Saturday, May 26, 2007

The wealth of health

The 21st century Indian is Tech savvy. We know how to solve the most complicated of troubles. Indians are making their mark in Silicon Valley in big way. There are huge number of Indians working in Google and Microsoft. We are a trillion dollar economy. Not to mention that we are even a nuclear superpower. Every nation looks upon us with admiration and awe. But my fellow citizens, where are we in terms of our health and fitness? Are we a fit / healthy nation? Can we call our self a healthy person?

• The latest Greenpeace study shows that more then 25 million Indians are suffering from diabetes, with their number likely to double in next two decades.
• Nearly 1 million women and half million Indian men are suffering from deadly disease of HIV / AIDS.
• Over 80 million people in the country, including 35 million children, were suffering from hearing problems according to report from Indian Society of Otology.
• Almost 46 per cent of Indian children under the age of 3 suffer from malnutrition, according to the survey by Unicef.
• And there are millions suffering from heart diseases at very young age.

The health graph of the country is alarming in the sense that it’s not only the people above 60-70 years of age that are facing health issues, but the current young Indian youth is facing it big time too. Only little percent of country youth is health conscious. Many people in rural India are mainly ignorant of their health. The country may produce the best of doctors and surgeon, we can have the best of hospitals but it’s us who need to take care of our own health. Until, unless we do not devote time to our health and fitness we will never be able to compete with other countries on International arena for long time.

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, "The first wealth is health". If you do not have a good health then no amount of money can bring you peace and happiness. Let us all today make up our mind to remain fit and healthy. Our body is the most precious gift of GOD, let us take care of it and help to build a more healthy and powerful India. I wish to see a healthy India, especially the youth of the country. We are the future of our country and let us build a healthy India.

Your comments are most welcome.

-Stella Roy

Friday, May 18, 2007

Online War:Yahoo, Google & Microsoft on the Battlefield

The big question these days that has kept everybody on the edge of their seat is; Will Microsoft buy Yahoo?

The .com boom has certainly return back with a bang after it burst in the year 2000. The buzz is that, Microsoft the leading software making company has raise their claims from $30 Billion to $ 80 Billion for Yahoo is the largest and most visited website in terms of number of hits per day.

The war between the two giants, Microsoft and Google took a new twist after Google acquired Double Click, a online advertising company for $3.6 Billion. It is alleged that Microsoft was deliberately raising the stake for Double click to more then $3 Billion without real intention of buying it.

Now, Microsoft who competes with Google in web application field is going all gun out to get It is believed that Yahoo has rejected the initial Microsoft bid. But considering the competition faced by Yahoo from both Google and Microsoft, it won’t be easy for Yahoo to maintain its numero Uno position on the web.

On the other hand, Yahoo and Google competes with each other directly in Online advertising and online search engines arena. Both these online giants have huge share of their total revenue coming from online search and advertising. In fact Google gets more then 98% of its revenue from their Ad words program. The best option for is to sale out to either Google or Microsoft. There is no way Yahoo can compete with Google in online market alone. They require someone as big as Microsoft to keep them ahead of Google.

My final assumption is, this time it would be difficult for Yahoo to turn down the offer from the Software giant.

Your views / comments are what I look forward to.

-Stella Roy

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The five greatest movie of all time

Every Indian has two universal passions a) Indian Movies b) Cricket

I am yet to meet an Indian who doesn’t like any of the two mentions above. I myself like both; movies and cricket. I watch cricket because I feel we are lot better then many other nations, but just that we need to make smart selection. Like millions of other people of India I too believe we can dominate cricketing world. And I like Indian Movies primarily because it has songs and dance sequences unlike Hollywood movies which is totally devoid of songs.

Here in this article I would like to discuss the TOP 5 Indian movies of all time.

