Thursday, August 16, 2007

Money, Money and more Money for you!

The best that could happen to any young entrepreneurs is having the right amount of money at the right time. Money is the basic necessity of life now. We all need that extra money at some point of time in our life to invest in business, further studies, to buy home; some may need it for buying cars etc.

You need extra money but who will give you that until unless you have some rich friends or relatives to lend you money for some time. Not many people though have such friends/relatives. So it’s here that the banks/finance institution comes to our help.

These days they give you loan that you can use for sometime and then pay back on installment. The bank charges some interest and service charge for their money. I guess paying little extra is not a problem for many of us if we get the money at right time.

There are various types of loan you can get from bank depending upon your need. Various types of loans are;

1. Home loan: - These are mainly of two types a) Floating b) Fixed
a) Floating is where you take loan and pay interest depending upon the interest rate. The interest rate may rise or fall depending upon the economy, whereas
b) Fixed is very simple. The interest rate is fixed at the time of taking loan. It doesn’t changes at all.

2. Personal Loan: - This type of loan is very simple to and easy to get from your bank though the amount varies from person to person. You do not have to provide much of documents to avail personal loan. The interest rates on such loan are very high.

3. Vehicle loan: - Need to buy a car/two wheeler then vehicle loan is the one you need. The interest rate here remains constant for your loan period.

4. Loan against property:- Such loans are very helpful in financing your child marriage or higher studies of your children. The interest rates are very reasonable on such types of loan and time period is also decent.

5. Loans against securities: - In such type of loans you do not have to sell your stock/shares but just need pledge your securities in favor of your banks.

In addition to above mention loans you may also go for medical loans, farming loans, consumer loans to finance your needs.

So what are you waiting for? You are just few steps away in getting money to realize your dreams. Apply for suitable type of loan.


Anonymous said...

I feel you will succeed, you write well.
Current topic is not very catching but I went thought the other 7 – 8 topics, those were really good. Even current one is ok ……..or may be I am finding it well because right form my school days I have been a pathetic writer haah! haah! Haah!……….. a pain to my class teacher who had to check by weekly easy/comprehension book. But I used to admire those class mates or other girls in my school who had good communication and writing skills.
I feel talent of good communication and expression, that to with all interest catching effect converged in that is a gift of God ……….you are born with that gift…great.

raja said...

good idea that can change our life if we act rightly.... but present topic is not so great i think so and what about giving details about parttime earnings ............ please think over it and make a useful decision out of it

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