Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chak De India, we are the best!

Chak De India…means “Buck Up India or Come On India” - a movie full of inspiration, a movie which makes you feel proud of the company, a movie which teaches you how to fight and win everyone’s heart, a movie which forces you to believe in yourself.

Chak De has shades of failure, anger, hatred, love, passion, leadership, innocence, eagerness to fight back and finally of sportsman spirit. The story of Chak De is of a real-life Indian goal keeper Mir Ranjan Negi.

The Story line starts with a slow pace but then picks up immediately in 30 mins of the start of the movie. Shah Rukh is the coach of a team which consists of 16 girls belonging to different states of the country and who believe that hockey is an individual game and they actually play for their own vestige interests, but Shah Rukh makes them believe that the game is not merely an individuals game but a national game, and that they can win only if they play with the full team spirit and not against each other in rivalry. One by one he starts breaking the ice between the girls and finally reaches his goal to win the world cup.

Second half of Chak De has some excellent locations and sceneries of Australia. You really get the feel of Olympics being held.

This is not much of a song movie, it hardly has any songs. Just the title track is enough for this movie to rock. Dialogue writer of this movie should really win an award; each dialogue is worth listening, and following.

Shah Rukh Khan the lead actor in this movie has done a brilliant job and given an awesome performance. He has played the role of a coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team who is preparing to enter the World Cup to compete with other countries.

Through Chak De the producers/director have shown that CRICKET is not the only sport INDIA can do well at, there are other sports too, which no one is interested in and not many citizens are aware of, but if given a try we can really make a difference and win many more gold medals in OLYMPICS for the country and make the country proud.

Chak De is 2.30 minutes long, and is really worth every penny. It is a must watch movie, and do not miss it for anything.

Please comment if you have seen the movie and would like to add more points to it.

-Stella Roy


chetan k said...

Hi stella,
well said,you are 100% tru

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Loved the movie. Everyone acted fabulously. Great to see it being validated in the recent asia cup.
Always a pleasure to read your articles. Keep up the good work. Chuck De.


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