Friday, April 06, 2007

City of dreams - Mumbai

Mumbai they say is city of dreams. Mumbai never sleeps; it’s a city that runs 24 hours. Mumbai party’s every night. You will find night clubs at every 1 Km. the city just rocks. Mumbai carries hope of billions of people in terms of providing better prospect and good life style. Mumbai is located at western part of India. History tells us that it is formed by joining more then six island. It’s a dream of every Indian to visit Mumbai once in her/his lifetime.

At one side of Mumbai you have Arabian Sea with lovely beaches. The city has the Stock Exchange centers which makes it very important place in terms of business. The city has in numerous multiplexes for movie follower. Mumbai is head quarter to number of huge business house such as Reliance, Tatas and Birlas. The world renowned movie making industry Bollywood is in Mumbai. Several Bollywood movie stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bacchan,, Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Salman Khan resides in Mumbai. It is suppose to be the largest tax payer in the country. In Mumbai you will find people from all over the country. The city also has historic importance. Many Freedom fighters were born and brought up here in this city.

Some of the places to visit when in Mumbai are:

• Gateway of India - Located in South Mumbai. It is was built in honor of George V and Queen Mary visit to India in 1911
• Juhu Beach – A beautiful beach on the shores of Arabian sea. Enjoy the local Pani Puri and Kala Khatta juice. It’s very yummy.
• Haji Ali Dargha – The oldest Muslim Dargah in the city. It’s some 800 meters in the Arabian Sea• Mannat - The extravagant house of Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan located in suburbs of Bandra
• Jijabai Udyan – The only animal zoo in Mumbai
• Fashion Street – A fashion paradise near Churchgate. Here you will get quality cloths in very cheap price. You need to have bargaining talent.
• Enigma – The famous Night pub at J W Marriott
• Hyatt – The gorgeous seven star hotel near domestic Airport

Some of other places that you can visit are Esselworld, Nehru Planetarium, and The Queen Necklace at Marine Drive, The Dome Theatre, Jehangir Art Gallery and Kamla Nehru Park. I just love to be part of this great city.



Raju said...

Hi...I am agree with Miss Stella that Mumbai is a Dream city. In Mumbai i was staying since 2000 and what i marked its terrible to speak. The most advantage in this city is that there are no difference between Men and Women. Here women are travelling 24hrs even doing night job and moving independently.

another point i noticed that here thr is no religeon feeling, no one telling here i m from delhi, i am from Kolkata... here every one is feeling we are in one state that is India.

Here every people are labourious and also helpful.

Mumbai is a land of opportunity. This city provides job to everyone.

What i like here is the fashion, style and smart talking.

I want to be here in Mumbai and i need a girl like Stella who has good english writing skills.

I need u stella if u dont hv ne problem. Its my last wish.

Plz tell me"Will you marry me"

satju said...

Hai Frined see your profile and I am very glad to read that,

Rahul said...

Hi Stella, How u doin, Glad to have you as friend. Your thought sounds really good. Keep it up dear.

Rohit said...

Hi Stella, read your blogs, they are really good ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella, How are you doing i read your profile its nice to see you at this place keep in tuch dear

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella
How r u doing. Lets have fun. Keep in touch.

Tathagata said...

hi i read your profile.good.But you describe only mumbai but our whole country very beautiful.I am from kolkata.lets come here and have lots of fun in subho nabobarso.

satyam said...

hi stella dear we not so free to gve u advise even u proposed me to b ur frnd but frankly i dont wanna dis type of frndship inwhich we wil connect through net or msgs.if we r going 2 b frnd so we should b knw dis important valuable it is n wat should we do for our frnds,ok.u r a writer n i m mechanical engineer n i m not so expert in writing so if i hav told sumthing extra just ignore it but i think u wil understand my feelings.takecare urself n after thinking all these things accept me as ur frnd n samw with u.bbye

Anis said...

Well though your is to be a journalist, i feel this is a good start. But try to to be more concise in the sentences you use, i can point out a lot of such sentences. You could have used some good verbs to shorten your sentences. Even you need to be more careful while using present and past tense for eg. you have written "History tells us that it is formed by joining more then six island" you had to use " was instead of is" and " Than in place of then".An aspiring journalist should know how to play with words, going through articles of Arundhati Roy will certainly help you in this case. I am pointing out these mistake only to help you and i dont want you to have any negative thoughts about my reponse. I hope you will ponder over it.

Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
Thanks that you want to be my friend.I know that Mumbai is a city of dreams, desires,fashion, style,money, hope etc.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care..

