Friday, September 28, 2007

Myanmar-Burma burning with violence

Myanmar is in turmoil once again after the 1988 protest against General Ne Win's rule. The security force of the country is on the street killing innocent and peaceful protester.

The violence started when hundred of people came out on street to protest the recent fuel hike. This was dealt with the security forces very strictly by use of guns and bullets. The protests is led by monks who pose a serious threat to the administration and raise matter of finance of the country and intensified calls for democracy. People are gathering in thousands and voice their anger against the ruler in various parts of Myanmar.

Some unofficial report coming from Myanmar has put the death toll to around fifty. There are reports that several hundreds of monks are taken into jail. The violence of security forces has even taken life of a Japanese reporter who was shot dead while he was taking images of their brutal attack on innocent monks.

The whole world has come out in protest of such cruel violation of human rights in Myanmar. The British Prime Minister has spoken to American President and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to intervene and put an end to violence in Myanmar. He has called for heavy sanctions on Myanmar.

As I am writing this the Junta has blocked the Internet in Myanmar to prevent news of their cruelty from going to ourside world. What a shame!

The coming week will be a huge test for the people of Myanmar who have shown great courage to demand their right for freedom and democracy. This time all eyes are on Myanmar and hope their will be a permanent solution coming out soon for the people of Myanmar.


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