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Justice or Injustice

The recent Judgement on Sanjay Dutt has opened a pandora’s box and there is nation wide debate on it.The judgment has left some critical question to be answered by the judiciary in this country. Their job is not yet complete.

a) If Mr. Kode found Sanjay’s crime so immoral, then why was he taken out of strict TADA act?
b) Why other accomplices of Sanjay Dutt were charged under TADA?
c) Why was Abu Salem confession and statement not recorded in connection to his visit at the Dutt residence to deliver the AK-56? And why his case will be heard separately?

With due respect to his highness Judge P D Kode the nation feels that at various times in this case; be it discharging him of TADA or giving him six years of imprisonment Sanjay’s celebrity status did came into consideration. It feels that even Judge P D Kode could not keep himself totally immune from the celebrity status of deadly Dutt in giving out his judgement on the convict number 117 of Mummbai blast case. Justice was done, no question about it, but sadly it was a not a consistent justice.

The Beginning
It all started one bright afternoon. Every thing was going smoothly for Mumbaikars. Businesses were just starting to recover after December – January communal riots. Students were appearing for their examination across various schools in the city. Families were busy making vacation plans for summer. People wwere marching towards mosque for their Friday prayers and as the clock tick to 1:00 PM Mumbai was rocked with series of bomb blasts killing several hundreds of people and destroying property worth millions of rupees. The whole world was shocked. No place looked safe. The fear factor came back to haunt the Mumbaikar once again.

The Players
What followed next was a massive hunt to track down the culprits. Several hundred people were arrested and among them was high profile superstar of Bollywood movies – Sanjay Dutt. He was arrested for having got the AK-56 gun from the people who were involved in the Mumbai blasts. The actor was booked under TADA act then got bail twice and now again he is back in jail for 6 years till he gets reprieve from the supreme court. Some main players like Memon brothers, the fugitive DON Dawood Ibrahim, Dosa Brothers left the country on the D-day.

The Government and the Judiciary
Was the Judge fair enough to the verdict given, or was he pressurized to give him strict verdicts because of Sanjay’s background? Did he give such a strong verdict only to show the nation that no person can get away from law? If this is the case then what about all those politicians who are involved into similar act of crime? Who will keep an account for them? They get away from anything and everything, why are they not given such strong verdicts? Why are they always released on bail?

Government knows how to trouble an innocent citizen, how to harass him from time to time, how to loot him with all the money, etc. but what about the politicians? The real culprit, the real thieves? The real DON? Why is the government not using their brains and energy in catching hold of them? And putting them behind the bars?
One thing that the citizens of INDIA should really ponder upon is “Will the nation gain anything if Sanjay Dutt is behind the bars?” OR “Will the nation gain if the real DON/thieves/smugglers/bomb shooters etc are put behind the bars?”

Sanjay Dutt had done some crime of which he has got enough in the last 13 years, and now still they are behind him and have put him behind bars, but on the other hand if the real smugglers are caught, nation will really gain and who knows by catching them the idea of an awaited bomb blast will be dead?

You may have your opinion on this and I would love to hear it.

-Stella Roy


manoj said...

The judgement is nothing but a shameless effort to give impression that no person can get away of the law.who , in India , is unknown of the facts that most of our polititian have their relations with diff. Don/Mafia groups much much more closer then Dutt's.Many Malhotra's are results of such relations & nobody gets punishment.

Manav said...

Couple of thoughts i`ll like to add.. 1st. Sanjay got of cheaply.. pls accept this as a fact. The guy who introduced him got tried n thrown in for life. Sanjay was only tried for possession of fire arms. (d weapon being classified as a terrorist arm)!.

I dont know what is d correct debate... after all if u guys remember, when he had got busted way back then. There were a lot of confessions coming from him, including that of possessin a hand grenade... then they changed his lawer, n changed him again.. so finally he after denying everything again confessed to this much...

I`m not trying to say if he was innocent or guilty... however so much of sympathy with him is not really justified. This chap menon... his brother.. now this gentleman was out of the country.. he got back here thinkin i am innocent.. so therefore the law would b fair to me so why not come back. He got humped in the true sense. poor chap is sentenced to death, why, only because of his surname.?