5) Mughal-e-Azam >>>>> The magnum opus from Late K Asif. The movie took more then 13 years to complete and what we had after 13 years of hard work from K Asif was a masterpiece. The movie has the legendry Dilip Kumar and Madhubala, the eternal beauty of Indian cinema in role of young prince Salim and Anarkali respectively. In times to come Mughal-e-Azam was to become a benchmark movie in presenting the clash between Son & Father in Indian cinema. Dilip Kumar gave an outstanding performance which was equally matched by Prithiviraj Kapoor and Madhubala. And who can forget the song ‘Pyar kiya to darna kya!’ which still continues to intrigue the nation from time to time.

4) Darr >>>>> Darr? You said Darr? Which movie is this? Is that your question after reading the name of the movie? Well I would be little selfish here for including Darr in top 5. This is my very personal favorite. I must have watch this movie at least more then 50 times by now and each time I see it I am just left with admiration of Shah Rukh Khan acting talent. The movie has Shahrukh playing a role of possessed lover of Juhi Chawla (married to Sunny Deol) Shah Rukh was in early period of his career but after watching the movie it seems that SRK has been into acting for last 50 years. You need to watch the movie to feel the energy and charisma of SRK. Not a single frame in the movie that has SRK is presence is to be miss. Ohh! I need to stop here or I will keep writing about it for lifetime and still not finish praising this gem from Yash Chopra.

3) Deewar >>>>> There is a Good son and there is a bad son and then there is Deewar (wall) of good and evil between them. The film stars Amitabh Bachan as the evil son and Shashi Kapoor (in a role of police inspector) as the good son. The USP of the movie is the story line by Salim-Javed. Deewar was directed by Yash Chopra and I believe he is much better directing action movies rather then directing love story. Amitabh’s role was based on the life of yesteryear Don of Mumbai Haji Mastan. The other thing that made the movie a huge success was Amitabh’s performance as the bad son of Nirupa Roy. Deewar won all the Filmfare awards for the year it was release. This shows it’s quality, considering that even Sholay was release in the same year.

2) Nayagan >>>>> I rarely watch regional language movies but I was forced to watch Nayagan by one of my friend from Tamil Nadu in the year 2002. Few minutes into the movie and I was completely mesmerized. I never knew South Indians movie could be so powerful and enchanting. This was the time I came to knew about Mani Ratnam and Kamal Hassan. The performance of Kamal Hassan as Velu Nayagan, a don from Mumbai slum area is charismatic. Kamal Hassan essayed a character that was far ahead of his age, at least in the second half of the movie. You can fill a chill down your spine the moment you see him on the screen. It got Kamal the National award for best actor. There was seldom a better choice then Kamal Hassan for Nayagan. After Nayagan Mani Ratnam directed many super hits movie but could never recreate the magic of Nayagan again.

1) Mother India >>>>> I don’t think there would be anyone reading this who must have not seen Mother India. If not then you are missing something that is irreplaceable in your life. It’s a landmark chapter in Indian cinema. Imagine what Indian cinema would have been with out Mother India! A piece of art from the great Mehboob Khan still continues to inspire the generations of Indian movie enthusiast even after 50 years of its first show. Mother India portrays the struggle of a poor village girl and her survival along with her two infant sons without her husband/family. Nargis played the title role in the movie. This was right after her break up with Raj Kapoor. With Mother India she proved to the nation that there was more to Nargis then just being associated with Raj. Every generation of actress wants to play the role of Mother India once in her lifetime. Mehboob Khan’s treatment of the theme was astounding. I still cant’ figure out how a illiterate person with very little academic background like Mehboob Khan can come up with such a classic. I Salute Mr. Khan and thank him for providing us with such an institution in the form of Mother India.

This is my choice; I would like to know your opinion and your choice of top 5 movies of all time.

-Stella Roy

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who owns India or Brazil?

Are you looking for your old school friend with whom you lost touch after your Xth exams? Or is it that you want to talk to a gorgeous lady who stays in your neighborhood but you are afraid to approach her. Are you looking to talk to your cousin who stays at Kanyakumari or Siwan? There is only one place to find them all! Yes you got it right! The place is

Just login into orkut and search for your lost friend, search your neighbors and possibly you will find every Indian and Brazilian on Orkut. I did join recently and was amaze to see the Indian population on orkut. It seems that whole country is member of

What is
You may find this question very meaningless, but let me explain you in details. Orkut is a social networking website. It’s a Google production. Orkut provides you a platform to network with other people in the form of scrapping. On orkut you can build your private friends list.

