Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flying with a good Airline is Fun!

This summer I had an opportunity to travel with Air France. It was an amazing experience, and one of a kind.

To start with the aircraft was well maintained, clean and tidy. There was this typical aroma sprayed in the aircraft because of which there was no foul smell and felt really fresh.

Both the flight attendants and the flight purser were at their best, customer service was well appreciated by the co-passengers. They were not irritated with the number of times they were called by these few Indians, on the contrary they were all ready to help the passengers in every way they could, unlike the staff of some other airlines who do just the opposite.

Food served for dinner did not smell and actually tasted good. They had a choice of both Veg and Non Veg. Then they played these 4 movies on 4 different screens in the Economy Class. The movies kept all the passengers entertained during their journey.
Seats were really comfortable and not smelly and messy. Not the one that you find in some of our national carrier.

Over all it was a good experience to travel Air France. I would recommend trying out Air France whenever they are planning to go on vacation to Europe.
Your comments on other airlines are eagerly awaited.


EricHug said...

Glad to hear you had good experiences with Air France. I personally have never flown everywhere out of the country (U.S.), but I have been on many airlines. I have never really had a bad flight, in regards to customer service. I have traveled with T.W.A. (I got my wings :-))
I have also traveled with Continental, Southwest, and Northwest.

The only long ride I had was with Southwest (across the country) and it was nice becasue we were served a meal.

I just love plane rides in general and I always keep a positive attitude when riding. You never know what interesting people you are going to talk to; always a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo, how about a try at creative writing. Honestly the journalistic style can take a rest. The only reason people read in that boring style is because it has at lot of newsworthy information.

If this is your own opinion, spice it up with sensory descriptions, stuff to make people feel like they were there

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