other-wise I may forget username-password and stop using it.

Anonymous said...

Hi you seem intresting to me. can we meet on chat some time and talk . whats your chat ID. Well I am Sunny from chandigarh/INdai. my id is sanabhi22 at you can mail me.

Satish said...

I am Satish from Bangalore.
Your way of perceptions is very different, may b a style as per ur looks.
U have a very finer and superficial thoughts, which might easily miss for a normal being.
Anyways u look gr8 and very confident in wht u hv to confide.
Mail me at
Bye, Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

I'm Ashok from Delhi.

Thanks for your articles. Your articles or Orkut is excellent.

Regards Ashok

Alvin said...

Hi Stella,

I'm Alvin from Kolkata

Thanks for your articles. Your articles or Orkut is excellent.

Regards Alvin

Krrish said...

Thanks stella. I had used orkut but never know that i can search and find my old friends there and someone in my neighbourhood.. Thank you once again for providing a valuable info..I have started searching....

Sukhmit said...

Dear Stella,

Its really nice to see your artical on Orkut, I had recentely started looking to my orkut account reqularly, First thing that you can find your old friends there,2. Its also have a option to store as much as photograh you can that helps in more familiear with your friends. So its really a cool site.

Devendra Singh said...

Hi, Stella,
I m D S Pawar from Bhopal(Madhyapradesh)
U'r article the war has started,the five greatest of all time,Who is the owner India or Brazil is excellent and u'r presentation and perception is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

Dynamic and charming personalities like u r always loved. keep on leading to excel.
Stay in touch.

Warms regards,


Ashish said...

Hi Stella,

The information which you have been Providing is really very good. Ok you were asking why Google(Orkut) is popular.
The reason is that Google has designed it very well and we are able to get to know about the links of our friends also their scraps. Huge info has been provided.

You know one thing, I am right now working as an Engg with Infosys . It all happened beacuse of Orkut. I got so much info about Infosys through ORKUT.

Hats off to Orkut

bacha said...

Hi stella,,

Your comment is nice and keep up it up..

But the real cause is different, In India most of them are jobless people and they are simply roaming with the money of others...

They dont hanve any other work, so they are spoil their life in net cafe.

You can agree or disagree for the same , eventhough it is a fact espcially in kerala.

ABIR said...


Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Thanks to your article I just joined Orkut. Shall give my feedback once I am more familiar with it. Keep up the good work.


nik said...

hey stella i used orkut for about 6 months bt i dont find orkut attractive ne more actually except gtlk and yahoo messenger i never use 2 login ne wer else can u tel wat is de reason???

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