Now, let us come back to the most important question of this debate. Why Orkut is so famous in India?
Well there might be thousands of explanation and article written on it, but the one prime reason for orkut to be famous in India was the privacy that gave to its members in its early period. Earlier the registration was only through invitation. Though now they have made it free!

The people of India always care for their privacy on internet and that’s what orkut gave them along with helping them to build a vivacious community of friends. Indian culture teaches us to be very protective of our community and friends and Orkut was perfect tool for them. That’s why you will lot of people uploading picture of movie star in their profile. They don’t want to publish their pictures on Internet.

The other reason that made orkut an enormous success in India is the User Interface of orkut. Indians like things that is simple and that doesn’t require too much of technical competence. If you have used orkut you will agree with me that using orkut is much easier then other social networking/ dating site like,, etc.

Also the scrapping feature is something that caught the fancy of Indian people. Indians love to write small messages rather then typing a big paragraph.

Some other reason that made Orkut a sensation here is the website speed. Lot of people in India still uses slow connection such dial up or 128 kbps connection. The pages of orkut are highly optimize and it loads very quickly thus saving lot of bandwidth money of Indian user.

Last but not the least, the name is very easy to remember and sounds like a Hindi word! Don’t you think so?

Well I have given my reasons why we love orkut, and I would love know why do you love Please leave a comment.

-Stella Roy

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Events that change India forever

Many of my friends requested me to write on this topic so here I am trying to fulfill their request. I hope I am able to justify their faith in me.

The word History is described as ‘past events, experiences’ in the Oxford English Dictionary. But to me it means avoiding the mistakes made in the past. Each country has some history to it. There are historians who records facts and happenings of the country so that it can be look upon in future by the next generation and probably learn from it. History of a country presents a mirror to the past. It shows us our tradition, the culture we belongs to and above all the people who made history in pasts. India too has a rich history from which we can learn many important things.

I would like to present to you the Three most important events in Indian history that changed the future course of India.

3. Mughal Invasion,1526 >>>> This is probably the single most event that put India on the world map. This event was responsible for opening the gateway to India to others rulers of that time. The Mughal invasion by Babur made the people around to recognize the rich heritage of India. Mughal came to India and became part of it forever. When Babur came to India, the country was self sufficient in most of the things. It was during the time of Mughal that India was called the ‘Sone ki Chidiya’. Mughal ruled the country for more then 200 years and gave India some very famous monuments like Taj Mughal and Red Fort.

2. Arrival of British in India, 1757 >>>> India may be the only country in history to be ruled by a company. The rule of British rule started in this country through East India Company which came to India to only trade with it. British ruled marked the end of Mughal power in the country. The British ruled for more then 150 years. It was during their time that the seed of divide between various religions were sown. Their policy of Divide between Hindus and Muslims left the country into a hallow mass of land. The country could never recover from their divide and rule policy. Even after 60 years of our Independence we fight on religious matters. The British rule gave us some good things like Railways, Road Infrastructure along Law and Order system.

1. Partition of India, 1947 >>>> This is the most important of all the event in history of India. It divided the country on basis of religion. A separate country Pakistan was formed. Partition made us each other enemies forever. This event took us on the path of destruction. The very soul of the country was hurt and killed. Thousands of people who lived together for centuries were now force to part away from each other. It left millions of people homeless and several millions lost their life due to partition. As a result of this ghastly event we are still fighting with each other.

I do not know what would have happen if this event would have not occurred in Indian history, but the entire above event has its effect now on us. It decided the course of life for millions of people and change destiny of many people. We all should learn from this event and avoid making any mistakes that effect the life of next generation in negative form.

I would be glad to know from you about any other event that you think has much more effect on Indian history then the above mentioned one.

-Stella Roy

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Microsoft and Windows Vista

They say Microsoft is killing competition. Various Big enterprises fear that Microsoft will shut their business in no time. Politicians feel Microsoft is getting bigger and more influential then many governments around the world.

