Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Traveling for girls is not safe?

The recent acid attack on bar dancer in Mumbai has once again raise the question of security of women/girls in the city of Mumbai. I would like to put across some points that we need to follow while travelling alone.

Traveling – The word itself seems so interesting to some people who have interstes in traveling. Traveling are of 2 types, one is when you travel to another city or country just for a holiday or site seeing, and the other is when you commute everyday from one place to another, be it for work, college or just to meet someone.
Today I am going to talk about the latter part i.e. traveling everyday in and out 24/7 for a purpose. My topic is more micro divided to specially girls traveling that too in the city of Mumbai.

Is it safe for girls to travel in Mumbai alone? Is there any specific time after which girls are not to wander outside? Well Mumbai is one of the boldest cities of India. It just does not sleep at all. There is no such restriction as such for girls to travel in Mumbai at any time of the day but hey there are few precautions that you should always take specially when you are traveling alone.

Make sure you carry enough cash with you when you are traveling alone. It always helps you take another form of transportation if you are stuck with one.
Most common used transportation here in Mumbai are the TRAINS, if you enter any compartment where in only few commuters are there, do not get into the train unless you are in a group of 3 or 4. Be aware of the fellow commuters while traveling in crowded busses or trains.

Also, make sure you guard your belongings well while getting in, out and when you are in the bus or train. Another form of transport which is easily available is the Auto Rickshaws, make sure when you sit into the Auto Rickshaw you know the roads well to the place you want to go in especially if it is late in the night and there is no guy with you. Make sure to write down the auto vehicle number. Same goes with the CABS.

So be aware of where you are traveling, and how you are traveling, when you chose how do you want to travel keep in mind the time you will be traveling and people you will be traveling with. It really makes a big difference if you travel with a group of people you know.

If you have any more suggestion on travelling please write it for me on comment page.

-Stella Roy


Anonymous said...

it was an intresting article

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
Here is my assessment on safety for girls in various cities in north India. If I were to make a list from safest to most dangerous it would be Calcutta > Mumbai > Ahmedabad > Chandigarh > Delhi. That way Mumbai is a pretty safe city if you compare it to other cities. Of course there are lumpen elements everywhere and one has to factor in the big floating population of Mumbai, they also leave their mark. So it is still advisable to use your common sense and take the basic precautions.
I for one love the city. I still remember the first time I landed there. We were a group of five guys coming from Delhi and we thought we had reached utopia. Felt like a bunch of kids left free in a candy store. Mumbai is unlike any other city in India. It has a life that is palpable. Many people go to US to chase the American dream because it is the land of opportunity. I say Mumbai is the city of opportunity, what don’t you have here you dream it you can have it if you have the will. My flat is near Powai so whenever someone from outside comes to visit I tell them “chal tumhe vilayat ka sar kara lata hu” and take him or her next door to Hiranandani Gardens. It does not take them long to forget that they are in India. If you closed someone’s eyes and dropped him/her off there he / she would believe they were in a foreign country. If any city can pull off being called the Shanghai or Singapore of India then it is Mumbai.


yogesh said...

u know what i say that this kinds of attack in each part of india,in some cases it cannot come forword or in public view . so i think woman should keep somthing for safty purpose

aditya said...

Yes Stell You are Perfectly right..in this way you are able to Give a good figh to terrorism...
"So be aware of where you are traveling, and how you are traveling, when you chose how do you want to travel keep in mind the time you will be traveling and people you will be traveling with. It really makes a big difference if you travel with a group of people you know.



Dev said...


Hi Stella,
Regarding the acid attacks in my view these types of attacks are perpetrated by people known to the victims and are a result of some sort of vendetta (spurned lover, jilted husband, angry family member etc.) in case of an attack immediately rinse area with lots of water and of course see the doctor. It’s a heinous crime done by people who do not value another person’s life and ought to be shot. The more common form of violence towards women is when men try to take advantage of them because they believe them to be defenseless. You’ve got to keep in mind that these type of people are usually cowards and the behavior stems from some inadequacy of their own. In my view the best defense is to become the aggressor yourself in most cases they will run for the hills with their tail between their legs (dum dabake bhag jayga). Some good targets to focus your attack would be the groin, nose, eyes, shin… Pepper spray is known to be a very good deterrent. Travel in groups whenever possible. I agree with most of the other points you have outlined. You should not take my word at face value, as I am no expert, these are only my views. It is always best to take the advise of a person who knows what he/she is talking about i.e. an expert in the field.


Stella said...

Dev your views/suggestions are like a holy verses. I think all the girls need to follow your advice. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Looking forward to more from you.

-Stella Roy

Anonymous said...

hey those were good tips given by you and dev...you are amazing..you can almost write on all topics.

still life said...

I think the city is perfectly safe for girl at any time but not every where
yes there are a few incidents which say otherwise but all you need is common sence to avoid them

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella

First, this kind of acid attacks happening not only in India and otherway around the world. So we cannot blame anybody only to blame ourself that still we did not civilized

laxmi said...

this not omly restricted to Mumbai, tis is happening in all over earth as am frm karnataka i saw more than 6 acid attacks and an murder of an call center girl who working in nighjt shift. I think this is shame for country like India which we tell REACH in culture but not safe for women. for all tis social awareness is necessary rather than governmental rules.......... thank y

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