Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Love with rains

Wow, I cant believe that that the rainy season has started, it feels like it was just yesterday when I was out there on the roads with sweat all over my face and quite irritated with the sun, applying of UV rays protected lotions, avoiding to wear black clothes, swimming pool was my favorite past time place and what not! But now all those lotions are in the dust bin, no more swimming pool, I can wear my favorite color black almost everyday now. Wow isn’t rains awesome?

Rains also brings back with it many memorable moments when it comes to food. Corn or what they call as the bhutta bought only from the roadside bhaiya is one of my preferred snacks! Then the famous batata bhaji , isn’t it mouth watering?

Getting wet in the rains is another fun activity that anyone enjoys at any given time. Though rains brings back with it many cherished moments and happiness with every drop that falls on earth, we should also take care because unknowingly it also brings with it many harmful diseases and sickness.

There are few precautions that I would recommend to all who want to enjoy this season an yet remain healthy

1. Do not get wet if you are allergic to cold water.
2. While travelling always carry following with you: Umbrella, raincoat, extra clothes, hand towel, socks if you wear shoes – am sure you don’t want to sit in those wet socks whole day and fall sick.
3. Make sure you have enough money when you travel – you never know when it is in use.
4. Avoid wearing jeans as it takes really long to dry.
5. Carry an extra plastic to avoid your valuable stuff from getting wet.
6. Make up for girls should be to minimum if they are going outdoors. Make sure products you use are waterproof or else you will end up making a fool of your own self.
7. Do not avoid if you feel sick/ill even for few hours, rush to the doc immediately.
8. Try not to eat outside food specially fried stuff.
9. Try not to drink water from restaurants or other places where you suspect they don’t boil the water. Learn to carry your own bottle of water.
10. Last and not the least – when you return back home from outside, take a shower or clean your legs, hands and face with water and soap. By doing this you will let all the germs and illness stay away from you.

So these are some important precautions that you have to abide by if you want to enjoy this season of happiness and fun. I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments.

-Stella Roy


Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Nothing like the smell of fresh rain, they say it is due to fungus in the dirt, trust the scientist to spoil the moment. Feel like a kid standing in the rain and getting drenched. Not so nice when you have to get up in the middle of the night to bring in the clothes. Also not nice trudging through the water to get home because all transportation has ceased. Wonder if BMC will live up to their promises.


Anonymous said...

nice review that was......really refreshing...

Anonymous said...

you know what stella....the best precaution you cud have given ur readers was just not to get out of the house when it is raining...stay put in house and enjoy rains bys taying indoors...


prince k. raman said...

Hi Stella

You are absolutely right ... this raining season is very good. In this season mind gets relaxed and feel good.
With enjoying the Rain also take precautions from Rain. You forgot to tell that in so many cities there are road filled with water, So there we have to take some more precautions.

All other things are depends on people how they enjoy this season.

abdul said...

You are absolutely right ... this raining season is very good. In this season mind gets relaxed and feel good. But what about others who depends on Nature. Anyway rainy season is most amaging season for me to enjoy.

ravindra said...

Thank you so much Stella for ur valuable suggestion.

It's really works... Bye Always keep in touch...


Anonymous said...

thanks for those precautionary advices for rain.
I don’t like rain
But I will surly take care of your point no. 6 Stella
Thaank youuuuuu Stellllaaaaa

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