Why you think Microsoft is the number one IT Company in the world? What makes Bill Gates the richest man on this earth?

Bill Gates in his personal admittance to NDTV said that the only reason Microsoft rules the IT industry in a big way is due to it’s particular product named as Microsoft Windows Operating system. Microsoft makes numerous applications and software such as SQL Database, Microsoft office, Microsoft Exchange server, ISA server etc for PC and other high end computers, but it’s the Windows Operating system that keeps the cash flowing for them in big way.

Since the time Microsoft came into its existence, the Windows Operating system is the product that safeguards them against all competition. What makes its Operating system a hit? Many people believe it has many more features then compare to Linux, Sun Solaris or Mac OS. The average user of PC says it’s the theme of Microsoft OS that is very pleasing compare to others OS. Big IT corporations believes that to develop programs on Windows OS is comparatively easier then doing it on other platform. And if I have to summaries it in one word the popularity of Windows OS; I would say ‘The Ease of Use’. Yes that’s what Microsoft does. Microsoft makes life of users very easy. Almost all the daily task can be done withy just by a click of mouse!

Microsoft has recently in the month of January launched the new OS called Windows Vista at Taj President in Mumbai, India. The launch of Windows Vista was a big party with Akshay Kumar and other Bollywood star performing a BKC. The initial reviews of Microsfoft Vista are just fabulous.

Some of the great features of new Windows Vista are:

• Self-healing technology. It identifies the problems and fixes them so you can keep system disruptions to a minimum.

• Windows Flip 3D, it enables you to dynamically flip through your open programs in a three-dimensional, stacked view, so that you can quickly locate and select the one that you want.

• Windows Sidebar and gadgets, which bring real-time information, like weather and news, directly to your desktop.

• Internet Explorer 7 with Tab browsing, Experience internet browsing in much easier and safe environment.

There are many more features that are new in vista, do check them out at Microsft website before you buy them.
Once again with the launch of vista Microsoft has proved that when it comes to building an OS for machines there is just no beating them. They are simply the King.

I would like to know which OS do you use? Please give me your comments on this post. I appreciate it all the time.

-Stella Roy

Friday, May 04, 2007

Videos, songs and YouTube

Once I wanted to hear to a song desperately, I went to Google and started searching for the song, I got many links which I browsed through, but did not get the result I wanted, that is when I came across this video site YouTube for the first time. I went through it and to my surprise I just dint listen to the song but also watched the video of it within no seconds! That is when I got a hang of the video sites, its easy, fast, and easily viewable! This is story of millions of youtube,.com users who are addicted to

There are many video sites that are coming up these days! Life without a video site is now next to impossible! People are getting so much used to them that they just cant imaging living without one. They now sleep, eat and live on videos…isn’t it?
The most popular video sites of all is the, you will find whatever you want to view on this site, just name it, search it and its there. There has to be at least one video present for the topic you are interested in.

Why has video sites become so exciting? Because they are next to reality, it feels as if you were there and done that. is just one of the sites that is there on the world wide web. is most popular because of their downloading speed, within no seconds the videos are there in front of you, it hardly takes any bandwidth, and most importantly is very user friendly.

YouTube is not only famous in India but also famous world wide. There are so many people from all over the world who come together and upload their videos, it is a platform where there is no racism, no caste or religion and everyone can view everyone’s video, everyone can see and hear to views of thousands of people from all over the world! Yes this is what has made it possible! is a platform wherein no one is rich or poor, everyone belongs to one religion that is, and most importantly there is no charges applied to view the videos.
There are different channels, categories and communities which you can be part of. is the most popular internet television as they call it, and ranks 16 in the most visited websites. This site is even popular then Google videos. In fact Google has acquired it sometime back in a record money.

There was a time when one could watch videos only on TV, but now entire TV can be connected to the computer, these video sites are now more popular than TV, this is because here you get to watch what you want, and that too at whichever time you want. You don’t have to wait for anyone and can also watch the video 110 times in a day!

What is your opinion on such videos website? Please comment.

-Stella Roy

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