Anonymous said...

i am your young boy next door just like you and an aspiring of new genration & culture with. These are my thoughts and stella feedback encourages me to do more all the time. i Love you.

Waseem said...

Hi Waseem here.. Its a lovely Blog.. Do keep in touch regularly.. Take care..

Anonymous said...

hi great profile u can dafenately go very very far

Anonymous said...

hi stella

your views for the indian financial capital mumbai is realy nice but i want to share some thoughts .

i do believe there are lot of things need to be done to like in terms of world class public transport facility, clean and grrenn environment , law and order and as well as maintain our heritage in a best manner we can.

by the way i really like your way of expressing the views on different issues.
keep it up

Rajiv said...

Hi Stella,

Young People like you definately make an impact on society. I am in particular an admirer of young achievers, I am sure you would go a long way to achieve what you desire and realise your dreams.

shekhar said...

Hi Stella,
Thanks that you want to be my friend.I know that Mumbai is a city of dreams,fashion, style, money and hope etc.Please do keep in touch.See you soon.Bye n take care.. have a nice time

Jhansi said...

hi dear stella,

Young People like you definately make an impact on society. I am in particular an admirer of young achievers, I am sure you would go a long way to achieve what you desire and realise your dreams.
Keep in tuch with me.

Anonymous said...

hi sweet stella,
i think u r right,
without fashion,style,passion,
love, the world is zero.
i thank u for ur mail.
i always ready to help anything u want as like a friend.
keep in touch with me.
we will meet soon.
bye lenage baby.
ur friend -----

ravindra said...

Dear Stella,

I think that people are right when they say that you are born to be a celebrity. However, writers are also celebrities. What do you paln to write on. I will be happy to be your friend. will you meet me sometime? My no. is 09810324635.
Maybe there is a story of my own life which in the hands of a master craftsperson can be weaved into something worthwhile.

Devottam said...

Hi Stella, How are you doing i read your profile its nice to see you at this place keep in tuch dear

sanjay said...

Hi Stella,
I have just receive your mail.I am very impress about ur comments & knowledge.Will u be become my friend?

mayank said...

Nice to find a friend in you.Its been only 8 months for me in Mumbai but I got addicted to this life,after the initial cultural shock bcoz I came from lucknow, and now don't want to leave Mumbai.The only better place to go could be to go abroad,no better place in India than Mumbai.
The best part I love about Mumbai is the struggle the sheer mass of people who live here,struggle for each basic neccessity of life yet they stay here,because they dream and know this city is only place where his dreams could be realized.
The local trains,crowd on roads,local markets on every road,slums,bars,
cosmopolitan population,sea-side,young minds,...nothing is enough to define this city.Another most starking feature is the independance this 0.17 billion population provides you.Nowhere in India is there more privacy to couples,more broad minded people.True freedom of expression....
There is and will be only one Mumbai in India.City of dreams city of hope,city of struggle.

mahantesh said...


mousam said...

Hi Stella,Shubho nobo barsho....................wish u find mumbai and all other places as good as wud please you!Am also the same kinda girl,with great aspirations and huge wings to fly high!!!!!!!!

kotesh said...

Hi stella, i am very glad to see ur profile.i do agree with your words. mumbai is the place where every one can servoive. it is the place where we can find all tradition of india together.

Tej Chaturvedi said...

hi Miss...
when i open ur profile ...u stand still and smile....
then i click on ur gives me a bigger picture of beauty and grace!
thousand miles distance apart an innocent gal studying so hard
i respect the commitment u display
afterall study is not a childs play

Still there is and urge to say ...a few words.... unsaid and fade
on the hidden lines is the relation i want to friendship is wht i swear
its the only relation that god permit us to make
so permit me to select u as the best of my friend in take!
accept my true me its not fake!

(self-made)--no cut copy paste here--

(i never knew i could even write shayari......but then i guess when we pour feelings from heart on to the pad it becomes a masterpiece automatically!)

tAke cAre
waiting fOr uR rEply.....Tej

akhilesh said...

fine enough, i haven't been to mumbai so don't know much about that. do you also write novels?" a novel on someone's life"
i think the plot comes out from someone's life only.
i am also fond of writing and reading but busy so enough to give time to my desire. if ever think of writing so you will get a powerful story lineup from me.
when you feel so mail me at
do reply if you feel you will be able to do justice with the story.

jaideep said...

hi saw your profile. Being a journalist with one of the reputed media houses of the country I would suggest you to go ahead with your career objective.
good luck.

vijay said...

hi stella ,when in m read about u ,i m very happy and prowed because u belive in ur talent not a physical vive,best of luck for yr futuer

kamal said...

