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Get ready to get high salary for your job

Your salary hike or appraisals are done, but you are not happy with your raise? Your boss/manager did not recognize your work well and hence the raise was very low? Your salary hike was not done as per your expectations?

You feel that your hard work is not fully recognizes, you start to feel cheated. There comes a thought in your mind to shift your job. Hold on before you take such steps. Do you think you will get better salary hike in your next job? Do you feel they will offer you better opportunity then your current employer? Answer all this question before taking any drastic step to change your job.

Well, Salary negotiations can be cumbersome and the most difficult part yet the very important part in ones life. If not handled with care it has many adverse side effects which then will be difficult to bear. First an analyze yourself. Your salary hike is totally dependent on how you present your work in front of your manger.

Here are a few tips on how to tackle this situation:

Go out and research the market pay scale for your kind of job profile. See where you stand, and accordingly decide what you want. If you are already being paid above the market pay scale then negotiating for more raise could be little difficult.

It’s always a good habit to make a list of all the work that you have done at your job, which in some way or the other has helped the company grow or win more clients, this list might just help you get the pay raise that you are expecting.

Try to bring to your manager’s attention the extra effort you might have put in to complete task/project. Reason with him the value you bring to the organization with you.

Be ready with the research proof and let your manager know that you are asking for the pay raise according to your accomplishments and contributions in the past year towards the company.

Make sure that you go with full preparation because there is no second chance given and your manager wont tell you ok come again we will discuss again, remember you are in need and you know that you really deserve it, go with the positive attitude and win your boss and get a pay hike.

Best of luck at your job!

-Stella Roy


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

Super execellent comments,


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella
What comment I can offer. Any way be in touch and go on write . If I find something touching heart I wiil put my comments.
Have a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

you r very charming. i like u. by d way i just want to know how to give up smoking havit, i smoke heavily, and have pain in my back and chest.Please suggest.....

IN-SHARE said...

hi . your comments regarding salary hike is good , I will try


Anonymous said...

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anil kumar

Anonymous said...

hey Stela, nice effort...I appreciate it. I think, if u had briefed something on maintaining communication & relationship with superior or something about Office intelligence then it would have impacted a lot to readers like me. In summary, nice effort & interesting article.

shanker said...

Hi stella

thanks for your sugessions regarding jobs.i will send my resume. search job for me in banking sector

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
Thax For a very nice comment regarding Salary Hike as i appreciate it but share me more views i.e improving communication gap,how to increase our value in the organisation .

Pankaj said...

Hi Stella,
Thax For a very nice comment regarding Salary Hike as i appreciate it but share me more views i.e improving communication gap,how to increase our value in the organisation AND HOW TO GET CLOSER TO THE BOSS .

velu said...

thanks for information abt salary i was in sme confusion

Gangesh said...

Thouhts of yours is something different...I wish you all the best for all your approachments...

sudip said...


Very please to experience your suggestion. You can feel the pain of your friend. Great to have u like friend.

sudip dey

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

How r u? Well nice to see u very helping. I like peoples who help other peoples to become successfull. Well, I m sorry I coul'd send my comments bcoz I was buzy during the days, I can't tell u. Well how u? I have some my personel problems that I will share with u after u replied. Ok. Bye.

sushantnachankar@yahoo.co.in said...


Hi, This is good article regarding salary Hikes,Many people can be get benefits from this effort.its nice u r helping people without acceptations.
Anyway thanks...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

Its not only about my boss recognising my job... but the worst part is he supports a lady who is really well below my calibre... I am not able to digest that when she gets 30% hike & i get just 10% of hike... though the entire office knows that my Boss is behind her for some reasons, i could not prove it. I really want to search for a new job at least to get a mental relaxation from these things....

Anonymous said...

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