Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's Celebrate the Festival of Rakhi

The Festive season has arrived. Yesterday was Parsi New Year. Ganpati and Raksha Bandhan will follow soon.
Today let me tell you something about Raksha Bandhan. I know most of you are aware ot it but this is for some of my international friends.

This festival is celebrated with much joy and excitement in many parts of India. Rakhi as they commonly call is the thread which is entwined with beads, precious stones, artificial flowers and colorful silk threads which is tied on the wrist of brothers by their sisters.

On tying the Rakhi sisters pray to god to for their good health, to give them more happiness and make them wealthier. At the same time, brothers promise to take care of their sisters for their entire life and to be with them whenever they are in need and to support them in all possible way (if needed). In return the brothers also give gifts to their sisters and wish them good luck.

This festival symbolizes love and bonding between the siblings, apart from this it also brings out the sense of Brotherhood in all the brothers.

This festival originated in the olden days God Idrani was preparing for a war against the demons, while he was leaving for the war, his wife Idrani tied a silk cloth on his wrist and told him that this cloth will protect him from all demons. And this is what exactly happened.

Since then whenever there were such wars all the women of the family tied the silk cloth on their wrists of their men. After which the men won all the battles and brought back home victory.

This ritual of tying the silk cloth has been carried forward since then by all the Indians.

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