Hi steela,

It was nice to read your mail in a morning which made a very good morning.

I also love mumbai a lot,infact i stayed there for about 5 years of my beginning of career,earned and lost lots of money in that mega city as i was fond of night clubs and making celebrity friends and spent lakes of rupees behind all those attactive ladies, and now forced to shift to dubai to accomodate all those money which i lost and because of that my business and financial status was disturbed. Now i am bit settled once again with the firm commitment not to make any celebrity as a friend and will never visit any night club, so i think its late to meet you or else i am sure dt, if you would have meet me earlier we could be a very good friend or may be more than friend because of our matching personality.

anyway i wish all the best for your bright future ahed but advising you not to misuse your pleasing personality.

Thanks once again for selecting me a friend.


nishu said...

h r u
any gal friendship wint me
i m very dude and sweet

nishu said...

pls give me reply any beautiful gal

Sibsagar said...

hi stella, nice to receive ur letter with the warmth of friendship hidden and the fragrance of the cheerful life, the bubbly smile which is evident from ur snap.. reminds of a lass roaming with dreams in her eyes and enjoying the every bit of the scenes floating unto thy eyes.
I would be happy to have u as my best friend..waiting to hear more from u..
love and warmth and best of wishes
sibsagar shaw

Anonymous said...



ravi said...

it is quit intresting to watching u as well as reading u.
u havng beautiful face and good humar but the more eminent part of ur personality is ur creation.
and i relly ejoyedit.i hope u willdone more better than this in the future.ur talent is such so good. with my best wishes
ur friend
ravi kumar mourya

Sai Kumar said...

Hai Stellu

I like your wishes. And want to become your friend. I am from Hyderabad and frequently come to Mumbai.

Your comments on Mumbai are obsolutely correct.

sunil said...

hi stella,
it is nice to see ur opinion on some subject but the problem is that ur writing about people & places.ur writing @ abhiash marrage, mumbai city etc.what i point it out that do not give a importance to personnel matters.if media is not focuing on social issu let them go.we will try to start debate on social issues.write something inovative so that will change the thinking of people.i am sure we can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Hai Stella

I would love to read your writings.I am a great admirer of writers.Take care. keep in touch

Anonymous said...

hi sweet stella,

Thank U for ur e-mail.


with love

shanu mathai

alvin said...

hi saw your profile. Being a journalist with one of the reputed media houses of the country I would suggest you to go ahead with your career objective.
good luck.

baghirath said...

hi stella

ya u r cute
but girl the only thiong i dont like doin is reading

i love to write
but not read

would u still wanna be my freind

prasanna said...

hi stella,
how do u well i like ur profile u r so smart girl very humorous gal. Iam also in creative side iam working as web deisgner make me as ur friend.

Banti said...

Hi Stella U looking is so good. I like friendship with u

Uday Kumar said...

Hi Stella,
your posts are good, but even you can make the better, think more creatively, and add some interesting things which are very new and no one knows them, what i mean to say is make your writings more interesting to read,

Yes you are good looking girl, but make your writings more beautiful

Have a great time..

Gavin said...

Hey Stella,
Nice article. But u have portrayed only the good side of Mumbai.
As a journalist U have to be a bit of a critic.. And there are several aspects in Mumbai U can criticize...
(If it was an article bout Goa-my home town , then its a bit differnt )

Anonymous said...

This is Sushil from Kolkata I read your thought about Kashmir and Mumbai. I want to pass your thought about Kolkata.

Waiting for Reply

With Love


debasis said...

i said that iw ant to engage with u i fu have no problem at all

Anonymous said...

Dear Stella,

Your writings are impressive, informative and inspiring.

Keep doing the good work.

Really you are the girl next door.

Best of luck.


Madhava Rao

Anonymous said...

hi stella,
your writings be impressive.nice and cute thought.from this a got more information about mumbai.bye
by A.Nagarajan

shakthi said...

hi I agree with your view. my best wishes for enriching journalist talents in the months to come bye. I will interact with u if you agree and feel free. thank u

girish said...

Hiii stella, i read ur profile. I like it.

Ashish Singh said...

Hi stella....this time again you marketed mumbai city...i appreciate your effort to make aware of people about mumbai.....yes i m agree with you stella....mumbai is a city of dreams.....running 24 hours, having fun all the time....but some times it becomes a guys be carefull....

shiju said...


Hope u r fine and u r really doing well, keep it up,

do mail me more.......

take care


RAJ said...

hi steel thanks for info of air deccan
god bless you


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