N then the very special argument.. put d criminals/ politicians/ goons behind bars.
I assume all of u would agree that in a growin/ developing democracy thr are too many avenues for corruption.. directly prop is wht i believe. more the pace of developement.. more the chances of corruption... now obviously these politicians r not self appointed. We d people do dat ( or dont do dat cause we dont cast our vote ). WE PUT THEM THR !
i think its very unwise of anyone of us to say, of so helpless we r.. cause we r simple people.? dat i think again is utter bull. we an`it simple, jus that we hv`nt had the chance to b in a position were we can really exploit everyone, else we would. We do it at office, at school, among our frnds. maybe online. we do it all the time in some way or the other.!

C every human is goin to hv a bias... thr have been multiple studies to prove dat... why good looking people get let of easily.. how u behave in front of the judge... wht u say.. wht image u create..

Sanjay for example has been on this image making excer for a long long time. Muna bhai was d epitome of dat. its natural n acceptable. i dont think its right or wrong. we all r like dat. Am sure when u were lil kids, u got busted cheating in an exam not a big deal now but a great one then. each one of us in creative ways did try to fissle out of it.. didn`t we.?

I think its wrong to blame somebody else... d politians... or sanjay, or hindus or muslims... ITS US PEOPLE ! we, r creative minds have created this fantasy for us. Hindu, Muslims, Politians, Mafia, Stars, each n everyone of these n who are non of these is created by us. So we should stop complaining n do something about it ourselves...

This indian mentality to pass d buck is sad, vey sad.

Navin said...

There is lot of Yes and No's in many things. In Bomb Blast case first of all see the judicial system it takes 14 years to give the judgement which is very slow and Manav you say about the mentality of indian which is not correct. Nobody takes the intiative to take a step to stop all the nonsense things happening in Indian System. Take a example of Telgi Stamp Case, so many politicians name were taken, what happened, it was a big noise for sometime and then complete blank silence. The corruption level is so high in India that its visible to everybody. In Bomb Blast case the real doers are still absconding, USA bombed the whole Afghanistan in search of Bin Laden after the 9/11 Blast, why cant India take some drastic steps and pull out the real bastards who want to spoil our country with terror. India should nab the guys who want to spread terror in India and should not take another 14 years to give the judgement, they should take only 14 days to finish them or give the judgement. For Sanjay Dutt he is a star, who entertains the people, so he has a place in the heart of people. Some feel sad and some not for his punishment what he got. For Judge they all are victims of the case and not stars.

pravin bhajpale said...

i add couple of thought of mine.
if persons has a strong political family background, then our country laws are not made for him. its just a soft tackle part of life for him. all laws are only for his convenience. same things corrersponds to sanjay datt.

mr khode gave decision in consideration of sanjay atttitude, behaviour and moral values,but these values are far below than law.if sanjay has 6 years RI , then use this punishment in consideration of victims. my point is to get punishment rather in jail, instead , those people get seriously injured and lived in bad condition, then the act of punishment to these people is that all family responsibilities are taken by sanjay for 6 years so that they get outside from their dark side of life.
and put forward an example towards humanity.
as of know , our laws are so much defienciency, the case result came after 14 years .
so this is best way to gave an punishment by giving 50% RI and 50% help to peoples from his pocket.

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
It's been a while since I last visited. Sorry got tied up in the job.

No one is above the law and Sanjay is paying for being a spoiled brat. It is important that the celebrity learn that they cannot take the law lightly however inefficient and frought with corruption our legal system may be.

The Idea of community service doesn't sound bad however a fine would end up in the politicians pocket and never make it to the victims of bomb blast if at all they can be traced after such a long time.

Salman Khan also needs to be chastised as well one cannot justify the taking of human lives however other similar cases have shown us with how much impunity the rich can get away with murder.

Stella said...

Thanks Dev for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and give your priceless thoughts on my posts.

I like your comments and it gives me inspiration to write further.

Thanks once again. Hope you will continue to visit regularly.


-Stella Roy

Dev said...

Hi Stella,
After reading your article again I started to feel sorry about Sanjay, although I had written that he deserves to be punished I think he must have by now repented for his erring ways after all these years of making rounds of the court. I agree with you that he really does not pose a threat to the country. The big fishes actually responsible are and will remain unpunished.

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